Every Letter I wrote To You

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Its the seulrene fanfic starting from a teenage seulrene to adult seulrene. 

seulgi having a crush on joohyun but the fate never on her side yet every time she about to accept the fact that joohyun wont be hers the fate play with her heart by giving her a tiny hope.

will seulgi get joohyun or will joohyun remain just as a crush ???


!!!!! its all fiction!!!!!

next chap 30 sept 2023


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4zahan 0 points #1
Chapter 22: i need extra chapter, please
Chapter 22: INCREDIBLE!!! The plot so intriguing and you perfectly formulated the drama with the resolutions in my opinion. Thank you for writing this story for us to enjoy! Stay happy and healthy <3
Ash1078 #3
Chapter 22: Thank you for this amazing story! I really enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait to read the next one!
Raynie #4
Chapter 22: Aww.. it's the end? I wish therr are scene where Seulgi tell Joohyun about her feeling from the beginning that she have a crush on Joohyun since middel school. Hmmm... btw Thank you author.
amnionew #5
Thank you authornim. I like this story soo much. Keep waiting for the update. I’m so happy when there’s an update. Thank you again for finishing this. 😘
186 streak #6
Chapter 22: Happiness! Than you author. This was a great story. I really loved your Seulgi. She wasn’t perfect but she was there when it matter and made it right. The make up was hot hehe
972 streak #7
Chapter 22: Thankyou! 🧡🧡🧡
19 streak #8
Chapter 22: Chapter 22: You did amazing job Author-nim. It may have some flaws but you convey the story well without any wishy washy scenes just to make it longer.
The Hot Make Up Sessions 🔥🔥🔥
Love that they have little new born baby now! I bet it looks like Seulgi 🤭 You ended the story WELL & BEAUTIFUL👍
Definitely, I can wait for your next SeulRene story!!!😊
Good luck with the Thesis. You’re going to be amazing!” 🐻🐰🥰
This sounds really good, about to dive in!
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Chapter 22: 💜