Hypnosis II


Trigger warning:

Mention of violence, blood, murder, suicide. Please don't read if you're uncomfortable with such scenes



Jeonghan sat next to Wonwoo on Mingyu's bed. The human looked exhausted, he was sleeping obviously catching up on a much needed rest, Scoups stood by the window looking over Jeonghan's shoulders as he shook Wonwoo up a little.


"Hey" Jeonghan greeted the second Wownoo opened his eyes "How are you feeling? Mingyu said you had a rough night"


Wonwoo stirred a little under the blanket, he didn't really seem like he wanted to leave the bed today, if they let him, even though he knew that he didn't need anyone's permission anymore "I'm better thank you" he replied with a raspy voice "Where's Mingyu?" He asked looking around to see no one else but Scoups and Jeonghan and he was again nervous, he was more comfortable when Mingyu was around


"He'll be back soon, I sent him to find Vernon"

Jeonghan told him honestly and Wonwoo nodded, he didn't like it when he was alone with them in the room, he would rather wait until Mingyu comes back

"Now let me see that fever of yours"

Wonwoo almost whined when Jeonghan placed his palm over his forehead, he flinched to the touch and didn't like the way Jeonghan was suddenly holding his wrist


"Hmm it's high alright" ... "Don't worry just" he stopped to take a deep breath, Scoups still watching them without uttering a word, Jeonghan's spirit manifested and he tightened his grip over Wonwoo's wrist and it hurt him, Wonwoo was scared again trying to retrieve his hand away from Jeonghan's


"I wont hurt you Wonwoo I told you so many times already" Jeonghan's didn't sound harsh or intimidating, his spirit was glittering, beautiful as always but Wonwoo had mixed feelings about what was happening, he couldn't say anything, he was looking frantically around himself, staring at the door and hoping Mingyu would burst inside the next second


"It's okay ... look at me Wonwoo, look into my eyes" Jeonghan softly said "I promise I won't hurt you, I didn't before and I won't now"


Wonwoo tried to avoid Jeonghan's gaze just for a few more seconds because maybe then, Mingyu will come and push Jeonghan away, but he didn't.


He wanted to say no but again, he was reminded of his previous master, what if he says no and bad things happen? What if they weren't so nice after all, he had to obey so he looked up to meet Jeonghan's beautiful green shaded eyes and just as if he was caught in a trance, he fell right into them, he felt so relaxed and suddenly very ... sleepy.


Wonwoo couldn't help himself from falling right back to sleep.


Jeonghan's eyes were hypnotizing.



Jeonghan, still holding Wownoo's wrist, focused his mind to drift along with Wonwoo's.

Just by looking into his mesmerizing green eyes, Jeonghan could creep inside someone's mind and look for lost memories and connect with someone's body, soul, spirit and wolf.


It was one of the very special gifts that his spirit gave him and ... he hated it.


He used it before, yes, when he first discovered it, Scoups offered himself as an experiment. Jeonghan wondered inside his mate's mind for as long he wanted and all he saw were memories of them together, their special bonding moments, their passionate love, their home, their work and it was all happy and calm until, Jeonghan looked over their past.

Memories from when his sister was killed, was stabbed by his father, the fire and everything else in between made Jeonghan felt weird.


It was like looking back to all of their memories but through Seungcheol's eyes and most importantly... through his feelings.


Jeonghan could feel everything attached to those memories and it was the most dreadful thing ever. He felt like he was living the painful events all over again. The memories engraved themselves deep into their minds and souls and no matter how hard they tried to forget their past, it was never going to fade away.

And during Jeonghan's Hypnosis sessions, he could feel everything all over again.


He immediately broke the link in Scoups head that day and couldn't help the tears that fell uncontrollably on his cheeks.

The feelings were real and strong, the images, the events and everything in between. That's why he hated it and never used it again ... However, the strange thing was, Seungcheol couldn't remember a thing.


He opened his eyes to a sobbing mess that is Jeonghan and spent the next few days helping him to shake off the feelings, chasing sleep and fighting nightmares.


He didn't use it again after that ... until Joshua came along.



When Joshua joined, he was healing from the unHuman cruel experiments. Joshua and Dokeyom were still working through their connection at the time, and Dokeyom confessed to Jeonghan that Joshua can't feel his inner wolf anymore, that their connection was bound to vanish because the other lost the pull and he refused to let him live like that.


Jeonghan used Hypnosis on Joshua to try and connect with the boy's inner wolf. He was also a healer so if he actually reach Joshua's inner wolf, he could find out what's wrong with him and bring him back.

Jeonghan was too confident then, he walked through the depth of Joshua's memories, all the feelings, all the chaos, the needles, the pain ... and there was just so much pain ... the confusion and everything else until he reached over to his inner wolf.


And it was gone.


Jeonghan was so sure that he reached Joshua's breaking point, he was sure that this is where his inner wolf would be and it was just ... not there.

Jeonghan left the boy's mind broken and in so much pain, the same pain Joshua had endured during that time and he confirmed that his wolf was no longer there.


Again, Joshua couldn't remember anything, he woke up from deep sleep and Jeonghan carried the pain for days. He couldn't leave the bed for days without Scoups cooing him and supporting him, he experienced the same pain that crippled Joshua for months.


He simply hated the entire process of this gift. He never considered it as a gift actually but more like a curse.

So when Scoups asked him to use it on Wonwoo, Jeonghan didn't like the idea because he didn't know exactly what the boy been through and he could never be prepared for what was inside his mind.


Yes, Scoups felt so guilty for asking him, he never thought he would ask him to go through something like again, but he needed to know who Wonwoo really was, why was he here? How did his connection with Mingyu even happen? And if he can trust him around his Pack.


Wonwoo was a human with a Pure Soul who joined a Pack of Wolves.


How bad could it be?



Jeonghan was inside Wonwoo's mind for about five minutes now, it shouldn't take longer and Scoups was starting to get anxious. He kneeled by his mate holding his hand and squeezing it tight.

He can't disturb him right now but he wants to make sure he was okay.


A few seconds later, he saw Jeonghan's lips trembling and tears falling down his cheeks, but his eyes remained closed.

This was new

The last time it happened, the feelings came after he left their minds but it's happening while Jeonghan was still roaming around inside Wownoo's memories.


The first thing Jeonghan felt when his spirit opened the first door to Wownoo's subconscious, was his Pure Soul.


It was bright and too ... protective

Jeonghan had to make amends with it for a while before he could work around it and unlock his memories.


He saw everything


The face of his master

The beatings, the lonely nights, the tears ... the pain

The abuse, the mistreatment ... the s*x


He felt every bit of Wonwoo's broken self, he felt every bit of his misery and deprived life but most importantly ... he saw Jungkook.


He saw the moment when Wownoo came looking for his brother and the moment he realized what that monster has done to him.


He went through how he tried his best to resuscitate him and bring him back to life.

Jungkook was motionless in his arms, just one day after the abuse happened, Wonwoo was shaking him violently to no use ... he was gone


The guilt

The shock

The ... pain

The feelings were just too much, way too much and Jeonghan couldn't handle them.

Wonwoo buried his brother himself that night and runaway but not before he rummaged through some closet drawers in the old house where he picked up a revolver gun hidden between his master's clothes.


Outraged and hurt beyond anything else, Wonwoo aimed the revolver at his master and let the trigger do the job for him. The sounds loud and clear echoing throughout the house.


Wownoo took a step back


He missed


Of course he missed, he never held a gun in his hands before, and he never had the intent to kill anyone before. He gasped letting the gun fall from his hand and simply runway.

(A detail he didn't tell Mingyu ... yet)


Wonwoo wanted to kill himself instead.

He had nothing to loose anymore, he just wanted peace, he just wanted freedom, he just wanted to not feel anything anymore.

He wanted to see Jungkook, he wanted someone to hold him and protect him, he lost faith in the world completely.

And he runaway.


Jeonghan gasped, sobbing but his eyes remained closed.

Scoups called his name a couple of times




"That's enough baby let go"

He tried to break Jeonghan's mind free but he obviously couldn't, Jeonghan was the only one who could do that.



When it came to his meeting with Mingyu. Jeonghan discovered that it was Mingyu's wolf that was curious about Wonwoo's soul.


Wonwoo's pure soul had traces of Mingyu's inner wolf all over it.

His soul called out for someone to engulf it and calm Wonwoo down and Mingyu's inner wolf heard it and it was enough to ignite Mingyu's spirit.


A very weird encounter but strong nonetheless. Jeonghan could feel Wonwoo's bond with Mingyu growing stronger and it was similar to a Wolf bond.

He was glad but also cautious, he didn't want to disturb it.


Memories of Mingyu filled Wonwoo's mind with warmth, yes, he was still afraid and yes, he didn't completely trust anyone yet but their short encounter has been the most meaningful thing he had ever experienced before and he didn't care if the Pack might snap his neck at any time. Wonwoo had nothing to loose anyway.


Jeonghan finally let go


Wonwoo was still sleeping peacefully and Jeonghan was a sobbing mess, clutching the fabric around his chest tightly.

Seungcheol put an arm around his shoulders "Han?"


"I c-can't bb-breathe, I nn-need some aa-air"

Jeonghan muttered with tears down his cheeks and shaky breaths, his body trembling badly. He took Seungcheol's hand supporting him to stand up.


To his surprise, Jeonghan suddenly pushed him away, Jeonghan frantically looked around himself before realizing it was just his mate's hand he was holding. He was gasping for air, suffocated and afraid ... just so afraid, as if something was lurking in the dark for him.


He was still baring Wonwoo's feelings from his memories.


Jeonghan took another shaky breath before he held his mate's hand and walked with him outside.

Jeonghan was gasping for air all he wanted was to get out of the house, Scoups glanced one last time at Wownoo who was still sleeping like nothing has happened and he knew that once he wakes up, he wouldn't remember anything but try to explain this to Mingyu who was coming up the stairs to find his Luna breathless and his Alpha guiding him down the stairs.


Mingyu froze for a while, he didn't know what was happening except that Jeonghan's gaze over him was the softest and saddest he has ever seen "I'm sorry" Jeonghan whispered before Mingyu snapped out of his daze and realized what Jeonghan has done

" No" he mumbled under his breaths in disbelief before he run past the two to his bedroom thinking about nothing other than Wonwoo.



Seungcheol finally helped Jeonghan to sit down somewhere outside in their terrace. The boy panting heavily, Jeonghan dropped to the floor, his knees against his chest and curling himself like a ball.

He wrapped his arms around himself and buried his head in his knees.


"Jeonghan" Scoups voice came soft and concerned, he knew this was coming, he knew this was bound to happen but he didn't expect it to be this bad.

Scoups ran his hand over Jeonghan's back trying to sooth him but Jeonghan jolted


"Cheol don't touch me"


Jeonghan was still panting trying to catch his breaths, he felt like fire was taking over his body and an army of ants was walking all over him making him feel numb and sensitive.

Scoups almost didn't believe what he heard, he tried to sooth his mate again and this time Jeonghan completely moved away "I SAID DONT TOUCH ME" he yelled and Scoups was thrown off guard.


His own mate refusing him, refusing his touch, he knew that this was related to Wownoo's hypnosis session but couldn't fully understand.


"Okay, okay I won't touch you but baby, you need to calm down"

"Breathe ... please"

"I'll be right here"


Scoups saw as Jeonghan sat on the floor again, lost in a trance of feelings and memories. Everything was so intense and confusing, feelings rushing over him, as if every memory from Wonwoo's mind come back to life, all of them at the same time and with the same way and intensity rushing through his own body.


Jeonghan felt his pain, his self disgust, his guilt ... everything.

And the feelings won't go away easily.


Most importantly, he figured out the secret behind his connection with Mingyu.


It was simply curiosity and longing to be saved. No matter how much Wonwoo wanted to end his life, he just needed a thread of hope, just the thought that he could be saved was enough.


His soul shone like a beacon in the dark screaming for help and Mingyu's wolf caught a glimpse of it and simply fell in love with it.

The fact that he simply saved him was enough no matter how much Wonwoo hated it, it was exactly what he needed.


It took Jeonghan a long while to completely calm down. He hid his hands inside his shirt in a cute bear paws. A small cute gesture Wonwoo does and Jeonghan was still stuck inside Wonwoo's memories and feelings.


He finally picked his head up from his knees for the first time to whimper at his mate. Scoups didn't move the whole time just sitting a feet away from him patiently waiting for him to feel better, to look at him, to talk to him, to touch him and Jeonghan finally called for him.


"Oh thank GOD" Scoup released a heavy sigh, he couldn't wait to engulf Jeonghan in a warm hug. Jeonghan rested his head over Seungcheol's shoulder breathing in his scent, longing for him like nothing else, just like Wonwoo was longing for someone to do the same. They didn't break the hug for a while, Jeonghan holding in tight into Seungcheol until Jeonghan started talking.


Jeonghan told Seungcheol everything he saw inside Wonwoo's mind.


Wonwoo was no threat to them.


Wonwoo was indeed special and his connection to Mingyu was very much real.


Wownoo was just looking for a place to belong, his soul was looking for help and Mingyu's wolf heard it.

Their connection was almost instant, especially to Mingyu.


Maybe they needed something more Human in their lives after all.


"Please don't make me do that again" Jeonghan concluded in the end. He was tired, resting his head over Scoups shoulder, the older wrapping his arm around him, bringing him closer, feeling guiltier than ever, he would never put Jeonghan through this again

"Never again ... I promise"



Mingyu rushed out of the house to finally face the two for what they've done


"How COULD you?" He yelled, he was outraged, mad and betrayed.

He marched toward the couple sitting on the terrace and was about to burst into flames


"Mingyu I'm sorry" Jeonghan said the second the saw him coming


"You asked me to pick up my own mess and I was ... I am ... you couldn't trust me? You WENT BEHIND MY BACK"


"Mingyu I had to know for sure" Scoups tried to explain


"You couldn't just give me the time I needed?"


"Mingyu there are things you need to know"


Jeonghan was starting to explain, he wanted to tell Mingyu about Wonwoo's past but the younger kept cutting him off rambling about trust and how Wonwoo meant a lot to him and that they had no right to go creeping around his subconscious without Wonwoo's approval or without him being in the room at least


"SHUT UP" Seungcheol growled, his eyes sparkled in red and voice more authoritarian then ever making Jeonghan whimper and bringing Mingyu to his knees on the floor


"Cheol no" Jeonghan tried to stop his mate from using his Alpha voice on both of them "You'll scare the others"


"Mingyu listen, I have all of us to think about, I just needed to make sure, and now that I did, I'm sure you'll figure the rest out on your own, you have to listen to what Jeonghan found out"


Mingyu's gaze to the floor, his Alpha made him fall to his knees in submission to his voice

"But I already know"

"He told me"

"He told me everything"

... "All you had to do was ask"


Mingyu breathed painfully, feeling his connection to Wonwoo strengthens with every word, defending him like this on his knees fighting with his own Alpha was the last thing he imagined himself doing, not in a million years, but there he was


"All you had to do was ask" Mingyu repeated


True, Mingyu knew everything ... well almost everything

He didn't know about Wonwoo shooting his master but that's a story for another day.


Jeonghan felt even worse and Scoups released his hold over the younger.

Scents of guilt, sadness and anger filled the place. Mingyu slowly stood up, breathing a bit heavily, Seungcheol's hold was never an easy grip, he left his wolf bruised and his body slightly shivering.


He didn't say anything, he simply went back inside, hurt and betrayed, he walked back to his bedroom where Wonwoo was still sleeping obliviously like a baby.



Mingyu had to calm himself down, he understood where Scoups was coming from, his reason is valid ... keeping the Pack safe, but Wonwoo was no threat and he obviously was in no place or strength of any kind to even begin to hurt anyone but the Alpha had his ways.


Mingyu closed the door to his bedroom, he sat at the edge of the bed looking down at his hands slightly shaking from the way Scoups used his Alpha voice on him. He sighed looking back at Wonwoo, he run his palm over his forehead, his fever was getting better but he was still sleeping and he might be for a while.





I Hope you're enjoying this so far and I hope you're ready for some Verkwon in the next chapter.

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