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Donghae was resting on a wooden staircase that belonged to an old house, in the middle of the almost bare trees. He remembered his childhood memories of that house, since his grandfather, Jiwoon, had forbidden him to demolish it when he realized that his grandchildren played there most of the time and were always watched over by their omega boss or maternal parents. 

 With his eyes closed, he was enjoying the warmth of the winter sun when he felt a presence approaching him, opened his eyes and smiled when he saw the man in front of him. 

 The alpha sat down next to his cousin with a smile on his face. 

 Hyukjae : Do you remember the way here?

 Donghae : I couldn't forget, after all it was me who found it.

 Hyukjae : Yes it was (laughs) When you hid from me. You made me spend hours looking for you

 Donghae : It's not my fault you gave me the advantage 

 Hyukjae : Do you miss that time?

 Donghae : Always (smiled nostalgically) 

 Hyukjae : Life with Woojin isn't going well? (the omega just gave him a weak smile) You know you can talk to me

 Donghae : Married life is not to be talked about 

 Hyukjae : But you have every right to vent (looked him in the eye) If something is wrong, you should say so and not keep it to yourself. 

 Donghae : With a caring and understanding personality, tell me why you're not married yet? So many trips you've made on behalf of Grandpa Jiwoon to the packs, how come someone hasn't shown up yet?

Hyukjae : Several of the pack leaders always introduced me to their omega children or grandchildren who were single and when there were no omegas, there were betas 

 Donghae : And you've never fallen in love with one of them?

 Hyukjae : My heart is busy


 The brunette's eyes widened and his heart beat slowly as he heard this confession. 

 Donghae : And why aren't you with that person? (it pained him to ask)

 Hyukjae : When I realized I couldn't live without him, it was too late. 

 Donghae : You already had a suitor? (the alpha nodded) And yet you didn't try?

 Hyukjae : They were engaged, two days before they got married, that's when I came back. 

 Donghae : I see (his heart felt heavier and heavier) And you never tried to meet anyone else. 

 Hyukjae : I tried, but no one was like him (he confessed into the brunette's eyes) But I'm getting on in age and I know that Grandpa Jiwoon is going to demand a wedding from me (he sighed)

 Donghae : Even if I don't love you, tr

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1455 streak #1
Going back here again. I think this is one of my fav stories from you :))
1455 streak #2
Thinking of reading this again ^^ esp the part where hyuk and hae reunited and doesn’t give a damn abt the world esp that jerk of a husband of hae..
1455 streak #3
feels like reading this again ;))
1455 streak #4
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #5
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #6
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #7
Chapter 16: Oh so Woojin is not infertile at all?
Guess it was just a prefect timing that he got his omega pregnant even knowing hae’s real condition.
But guess things end well. Hae got out of that marriage and will be able to be w the one he truly loves
1455 streak #8
Chapter 15: ohh is har pregnant??? 👀
1455 streak #9
Chapter 14: Good choice hae. Lols. But I think Hyuk would be more than willing to fight in the arena. But thankfully he doesn’t need to.
Woojin will get what he truly deserves. whatajerk he is.
1455 streak #10
Chapter 13: feels like the pressure is on hae. choose wisely, haeee~~