Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello,, here another chapter.

hope you guys enjoy this one.

sorry for the error and mistake in my writing.




You just stare at each other, by the look of her eyes … you know she want some explanation from you but you are too waiting for her to explain how and when does she recognize you.

She look down breaking the eye contact with you, a sigh can be heard from her .. her thumbs fiddle and she is biting her bottom lips.

‘You not gonna say anything?’ there is no energy in her voice, she looks like she regrets about all of this and you don’t want her to feel like that so

‘I – I didn’t expect you to recognize me.’ Now she is back looking at you who probably sweat a bucket already. ‘I – I thought you …’ you pause, shaking your head trying to clear your chaotic mind. ‘How and when?’ you finally asked her. After about ten minutes of staring contest. A super suffocating staring contest.

‘Your hand writing.’

Ahhhh …. If it possible you want to smack your own head but it gonna make you look stupid so you stay still. Waiting for her to explain more.

‘during interview I keep telling myself that its not you but then …’ she take a very deep breath ‘I saw your hand writing and I .. umh…  stole that paper to compare it with the notes you left.’

She … stole the paper? Which paper??

‘it – its just a piece of paper from your notebook and nothing personal written on it.’

At this rate you feel a little bit creepy because she answering your thought.

‘you … don’t have anything to say about this matter?’ she look up to you, her eyes … full of anticipation … and here you are scare to death about what you going to say

‘I – I don’t know miss Bae,’ you rubbing at the back of your neck awkwardly, ‘its been years and I thought you won’t recognize me at all, I just glad that my senior is an art director now. It’s good that things work out well in your life’ and you let out a chuckle awkwardly.

What the are you rambling about Kang Seulgi. You hold the urge to smash your head against the wall.  

Did you just unintentionally remind her about your current relationship with her which is a co-worker?

She look dead at you, there is no colour in her face now. Her eyes lose the spark.

‘right …’ she laugh awkwardly too. looking everywhere else but not you. ‘I’m happy that my junior from art department got a job at this company too.’

You debating whether that sarcasm or not since her tone doesn’t have any spirit in it.

Did you just … do something that you shouldn’t, did you hurt her just now?

Why does the right thing feel so wrong now?

‘I’ll review the work, you can go now miss Kang.’

You feel like cold breeze past your body as she spoke. It is confirm thing just became more complicated now.

The tension thicker even though you walk out from her office.



You didn’t go home right away, you sat at your work cubicle and stare at the monitor cursing at your own reflection.

You go through the conversation inside her office over and over again in your head, trying to justify your own rubbish words hoping it won’t hurt her pride bringing the topic but no matter how many time you look into it

You cannot deny the fact you just shut everything down with your long rambling about how proud are you seeing your senior from university now an art director.

‘stupid.’ You bang your head on the desk, just lightly so you won’t make any noise. ‘stupid, stupid, stupid Seulgi.’

Pretty sure your forehead now all red like a monkey !

The sound of heel clicking snap you out and

She is walking toward the elevator and halt her step as her eyes met yours.

‘you hasn’t go home yet?’

‘n- no, no. I –

‘what happen to you forehead?’

This is so embarrassing, you rubbing your forehead right away hoping it will make it better while the fact it just make it worst!

‘did you fall asleep?’

‘Yes!’ you admitted, too fast to be honest and to high pitch from your normal voice. Another embarrassing moment to look up in your old glory life later. ‘I – I wait since the traffic is heavy at that hour,’ you glance at the clock on your desk, now its half past six in the evening already! ‘Guess I fall asleep while waiting.’

She nodded, ‘see you next week then.’

You are internally panic as she walk toward elevator so you grab your bag and walk at the double speed, almost running trying to catch up with her.

‘are you taking subway miss Bae?’ you asked, a bit short breath since you almost running just now.

‘yes I am,’ she pause a bit while walking inside elevator along with you. ‘miss Kang.’

Okay, she is bitter with how you act inside her office. Now you can sense the sarcasm and the pain through her tone.

‘I can send you home.’

Now you have her attention as she turn her face to look at you, she must doubting what she just heard now.

Yeah, you are shocked too the fact you asking her that. Because this is so wrong but it make you feel right.

‘It – its pack on subway this hour plus its weekend tomorrow so I don’t have anything else to do so …’ you stop, don’t want to embarrass yourself for millionth time today.

‘it’s forty-minute drive from here and it took longer if the traffic is heavy.’

‘I’m fine with it.’

You are questioning your action once again …. Why did you do this when you shut the door right in front her face before.

Now … it just you and her inside this elevator … you look down at how close your hand with her … only a few centimetres away.

And you have this urge … to link your pinky with hers.

The sound of the elevator door slide open save you.

This is bad, it not even five minute inside elevator and you have this kind of thought.


‘thank you for helping me with my car before.’

‘oh … don’t worry about it miss Bae.’

So the drive toward her apartment is calm … the vibe is calm but inside you are not at all.

The conversation all light, she talking about her new car which is might available in three months. New car nowadays make you wait for a very long time if you buy it. sometimes it might take a year.

She express how frustrated she is to take subway every morning since she need to transit train at, so her journey to work take at least an hour.

You cannot imagine how early she need to wake up to get ready since she take the first train.

As the time pass and it almost

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