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The night air was completely cold in the Park pack, it was the beginning of winter in all the packs, the wood in the fireplace was starting to warm up the houses. However, in that house almost in the middle of the pack it was colder than usual, the omega who called that place home was sitting seriously on the sofa waiting for her husband to arrive from another day's work, however, it was already after hours. 

 The door opened and the alpha of the house walked through. As soon as he saw his husband sitting in front of him, he smiled and walked over to sit next to him.

 XXX : Get away Woojin (he turned away) The smell of alcohol is unbearable on you

 Woojin : It was just a round with my grandfather, Donghae (grabbed the omega's arm)

 Donghae : It's still unbearable 

 The alpha rolled his eyes at his husband's attitude. 

 Woojin : I'm going to wash up, do you want to join me?

 Donghae : No! 

 Woojin : Why not? (moved his face closer to the brunette's neck) We can try to conceive my heir one more time (ran his hand down the smaller man's thigh to his belly)

 Donghae : No 

 The omega was about to get up when he was pulled against the larger man's body.

 Woojin : Don't forget your obligations (spoke seriously) You owe me an heir

 Donghae : I don't owe you anything

 Woojin : Remember that you're married to me, so you do owe me an heir! Or did I marry a dry womb?

 Donghae : We know very well which one of us is dry. 

After saying this, he stood up, leaving the alpha alone. 

 Woojin : Donghae! (growled and walked towards his husband) Be careful with your words.

 Donghae : I didn't say anything (looked him in the eye)

 Woojin : Don't challenge me

 Donghae : I'm not challenging you (he felt his body being pinned between the alpha and the wall) 

 Woojin : Let's see if you don't give me an heir tonight 

 Park pulled their bodies closer together, making the brunette smell more of the alcohol that was impregnated in the alpha's body. 

 Having a child was a blessing, and with Donghae being an omega, he longed for it. Everyone could smell the scent of omega fertilizer wafting through the streets of the pack, but after three years of marriage and a lot of heat spent together, there was no baby. 

 Woojin's family, being the head of the pack, began to put pressure on the married couple, but more on Donghae, giving him various tips and teas to increase his fertility, when in reality they just wanted to hide the big problem. After all, an

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1455 streak #1
Going back here again. I think this is one of my fav stories from you :))
1455 streak #2
Thinking of reading this again ^^ esp the part where hyuk and hae reunited and doesn’t give a damn abt the world esp that jerk of a husband of hae..
1455 streak #3
feels like reading this again ;))
1455 streak #4
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #5
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #6
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #7
Chapter 16: Oh so Woojin is not infertile at all?
Guess it was just a prefect timing that he got his omega pregnant even knowing hae’s real condition.
But guess things end well. Hae got out of that marriage and will be able to be w the one he truly loves
1455 streak #8
Chapter 15: ohh is har pregnant??? 👀
1455 streak #9
Chapter 14: Good choice hae. Lols. But I think Hyuk would be more than willing to fight in the arena. But thankfully he doesn’t need to.
Woojin will get what he truly deserves. whatajerk he is.
1455 streak #10
Chapter 13: feels like the pressure is on hae. choose wisely, haeee~~