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As the minutes passed, becoming hours and even days, Hyukjae and Donghae made the most of their time together, doing what they loved best. Every now and then, a letter would arrive from Woojin that Inwoo would simply read aloud to the family and tear up in front of everyone, leaving Alpha Lee stunned by the attitude and replying in his nephew's name. 

 That time, another letter reached Donghae with the sender's name being none other than Park Woojin. The pack leader Seo took the same action as before, but Donghae found himself in front of his uncle who was about to write a letter back. 

 Donghae : Call Woojin (the older man smiled) I'm going home with Hyukjae without having the burden of conscience that I sent him to an arena.

 Inwoo : So the recipient of this letter will be Park Jinah 

 Donghae : So be it (shrugged) But no one can know

 Inwoo : It will be one more secret that the Seo family will carry to the grave. 

 Donghae : One more, one less (laughed humorlessly) What difference does it make? 

 Inwoo : SunHo did a good job with you, I'm proud of my little brother (this time he spoke affectionately) Go to Hyukjae and enjoy the minutes until the Park family arrives 

 Donghae : Minutes?!

 Inwoo : The sooner you get it over with, the better 

 Donghae : How are you going to do it?

 Inwoo : You don't have to worry about anything from now on. I'll take care of everything 


The brunette nodded and walked to the heavy wooden door, put his hand on the handle and ce more to his uncle before leaving. 

 Donghae : Thanks Uncle 

 Inwoo : Do you know what the Seo pack's characteristic is?

 Donghae : What?

 Inwoo : We're sadists who are loyal to the family (he smiled his characteristic sadistic smile).  


 For anyone, those words would send a negative shiver through the body, but for Donghae, they just went in one ear and out the other. 

 Being born into a good-hearted pack and having the blood of a sadistic family in his veins was confusing for his feelings, yet his safety and comfort was in the arms of Lee Hyukjae, a good-hearted man and wolf. 

 Donghae : Hyuk (called him as soon as he left the office)


 The alpha was leaning against the wall in front of the large door and looked up when he saw the brunette leave. 

 Hyukjae : You want to tell me something, Donghae? (asked seriously)


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1442 streak #1
Going back here again. I think this is one of my fav stories from you :))
1442 streak #2
Thinking of reading this again ^^ esp the part where hyuk and hae reunited and doesn’t give a damn abt the world esp that jerk of a husband of hae..
1442 streak #3
feels like reading this again ;))
1442 streak #4
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1442 streak #5
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1442 streak #6
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1442 streak #7
Chapter 16: Oh so Woojin is not infertile at all?
Guess it was just a prefect timing that he got his omega pregnant even knowing hae’s real condition.
But guess things end well. Hae got out of that marriage and will be able to be w the one he truly loves
1442 streak #8
Chapter 15: ohh is har pregnant??? 👀
1442 streak #9
Chapter 14: Good choice hae. Lols. But I think Hyuk would be more than willing to fight in the arena. But thankfully he doesn’t need to.
Woojin will get what he truly deserves. whatajerk he is.
1442 streak #10
Chapter 13: feels like the pressure is on hae. choose wisely, haeee~~