One plus One, Two plus Two


Chaewon is an ASMRist and the biggest fan of the streamer Hyeju.
Hyeju is secretly also Chaewon's biggest fan, but she had no idea until the day Hyeju suddenly reveals it on stream.

Ryujin needs help with a photography project and posts a flyer on the bulletin board.
Jisu needs help with a fashion design project and said flyer catches her attention, especially the handwritten ‘is a ’ next to Ryujin’s name.


"But for real, you all should try listening to ASMR," Hyeju said. "I didn't give two s about it, but it really relaxes you a lot. And helps you to fall asleep faster too."

"Yeah, now she's always watching the channel I recommended to her," Ryujin said.

Hyeju blinked faster than usual. "W-What channel?"

"As if you didn't know. The cute girl."

"Oh, r-right. Gowon ASMR."


"Need someone to help with a photography project, for a photography first-year student." Was written in big letters, then below, with smaller letters, Jisu read - "I'm looking for someone that can help me with my photography project. I need to take pictures, but I need someone to pose for them. Since it can take time, there will be a reward in cash. For more info, please contact me." Then, it finished with a name, Shin Ryujin. But Jisu frowned, because right in front of the name, clearly written by hand, there was a small comment reading ’is a ’.

Shin Ryujin is a ?


After who knows how long, I'm back with another story!

This time, and for the first time (I think?), I'm doing something different. This story is basically two stories in one, a Hyewon one and a Jinlia one. There will be two POVs, Chaewon and Jisu, and each chapter is told in either of the POVs, alternating every time the chapter changes. The first chapter is Chaewon, the second is Jisu, and so on until the end of the story.

I don't even remember how I got the idea for this story honestly? Maybe just the fact that Gowon's voice would honestly be sooo suited for ASMR lmao, and because in my head, Ryujin and Hyeju would be the bestest of friends in any universe, don't ask me why

Anyways, as always, please enjoy! I sincerely hope you like it ^-^


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