Pure Soul


Mingyu run as fast as he could with the stranger in his arms. Somewhere along the way, he felt the younger whimper under his touch, slightly shaking and his breaths hitching brushing hot air against his neck, too warm for his liking.

Mingyu didn't stop but he did slow down for a second to take a look down at the injured boy's face who was shivering more and more in his arms.


Mingyu cursed himself once again and picked up his steps ... what did he get himself into?


By the time he reached the house, Seungcheol and Jeonghan were already waiting for him at the entrance while everyone else were standing behind them. Mingyu sighed, yes they probably smelled him coming miles away, they must have smelled the blood radiating from the stranger in his arms as well and they knew for a fact that it was Human blood.


Seungcheol was their Alpha leader, he was the head of the family together with his mate Jeonghan, they were the decision-makers, their dominance filled the place and and their territory was clearly and strongly marked around the forest. Mingyu stopped in his trails a few meters away from the house, he swallowed hard as he waited for his Alpha's reaction.


Seungcheol took a few steps closer noticing the worried looks on Mingyu's face and, of course, the source of the bloody aroma, the unconscious boy in his arms

'What the hell Mingyu?'' SeungCheol howled, the dominance very clear in his voice making Mingyu wince under his breaths


The air was intimidating to say the least, Cheungcheol's gaze demanded answers


''He appeared out of nowhere, he's badly injured, I couldn't just leave him there'' Mingyu tried to explain his actions to the Alpha


''We don't bring injured Humans to our home Mingyu, that's the one rule we live by'' Seungcheol roared again obviously angry with the boy in front of him. Mingyu tried to ignore the humphs and chuckles of his brothers standing behind Jeonghan at the entrance ''Oh you're in so much trouble'' Hoshi mumbled suppressing a chuckle and so did the others.


''But ... he's different'' Mingyu said looking down at the boy still shivering in his arms.


The word triggered Jeonghan's curiosity, the older joined his mate closer to the scene and Seungcheol had a confused look on his face.

Jeonghan got even closer to Mingyu, now taking a look himself at the injured kid he had in his arms

''Mingyu you better explain yourself, don't say things like that, SeungCheol don't play and you know it'' Jeonghan said whispering it to Mingyu alone.


Jeonghan was like the mom of the Pack, his hair short and golden slightly covering his eyes, his skin too fair and silky and usually was called an angel by his mate because well ... he was an Angel.

He had a very kind heart, and when Seungcheol was strict and difficult with them, they run to Jeonghan, he cared for all of them. He was their comfort zone, and no matter how badly they screwed up, he was there to pick up the pieces.


''But he is'' Mingyu tried to explain again, now that his Alpha was standing next to him. Mingyu kneeled, revealing the identity of the boy in his arms to Jeonghan and Seungcheol


"Something about him, I can't pinpoint it really, my wolf wouldn't let it go"


Mingyu's words weren't making much sense, the Alpha standing there still contemplating. Jeonghan gave his mate a look, a sad one as he took a glance at the kid's condition and bleeding wounds. Seungcheol sighed ''Fine'' and glared at Mingyu ''Your mess, you clean it up''


Mingyu nodded endlessly as Jeonghan helped him to take the boy inside, everyone was confused at the sudden decision ''Are we taking a Human in?'' came Vernon's voice rather shocked and confused but if their Alpha allowed it, there was no doubt they will follow without questions.


Mingyu held the boy in his arms again and walked with Jeonghan side by side inside the house. Seungcheol sighed again, he knew that Mingyu wouldn't lie to him, it wasn't like him to do such a thing, if he said that there was something special about that boy then it must be ... there better be something else to the story because no Human has stepped inside his mansion for the last century if not more, and for very good reasons too.


Seungcheol didn't trust Humans. At all.


The leader trailed behind his mate and signaled the others to go inside or go back to whatever they were doing before this scene unfolded at their doorsteps. Mingyu walked inside the mansion, he passed by the living room to the stairs, that's where the bedrooms were. Jeonghan guided him to an empty room they used if for guests sometimes.


The boy was shaking like a leaf in Mingyu's arms by the time he laid him down on the mattress. Soon enough Seungcheol joined, ''Just be careful okay?'' he sweetly addressed his mate who chuckled and nodded at his comment. Jeonghan was a Healer, he was the official doctor of the Pack, all it took was his touch.


Jeonghan examined the boy's body while Mingyu stood there frozen a few feet away from the bed, he had the boy's blood all over him but he didn't care, the only thing going through his mind was that connection he felt, could he connect to a Human? he asked himself over and over again.


He wasn't even sure if he wanted an answer to that question because how could this even work? He must be wrong, he has to be. His heart was beating like crazy and his mind was drifting to different dreadful scenarios, how could this be?


Mingyu was dragged away from his thoughts when he felt Seungcheol's hand on his shoulder. True, the Alpha was usually strict with them but only because he wanted to protect them and they all knew that. He will never forgive himself if anything happened to any of them. The reassuring hand on his shoulder made Mingyu feel protected like he always felt. He knew that Seungcheol was on his side.


Jeonghan closed his eyes for a second, as their werewolf doctor, Jeonghan's talent developed over the years. He placed his hand on the boy's forehead and simply listened. Jeonghan listened to the boy's body, his heartbeats, the blood running through his veins, it was his way of pinpointing where the injuries were and how to fix them.


Jeonghan opened his eyes and Mingyu saw the light green glow in them


It was Jeonghan's signature Wolf Spirit


Seungcheol smiled a little when he saw the glow in his mate's eyes, he stared at him with pride, and gosh how that color suited his golden hair, he looked so beautiful and y right now.


When they were glowing green, Jeonghan's eyes worked as a form of X-ray, looking through the flesh and under the skin to find the injuries and the source of the wounds. Or that's how Jeonghan used his spirit for anyways, It was like he was talking to the body itself ''Tell me where is the pain? Where did you get hurt? How can I make it better?" Jeonghan whispered to himself for a second only to stop in the middle of his check-up.


''W-what?''Jeonghan looked confused and glanced over to Seungcheol and Mingyu standing behind him


''What is it?'' The Alpha sounded worried but Jeonghan showed an unreadable expression


''He's ... Pure'' Jeonghan said not believing the words coming out of his own mouth. Seungcheol walked closer kneeling by his side “What are you talking about? They don't exist anymore ... are you sure?''


Jeonghan blinked a couple of times, his eyes glowing light green again going through a second check-up, and then he nodded again ''Yes, I'm sure, he has a Pure Soul''


Mingyu stood there almost not breathing in shock and when Seungcheol met his gaze ''I ... I didn't know I swear, I just felt something that's all''


''Any idea who is he?'' his Alpha asked and Mingyu had no answer for him, he blinked looking as shocked and confused as the rest of them


''I need to patch him up first if you want him to live and answer your questions'' Jeonghan urged asking his mate for space so he can start working on his new patient while Mingyu stood there speechless.




Almost an hour has passed, and Mingyu was sitting uncomfortably in the living room. Across from him were SeungCheol, Joshua, and Woozi while Hoshi, Vernon and Dino, were sitting scattered nearby, DK and Seungkwan were nowhere around. Mingyu answered their questions altogether and separately, yes this was nothing like him and no he didn't know anything and yes, he felt ... something.


Mingyu was the quiet giant of the Pack, he was strong and well-built, SeungCheol depended on him to do the heavy lifting around the house. He was an excellent hunter and the fastest runner but he was never the type to get himself into trouble not since he joined them anyway, and that was almost half a decade ago.


Seungcheol sighed massaging his temples, this was the last thing he thought would happen today ''A Pure souled Human huh Mingyu?'' he repeated in disbelief ''Out of all the Humans out there?'' the leader seemed rather annoyed but it wasn't that bad right? Mingyu swallowed hard but didn't say anything


Woozi fidgeted in his seat ''I didn't know they still existed'' he stated the interesting fact raising a rather curious looks from Dino, yes their newest joiner, almost two years ago


''What's a Pure Souled Human?'' he asked tilting his head to the side, ''I've never heard about them before''


''It's because you're not studying the materials I've been giving you'' Joshua teased, the sophisticated intellectual of the Pack took Dino under his wing, teaching him all about their history and the types of the other breeds that lived among them, hidden from the entire world.


SeungCheol waved Joshua off, he must say that he had a soft spot for Dino ever since he adopted the little puppy


''They are a special type of Humans, it is said that their Souls are pure, never been corrupted or have bad intentions. They used to be allies with our kind and other species of course. It is said that having a Pure Soul around brings prosperity and joy. Humans have changed a lot, no human is pure anymore, they are easy to manipulate and easy to feel greed and hatred. As far as we knew, they no longer exist'' The leader stopped in his trails ''Not until today anyway''


''A human with no bad intentions? I live to see'' Vernon chuckled to himself ignoring Joshua's glances from a distance


Seungcheol sighed one last time before he stood up ''Come on'' he called on Mingyu ''Let's check on Jeonghan, I can't believe he kicked me out''


Everyone muffled a laugh, they all knew that no one would dare to do something like that except for Jeonghan, the two were a powerful couple, and no one in the area dared to mess with them, either you're an ally or an enemy, there was nothing else in between, and they made it so clear to anyone who dared to overstep their boundaries with them over the years.


SeungCheol's dominance was clear, he was well respected among the others and Jeonghan was his second lead and right hand, they were very much in love and their connection was unbreakable. Dare to mess with Jeonghan and the doors of Hell will open loose at the tip of your nose, dare to mess with any of his Pack members or threaten any of them and you might witness the rage of his red wolf spirit, the red glow in his eyes meant nothing but destruction. You don't want to be there when Seungcheol puts the world on fire for one reason or another.


That's how he gained the nickname Scoups, his rage is capable to create an entire Coup d'état if he wanted to.




Mingyu trailed behind his leader upstairs to where they left Jeonghan with the mysterious Pure Souled Human.


Scoups slowly pushed the door open to find Jeonghan sitting on the chair tilting his head to the back and looking a bit more relaxed and he figured that he was probably done patching up the stranger


''How are we doing?'' Scoups asked caring for nothing but his mate at this point, Jeonghan looked exhausted.


''I just finished ... we need to talk'' Jeonghan sounded worried


Mingyu walked by the boy's sleeping figure, he took a look at his face all cleaned up now, he looked so soft and peaceful, no wonder that he was a pure soul, Mingyu could almost see it. His heart twisted a little at the scene, he has never seen so many bruises and open wounds on a person before.


It was a miracle that he was still breathing


''Too many bruises I lost count'' Jeonghan said rather sad about the discoveries he made from underneath the boy's thin clothes, ''Some are old, others are fresh new, He has a couple of broken ribs, some healed and some are still healing ... I can say that he was continuously abused for a long time, this type of injuries don't accumulate overnight, his body is too weak and fragile, living on minimum food sources ... almost starving ... malnutritioned"


Mingyu felt bad for the injured unknown boy while Scoups sighed his worries away "And yet" Jeonghan continued "His Soul is as pure and light as ... well I don't know what to compare it to but I've never seen anything like it"


Scoups was curious about the stranger boy, how can a Human be abused like this and still owned a Pure Soul? He wasn't sure too, all he wanted was for this boy to wake up already and answer his many questions "Anyways we know he can't hurt us, he's no threat to us, but the moment he wakes up, I'm going to need a moment alone with him"


Jeonghan seemed to agree, but Mingyu was distant. He was looking down at the sleeping boy with utmost softness. His eyes scanned his facial features, he seemed to be drawn to his face, to his nose, his lips, and his eyes, he saw them once for a brief moment and couldn't erase them from his mind ever since. Something inside of him clicked, something definitely clicked.


He was mesmerized if not enchanted, Mingyu didn't hear a word of what Scoups and Jeonghan were discussing with him and was only drawn to the boy. He finally snapped back to reality by Scoups Alpha's voice calling his name rather loudly




Scoups howled at Mingyu who seemed to be leaning closer and closer toward the mysterious boy's face. When he finally woke up from his dazed, Mingyu flinched and gasped, he blinked before he backed away taking a few steps away from the boy. He couldn't explain what he was doing, he immediately obeyed his leader's voice and submitted to the voice calling him.


The look on Mingyu's face seemed to have Jeonghan jolt up from his chair and Scoups eyes to widen


"What's that?" Scoups couldn't believe what he was looking at


"M-Mingyu baby" Jeonghan's voice softened taking a step towards the younger. He grabbed Mingyu'a arm and pulled him closer and away from the mysterious boy on the bed. Mingyu stood still, he felt like he was frozen like he was bewitched for a second. He felt Jeonghan's warm hand against his cheeks


"Your Wolf spirit is so beautiful," Jeonghan said making Mingyu even more confused than he already was, Scoups expressions softened a little but still too worried about Mingyu


"I never took you for a Blue spirit, but it suits you" Scoups smiled gently


"My eyes?" Mingyu asked whispering in shock and Jeonghan nodded, Mingyu looked at the motionless boy on the bed


"Is he ... ?” Mingyu swallowed hard, he couldn't even finish his question.


Jeonghan cupped Mingyu's face bringing his attention back to him and Seungcheol both shaking their heads "He's a Human Mingyu” Scoups explained "It's impossible to build connections with Humans"


"He can't be your mate, it doesn't work like that and you know it baby" Jeonghan's angelic voice was the only thing keeping Mingyu in his right mind right now. Being their healer, he could calm them down. His scent and his presence were enough to reassure them and make them feel safe


Mingyu blinked a couple of times letting the new feelings sink in, he was overwhelmed by everything around him right now. He looked into Jeonghan's green healing eyes "I don't feel so good" Mingyu stated before breaking away from Jeonghan's touch and hurriedly left the room.


The strange new feeling overwhelmed him, his eyes sparkled a bright and beautiful Blue color. Mingyu was experiencing his Wolf Spirit for the first time and it made him feel sick.


Something rushed inside his body like a wave of fire but ... cold, it was strange and sickening for a second. Mingyu pushed the door to his bedroom that was across the hall, he went straight to his bathroom where he kneeled in front of the toilet bowl and started throwing up. The feeling was strong and too intense somehow making Mingyu's body shiver not in fear, but something else ... in acceptance.


It was like he had no power over it, just like an instinct, he had to let it sink inside his body. He was sitting there for a couple of minutes until finally he felt a warm hand on his back. He stiffened, he was too immersed in the rush of this new emotion that he didn't even feel Scoups coming behind him, he should have picked up his scent but he didn't


"It's okay" Scoups coaxed "Let it out" he gently Mingyu's back until he was done then, helped him slowly towards his bed where he sat for a minute to catch his breaths.

"What's happening to me?" Mingyu asked holding the fabric of his shirt around his chest, something suffocated him and he was panting heavily and it scared him to his core


Scoups kneeled next to him "Your spirit is manifesting" he tried to calmly explain, "Something must have triggered it"


"Was it the human?" Mingyu asked, he couldn't deny the feelings piling up inside of him especially when he saw him earlier


"I'm sure it's not" Scoups sounded calm but serious, he slowly reached his hand to brush Mingyu's hair away from his eyes and flashed a very proud smile "It's beautiful" Scoups mumbled "You're a Blue Spirit, it suits you"




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