Seungcheol took the burden off Mingyu's hands, the younger's expressions changing the minute he decided to leave the lake. Seungcheol knew right then that it was his Spirit draining him and that Mingyu had used so much of his energy already, it was only amazing that Mingyu could focus this long while using his Spirit for the first time.

The leader was rather impressed and proud, he walked a few steps into the water to meet Mingyu halfway where he desperately handed over the sleeping human boy to him.


"Wonwoo ... he's name is Wonwoo" Mingyu said and Scoups didn't pay much attention to be honest and the name didn't ring any bells either. Jeonghan was there by his side in no time and he knew that the two will be okay in some time.


Scoups walked right upstairs, looking down at the unconscious boy in his arms. He seemed to be peaceful, so fragile and could break in his arms any time but ... looked peaceful, water dripping from his thin figure and, no, luckily, he didn't feel or seem to be feeling cold nor was he shivering.


Scoups left Jeonghan with the rest of the Pack in the living room, while he gently sat the human boy *Wonwoo* on the bed back in the guest bedroom.

He thought he should dry him out and probably change him into something more comfortable and dry.


He sighed as he left the room to ramage through their own closet for something comfortable to slip the boy into, probably something from Jeonghan's side of the closet. He stoped in his trails when he finally acknowledged Joshua's presence outside the room. His leader didn't seem to give him much attention when he followed him upstairs and Joshua thought he should probably wait for his approval to talk


"Joshua" ... "Sorry buddy I kinda have my hands full"


Joshua didn't reply but only stared at his Alpha with worried eyes, his heart twisted and turned and Seungcheol could see that he was holding back his tears


"Why are we doing this?" Joshua asked, the boy sounded rather broken, he hated the fact that they were in this mess, he despised the fact that they had a Human in the house and Seungcheol knew exactly why, he put a firm hand on the boy's shoulder


"He's harmless Joshua ..."


"I don't care" Joshua cut him off too quickly "I don't care" he repeated, his voice lowered to a desperate whisper "I don't like it if he's staying"


Scoups, gritted his teeth and sighed deeply, he knew exactly what Joshua has gone through, he knew why he was acting up and yet, there was just so much going on


"I promise, everything will be okay"


Joshua tried his mighty self to ignore the feelings piling up inside of him, he tried to put his experience aside and think with a clear mind. This particular human was different, he had a pure soul, maybe he wasn't like the rest, maybe he wasn't like the humans he once knew, maybe he's not like the ones who broke him.


Joshua broke the eye contact and looked away giving Scoups space to finally leave the room like he intended to do and followed behind him instead. His eyes landed on the sleeping human on the bed but he couldn't look at him without having the urge to shred him to pieces


"Why don't you join the others?" Scoups suggested "I'll be right there, keep an eye on Jeonghan for me until I get there okay?"


Joshua sighed deeply once again, he wanted to believe his Alpha, he really wanted to, but something inside of him just couldn't trust this stranger. Joshua nodded and felt as Scoups walked right past him, his scent rather strong and reassuring at the same time making Joshua's heart cool down for now at least.


With little to no desire, he went downstairs following Scoups instructions, he glanced over at Jeonghan and Mingyu on the sofa, Jeonghan's eyes were still glowing in light green while Mingyu's blue spirit vanished probably due to his exhaustion. Everyone  was scattered all over the place just towering the two with worried eyes, knowing for sure that he'll be fine once he catches his breaths and rests for a while.



Silence took over, it was strange that after a night like this, nobody had much to say. Joshua looked around noticing the way Hoshi and Woozi were holding hands and a sad smile formed on his lips, the two were trying after all, and he was happy for them.


Maybe something good could actually come out of this night.


Everything seemed to have calmed down, it was almost dawn and everyone was exhausted even though werewolves didn't need that much sleep, a few hours evey a couple of days were enough but tonight was more than enough to drain the energy from everyone.


Jeonghan let out a sigh he was holding when he saw his mate coming down the stairs trusting that he already took care of Wonwoo.


Looking at the general mood of his pack, Scoups eyes lingered across each and every one of them. He closed his eyes for a second collecting his thoughts


"I'm calling it a night" he simply announced, instructing everyone to just go back to bed. Yes, it was a long dreadful night and sending them off was a bit hard but he needed to clear the area and they all clearly needed to rest


"Come on Dino" Joshua wasted no time, he had no interest what so ever to stay especially with the Human occupying the room upstairs, Dino trailed after the older quietly bidding good night to the rest and soon enough, they disappeared into their side of the mansion.


"Jihoon, Soonyoung" Scoups called their names and the two immediately looked up  "You two can take care of each other"


looking down at their intertwined hands

"Right?" He asked


Hoshi and Woozi looked at each other and back at Scoups nodding slowly


The Alpha smiled sending them off with a soft gaze "Vernon, Seungkwan, DK" he called the remaining three "Please help Mingyu to his room and keep an eye on the human bo--"


"WONWOO" Mingyu mumbled the human's name cutting Scoups train of thoughts off and getting nothing but a death stare from the Alpha and a gentle hushed nudge from Jeonghan


"—Wonwoo" Scoups whispered the name in defeat shaking his head multiple times "Jeonghan and I will join you in some time" he reassured, gaining nothing but soft hums.


Vernon helped Mingyu to his feet, DK wrapped a hand around his shoulders when the younger seemed to have lost his balance a little on their way up and Jeonghan's eyes never left them as they walked away, the  light green sparkle never fading following them like a lighthouse.



Once everyone was out of sight, Jeonghan stood up from the sofa straight to his mate's arms, and let out a soft whimper.

He felt like he missed him so much, like the world crumbled for a while under his feet before Scoups could find him and hold him tight. He closed his eyes letting Scoups desperately engulf him in his arms bringing him closer in a tight embrace.

A much needed safe space

His Mate's scent


"Breathe my Angle" Scoups coaxed, wrapping the most secured arm around Jeonghan's shoulders while the other run through his back bringing him even closer. And just like a light bulb, Scoups gentle  touches lit Jeonghan's body up with a wonderful shade of a much needed warmth.


Jeonghan had a hard time shaking the feelings away, he breathed heavily into Seungcheol's chest trying to steady his mind. The bright sparkle in his eyes seemed to be fading away slowly but not entirely, his spirit was taking him whole and it became difficult to turn it off so he tried to focus. Scoups scent was of musky citruses, it was a strong and spicy one like an expensive luxurious perfume but, more than that, to Jeonghan, it was familiarity and safety, it was his entire world, it was his home.


"The boy Seungcheol?" Jeonghan asked mumbling through his hitched breaths, he could feel the warmth of his lover's embrace  slowly taking over him, relaxing him, his scent soothing him and his spirit dying out in his arms.

Seungcheol was the safest place in the entire world, he can be most vulnerable here, he can just exist and gets lost here, it wouldn't matter, whatever happens, he can always come back here, feels it, breaths it, let it heal him and sooth him like a lullaby.


"He's fine" Seungcheol replied, his voice gentle and calm, he knew Jeonghan was waiting for him, he knew that tonight probably drained his mate's energy more than anyone else, his spirit didn't die out since he last used it yesterday's afternoon when Mingyu brought a bloody human to their door steps, and Jeonghan was exhausted.


"I slipped him into one of your shirts, they didn't fit him" Scoups kept trailing and talking, trying to get Jeonghan's mind away from the overwhelming feelings "Too big" he wanted to distract him from the suffocating feeling his spirit was giving him after exhausting it for too long


"How about Mingyu?"


Jeonghan slightly picked his head up away from Seungcheol's broad and warm embrace "He'll be fine" He muttered briefly locking eyes with the beyond worried hazelnut eyes of his mate before closing them again and burying his head into his shoulder once more.


Scoups was really worried at this point, he rested his right cheek on the top Jeonghan's head

"If only everyone knew how fragile you are"

Jeonghan chuckled at his himself "They won't shut up about it"

He pouted a little, eyes still closed, taking deep breaths and breathing into Seungcheol's chest calming his rapidly beating heart  " They'll tease me all the time"

Scoups let out a breath, his hands smoothly sliding over Jeonghan's back to his waist bringing him slightly even closer to him, if that was even possible,

"Do they even Dare?"

Scoups smirked looking down at the shorter in his arms "Probably not" came Jeonghan's sarcastic reply, his fingers trailing across Scoups arms and silence took over for few seconds


"Let's go upstairs and take care of you?"


Scoups brushed the hair away from Jeonghan's face and tucked it behind his ears while taking another look at his mate who was rather a bit paler than usual, he frowned for a second before he saw him softly nodding. Not wasting any time, Scoups held his hand and slowly walked him upstairs to their suite.



Jeonghan's weakness was ... Jeonghan:

The boy was as fragile as rose petals, sweet and soft but also, incredibly intuitive and sensitive. He had everyone's best interest at heart and mind.


Laying on their king sized bed, Seungcheol run a hand over Jeonghan's golden hair gently massaging his head. This scene wasn't new to him, he knew this would happen and it made his heart shutter to a million pieces.

Jeonghan wasn't like the rest, he wasn't physically strong or mightily ... he was a gentle soul. He is the perfect other side to Seungcheol's coin, one was rough around the edges, the other smooth as silk.


Past experiences showed both of them how fragile they were around each other. Like fire on timber wood, they couldn't stay away from each other, their love so deep and old.


Scoups loved the way Jeonghan would crumble and crack like a chocolate ship cookie whenever they were alone. Their eyes would lock and they would talk for hours, sometimes for days, forgetting about reality and the world around them.


Their relationship was the epitome of sacrifice, unconditional care and support. And the backstory is rather long and sad, but they lived through it with strong wolf hearts.


And if Scoups had a weakness... it's also Jeonghan


If anything, Scoups could never live in a world where Jeonghan didn't exist. He wouldn't eat if Jeonghan didn't eat first, he wouldn't sleep unless the other was safe and secured in his arms, he wouldn't breathe if Jeonghan couldn't.


Many before tried to target Scoups by trying to mess around with Jeonghan. Jeonghan wasn't a fighter, he's fragile and got used more than once by much stronger people simply trying to get to Scoups through him. Let's say those who dared to even think about Jeonghan as a bargaining chip are buried somewhere deeper than the ocean, and where nobody will never find them or dig them from the ground.


Scoups will burn their souls if he had to.


And again, if Scoups had a weakness... it's definitely Jeonghan



Jeonghan dozzed off for a second before he woke up and gasped. He looked up and Scoups was right there "Seungcheol" he called his name softly and with his hand he tried to push his shoulder "Go check on them please"


"I will ... "


Scoups felt defeated in front of his mate's request. He slid off the bed and covered Jeonghan tightly with his covers and walked out the door. He sighed his way to the human's boy room *Right, Wonwoo* Scoups made a mental note, the stranger had a name now.


Just by their scents, Scoups knew exactly who was inside the room. He didn't need a permission and just bargained inside.

"What are you doing here? I sent you to your room" Scoups scolded the moment his eyes landed on Mingyu


"He didn't listen to me neither" DK added but unbothered, his eyes trailed as his Alpha walked closer to them. Mingyu was occupying the sofa chair near Wonwoo's bed while DK, Vernon and Seungkwan were scattered around.


"He's sleeping ... I guess" Mingyu muttered, his eyes ever so hypnotized m, not leaving the boy's figure on the bed "Some of his wounds are gone too" Mingyu continued with a smile, a relieved and proud one


"What?" Scoups stopped in his trails "How?"


"The water did it" Mingyu said effortlessly "I asked it if it could take his pain away and I guess it did"


Scoups confusedly shared an expression with the others who seemed to be reluctant on what to say "We don't know either" Seungkwan shrugged and the Alpha's eyes trailed back to Mingyu, he seemed to have taken a shower and changed into something more comfortable but also seemed to find his way right back to where it all started


"Mingyu" Scoups called the younger's name rather softly, his silhouette uncomfortably sitting on the chair, and did nothing but stare at the human boy  "You're tired, please get some rest" Scoups trailed off "It's almost morning, you can talk to him when he wakes up"


Mingyu finally dragged his eyes away from Wonwoo's slender body "Do you really mean it?" He asked rather surprised. Scoups kneeled to meet Mingyu's tired complexion


"If it means that much to you, sure"


Mingyu's breaths were shaking, "It does" he mumbled to his Alpha

"Just remember" Scoups placed a firm hand on Mingyu's shoulder "He's a human ... don't get too close, nothing good will come out of it"

Scoups warned and Mingyu already knew that but he couldn't explain the fluttering feelings unraveling in his stomach whenever he locked eyes with "Wonwoo" the name found a rather amusing place in Mingyu's head, tongue and most importantly, his spirit. He kept repeating it over and over in his head as if he was afraid he would forget it.


He nodded slowly, no one could deny how tired the tanned boy looked and he was.


"You can sleep here" Scoups whispered not even sure if Mingyu heard him or not because by then, it was obvious that he was hardly capable to keep his eyes open. Scoups sighed, asking Vernon and Seungkwan to leave and take some rest themselves. Few minutes later, Mingyu was now sleeping on the sofa chair, DK closed the curtains and drapes inside the room as the sunlight started to find its way through.



"Are you sure you want to keep them both alone?" DK asked his leader the moment they left the room and Scoups sighed

"I think he should pick up the mess that he made" Scoups mind wondered somewhere before continuing "I hope he doesn't get too attached though, as far as we know, the boy did trigger his spirit"

DK nodded not really knowing what to say.

Scoups suddenly stopped, across from him was another hallway and more stairs, the 2nd floor where his and Jeonghan's suite was. He turned to give DK a concerned looks

"I had a small conversation with Joshua earlier" he remembered "He said something about not liking it here if the Human boy stayed"


DK's face fell to a frown, something in his mind definitely clicked and his expressions changed to simply ... sadness.


"I already told him that he was harmless but ... he'll feel better if it was coming from you"


Scoups knew that Joshua and DK were very close, too close but not mate close. Their story is far more complicated than anything Scoups and Jeonghan have ever experienced. Joshua was still healing, he has been healing for years now, it's the reason why he doesn't talk much, it's the reason why he's always anxious and it's the reason why he keeps burying himself in books and fairy tales.


DK sighed nodding again to his leader as his mind thought of something


"Jeonghan is tired," Scoups stated the fact he couldn't hide for any longer "I'll be with him for now, if anything happens, and I don't care if it's the wind-chimes making noise, find me"

His order was clear but it made DK chuckle "Wind-chimes ... got it"


The sunlight was creeping into the mansion, it was already past dawn and sunrise was slowly brining vibrant colors into their home. The place was dead silent after the events of last night. Scoups went up to his room, the sight of Jeonghan soundlessly sleeping looking so tiny in their king sized bed made his heart flutter for a second.

He walked up to him, gently his hair and left him with a sweet peck on the cheeks before he hit the shower, changed into something more comfortable and joined the golden haired boy under their covers. He wrapped a gentle arm around his tiny waist and brought him closer. He closed his eyes for a while as his mind was going into different directions.




Woozi was having a hard time sleeping, he blinked slowly looking at the ceiling lost in his own thoughts.

Suddenly, a soft voice dragged him out of his day dream land

"I can go if I'm making you uncom-" Hoshi was trying to be considerate, he knew that Woozi needed space and time but when Scoups sent them to their room and asked them to *Take care of each other* , Hoshi took the opportunity to stay by his side, until Woozi told him otherwise at least.


They walked back to Woozi's room, they talked for some time, their hands still intertwined, Hoshi didn't want to let go and surprisingly neither did Woozi. They sat on Woozi's bed for a long time before Woozi started to feel drowsy, he laid down on his bed, Hoshi by his side, hands still holding each other and things got quiet for a while


"I can go if I'm making you uncom-"


"No" Woozi cut him off immediately, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second "Stay" he said with a smile on his face melting down every brick wall he had put up between him and Hoshi so far.


Hoshi's grip tightened around Woozi's hand as a spark of joy crept through Hoshi's stomach. Woozi was slowly accepting him into his life and Hoshi wouldn't have it any other way.



The daylight hit their room's curtains playing along with the fabric of the blinders.


The room was still rather dark and quiet, not a single breath was heard.


It must be just a few hours into the day, not long ago, both Mingyu and Wonwoo were dumped into the lake's cold water.


Mingyu was dead tired but didn't want to leave the raven haired human boy's side. Wonwoo was somehow an unexpected priority.


So when his eyes fluttered open, Mingyu couldn't help but to catch the toasted vanilla champagne scent that suddenly filled the place ever so bubbly and bright.

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