Every Letter I wrote To You
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Gulping down the whole glass of soju, Wendy grimaced as she said, ‘Why did you do that?’ pouring the bitter liquor into her glass once again. She stared at Seulgi, who had become a living corpse. ‘I would be upset if my partner treated me like that.’

Seulgi keeps shut. There is no excuse for her wrongdoing. If only she could reverse time, she would choose to stay with Joohyun no matter what happened.

Seungwan knows Joohyun's location, so she has been begging to let her know where the woman is, but Seungwan keeps firmly saying no. She is a loyal friend after all.

Seungwan was so upset with her behaviour towards her best friend.

Seulgi admitted it; she made the same damn mistake twice. Joohyun already forgives her once.

‘She just wants some time alone.’

‘she's pregnant’ Seulgi stated, ‘I want to be there with her, for her… I'm worried, Seungwan.’

Seungwan drew a long breath. She had indeed been in contact with Joohyun, but she couldn’t expose Joohyun's location to Seulgi just like that.

She valued their friendship so much.

‘Please Seungwan.’ Seulgi pleaded; there is nothing else she can do other than that.

She went around looking for Joohyun, but she didn’t find the woman at all. She tried to visit all of the places Joohyun always goes, but she didn’t come across the woman at all.

She is beyond worried because she knows Bogum still bothers Joohyun. She doesn’t want to assume anything, but if … if something happens to Joohyun, Seulgi won’t be able to forgive herself.

She just hopes Joohyun stays at a place where Bogum can’t find her either. that concern Seulgi the most since Bogum and Joohyun were together for a very long time, meaning that Bogum might know almost everything she doesn’t know about Joohyun.

What if Bogum finds Joohyun first … what if ….




It is the image of a pregnancy scan.

‘She asked me to give you this’ Seungwan explained, feeling sympathy towards Seulgi, who was staring at the image. She knows Seulgi is trying to act strong here by holding back her tear, but who in the world can hide it when they are in this situation.

Joohyun refused to meet Seulgi, so she asked Seungwan to give Seulgi the ultrasound image of their child. Even though Joohyun is so upset with the younger one, she still wants to share this moment with Seulgi.

Joohyun loves Seulgi; her feelings don’t change. However, she fears experiencing the same pain that Seulgi caused.

She managed to get out of a relationship with Bogum, where she stayed and didn’t do anything for years. Now that she knows how to walk away, she learns that she can be strong on her own. Joohyun doesn’t feel scared about being away from Seulgi.

Not when there is another life that she wants to protect. What if … In the future, Seulgi abandons them. Joohyun will be able to endure the misery and swallow it, but what about their child…

Their kid won’t be able to understand a thing.

Maybe she has been thinking a little bit far away, accusing Seulgi of going to walk out on them, but she cannot help it.

Seulgi is so good at that, giving her cold treatment. Keeping her in the dark.

She read all the Seulgi texts that were sent to her; sometimes she even replied with a short sentence. Joohyun can tell Seulgi is having a hard time.

She loves the younger one so much. She is tempted to let Seulgi know her whereabouts. She missed being in Seulgi's arms too, especially now that she is carrying. She wants Seulgi's warmth, but sometimes Joohyun doesn’t know if it's her who misses Seulgi's presence or the child.

She is already in her sixth week of pregnancy. Her weird craving started to give her pain because she had no one to help her with that matter here.

She is living alone in her grandmother's house in the countryside. She cried a lot; her hormonal imbalance is driving her mad.

She cried at stupid things. One of them is Seulgi.

There was a night when she called Seulgi and cried. She doesn’t say anything, which causes Seulgi to panic. Seulgi doesn't end the call; instead, she keeps pleading with Joohyun for forgiveness. At that point, she was on the verge of giving in and revealing her current location.


Every single night, with a hand caressing her tummy. While wondering about Seulgi, she tried her best to find a reason, a small reason to make her heart feel better about Seulgi abandoning her.

She couldn’t find one. How can you be happy when a person who promised to be there with you, a person who whispers she loves you … keep you in the dark while you are at your lowest.

Joohyun wonder, why does Seulgi find it so difficult to recognise that she is making an effort. In order to overcome her trauma and make things better for Seulgi, Joohyun faces her day with gritted teeth.

She's struggling inside; even her dream is painful, yet she puts her best in front of Seulgi every single day.

Joohyun wonders how the younger one will handle it now that Seulgi has taken her place. She was aware that Seulgi had experienced a similar emotional breakdown from the text she had gotten from Seulgi.

Will Seulgi now learn about the pain she endures and how she wakes up from her horrible dream feeling like she is going to die because the sadness has crushed her soul every day?

She didn’t do this to get back at the younger one, but Joohyun figured out maybe it was the only way for her to heal her wound.

She looked at Seulgi on Monday as she arrived at work. Her broken heart was getting worse than it had been.

She can’t even swallow a single meal that night; she can’t fall asleep.

Staying away was her only option because Seulgi didn’t look her way at all.




Seulgi read the letter Joohyun wrote to her every single night. It was the only thing that kept her sane, and with the thought of Joohyun, her heart slowly softened now.

Despite all of that, Seulgi cannot rest assured. Not when she still doesn’t know where Joohyun is, not when Joohyun still hasn’t forgiven her.

Anything can happen when they are away from each other. What if Joohyun falls ill and there is no one around to help her.

What if Joohyun fell out of love

The fear is eating her up alive now. Seulgi doesn’t even have the strength to cry anymore. She has spent her whole night crying since the day she discovered Joohyun had disappeared. Now she just stared at the empty space and swallowed the lump in her th

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