Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello, here another angst 

sorry for the mistake in my writing




Seulgi ignores her, like before. She has been trying to contact Seulgi, but the younger one didn’t answer the phone at all.

She stared at her message, which was left unread. Seulgi didn’t even open her text.

Joohyun feels pressured, maybe she should just tell Seulgi about her pregnancy through text. She is debating doing it, and Seulgi deserves to know that she is carrying the younger child.

Joohyun sent it. She even begged Seulgi to read the text.

A day passed, and there was no response from the younger one. Tomorrow is Monday, so Joohyun is contemplating whether she should go to Seulgi's apartment or not.

She can’t, not when she can’t even swallow anything because of her morning sickness. It started already... in her three weeks. She has been in bed all day, with the soreness … a slight fever. It was the worst.

She thought what she read on the internet was an exaggerated fact about pregnancy symptoms. No, it is not. Her muscles were sore over nothing. She needs Seulgi here.

Why did the younger one decide to act up at this timing.

Joohyun curled up in bed, tears welled up.

She missed Seulgi. Seulgi said they were in this together, but why is she the only one going through this pain.

Where is Seulgi. Didn’t the younger one bother to check on her at all. Is Seulgi didn’t miss her like she's missing the younger one…




Joohyun is trying her best to go to work, she wants to call in sick, but the workplace is the only time where she can see Seulgi.

Joohyun knows she and Seulgi need to act like they are not close, but Seulgi didn’t even look at her.

Seulgi acts like a complete stranger. She even begged Seungwan to tell Seulgi, she wanted to talk, but Seulgi refused.




Seulgi only answered her phone when her family called her or when it related to work. She decided to stay away from Joohyun for a moment.

She realises she is only a low-class worker inside that big company compared to Joohyun, who is a director.

She knows she has nothing to offer Joohyun. She has a lot of loans on her back. Seulgi knows that, she knows her place so well. But does Joohyun need to make her feel like that?

She has tried her best to understand Joohyun since the very first day they were together. She never complained; the only time she acted up was when she found out Joohyun met Bogum.

After that, none, zero.

She doesn’t understand why Joohyun can't let her resign. There is a lot of other work. Seulgi knows it will be hard to score a job at this big company.

So, what … She can work a few part-time jobs until she gets a proper job once again. Why can’t Joohyun trust her?

Monday was the hardest because Seulgi saw how devastated Joohyun is, she noticed the darkness under Joohyun's eyes.

She knows Joohyun suffers just like her. She hopes Joohyun will learn from her mistake through this… that Seulgi cares for her to the point she can submit her resignation letter in a blink of an eye.

But Joohyun cannot do that, and Seulgi makes her choice by distancing herself.

She hopes Joohyun realises her mistake.




Seulgi thought Monday was the worst, and Tuesday was even more dreadful because Joohyun didn’t come to work.

She almost calls the older one or texts Joohyun, is she okay or not, but Seulgi decided not to… They just need time away, that is it.

She has been thinking about how to change Joohyun's mind about letting her quit this job. And staying away was the only answer.


Wednesday comes, and Joohyun is still not coming to work. She asked Seungwan, but her coworkers just shrugged. She suggests Seulgi contact Joohyun because Joohyun seemed unwell on Monday.

She finally gave in and called the older one, but Joohyun didn’t pick up the phone.

Seulgi wonders did Joohyun have a heavy fever. It made her anxious because she knew how bad Joohyun was when she had a fever before.

She opened the text message. Joohyun sent her about a hundred, but the last one struck into Seulgi's heart.

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