Every Letter I wrote To You
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Seulgi keeps away from Joohyun about the part where she met Mr. Park at the store. She just doesn’t want Joohyun to feel anxious or anything. The woman already has enough to worry about.

Seulgi is just happy that Joohyun is always with her. As soon as she arrives home, she will rush to take off her shoes so she can hug Joohyun.‘

You are so silly!’ Joohyun staccato laughter filled the apartment as Seulgi shower her with a kiss. ‘Go shower!’ Shoving Seulgi away, Joohyun circles the kitchen counter, trying to run away from Seulgi in this small apartment.

‘Come on’ Seulgi let out a frustrated grunt. ‘I need a reward’ true, she truly deserves it for acting like a complete stranger and being so professional at the workplace today.

‘aha!’ manage to catch Joohyun, she wraps her arms around Joohyun's tiny torse and lifts up the woman.

It causes a rumpus, with Joohyun giggling and trying to bite Seulgi's arms to break free. It was hilarious to see two fully grown-up women playing chase in this one room apartment.



‘Where do you think Mr. Park lives?’

That question from Joohyun caught Seulgi off guard.

'Why do you want to know?’

‘So I can be more careful next time.’

Seulgi felt a little bit guilty hearing that, wondering if she should just tell the woman instead of covering up with a lie.

But … what if Joohyun becomes anxious and decides to stay away for a bit. Seulgi won’t be able to survive that. She is so used to coming home to Joohyun now. They have been doing this for six months.

A squeeze on her right thigh stopped Seulgi's uneasy rambling in her mind.

‘Does it bother you?’ Joohyun asked, feeling bad for bringing up the topic on their peaceful night.

‘no, not at all.’ Shaking her head, ‘he probably lives on the side of an expensive apartment, though.’

True, since Mr. Park has been working for almost a decade, plus he works in the finance department. That department staff is well paid.

‘I hated the look on his face that night.’ Joohyun confesses, still feeling uneasy about this man.

Seulgi presses her lips into a thin line, she is too, know what Joohyun is trying to say. The way Mr. Park talked about Joohyun to her that night looks like him trying to tell Seulgi he knows what is going on behind the scenes.

They cannot afford to get caught by other staff, even though it is outside of the company, it will still do them harm. They will be fired. Seulgi does not want to destroy Joohyun's career, the woman worked hard to be where she is right now.

This unsettled feeling and issue, will it end one day




‘Can we talk, please, Joohyun?'

Joohyun sighed. Bogum called her today. She has been ignoring the guy's message for awhile now. The last time she saw him was the day Seulgi dragged her away from Bogum.

The memory of Seulgi getting jealous makes her lips curve into a smile.

‘Joohyun, I just need closure.’

Bogum voice cut Joohyun warm thoughts about Seulgi. Now her head fills with the cold event of her and Bogum.

‘Okay,’ she agreed, thinking this would be the last one. She just needs to tell him that she has someone new, and she hopes he will respect and accept the fact.



Here she is at one of the cafés, a few blocks away from the company. Sitting across from the man who gave her trauma.

None of them speak, they just stare into each other's eyes. Joohyun won’t deny it. It is hard seeing him again. After all, he is her first love, she experienced everything for the first time with him, and Bogum is a good person.

He was always there for her before all of this happened.

‘Thank you.’ His voice is soft, ‘for coming.’

Joohyun looks away, she doesn’t realize she has been holding her breath this entire time. She doesn’t know that being in the same room with him makes her feel suffocated in an unexplainable way.

'I have been seeing therapist’

That got Joohyun's attention as she snapped her head fast to look at Bogum's face. She thought she was the only one taking a step forward in life, but she guesses Bogum wants it too. To completely heal from the past, they need to find out the issue and face it.

Bogum lips form a thin line, and soon it trembles. The man dropped his hand and covered his face with his hand.

It was so sudden.

Joohyun balled up her fists, she knows this. She knows him way too well. Bogum is holding back his tears, she can see how the colour of his face is all red now because he is trying his best not to burst into tears.

They have been together for years, yet it ends just like that. Years of being together mean nothing to any of them, the memories … when they face the hardest challenge in their life as a couple. Somehow, all of those seem meaningless now that they are not together anymore.

Seeing Bogum like this makes Joohyun's heart twist in pain. She still cares about him after all. After years of being together with him, all of those feelings don’t go away in the blink of an eye.

‘I’m -’ He tries to speak, but gets choked up in tears.

He is always the strongest one between them, and Bogum rarely shows his vulnerable side to Joohyun. So, witnessing this made Joohyun drop her head as tears fell on her cheeks.

The memories, the happy memories of them in the past, swirled inside her head, creating an uproar that she could not control, even when she whispered Seulgi's name in her heart.

‘I didn’t – mea – mean to hurt - you.’ He managed to speak, wiping away his tears and swallowing that big lump in his throat. ‘I – I know there is something wrong with me.’

Joohyun's heart feels so heavy at the sight of Bogum crying. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her chaotic mind.

She almost reached out and held the man's hand. Just to make Bogum feel calm. She almost did something that she might regret by the end of the day.

Joohyun composed herself as she spoke, ‘It is good that you’re getting help,’ Joohyun tries not to sound too affectionate, she reminds herself that she’s with Seulgi. ‘At least we both know there is something wrong in our …’ Joohyun didn’t say the word, she is pretty sure Bogum understands what she is trying to say.

‘Will it be too much if I ask for a chance?'

Joohyun balled her fist for the second time that day, this is what she is scared of the most. Bogum is asking for another chance. This is why she has been avoiding him. It is not easy to see a person who left her a trauma that happened to be the same person she used to love.

‘to make everything right for you,’ he says, looking straight into Joohyun's eyes, his gaze softening as he speaks ‘for us’

Joohyun closed her eyes, and she let out a long sigh. She cannot do this anymore, this thing needs to stop, so

‘Joohyun, I –

‘I am seeing someone’ She said it, and she finally told him that she had completely moved on from the past.

‘Is it the one that dragged you away before?’

‘no,’ Joohyun looked away, ‘she just a coworker’ feeling bad for lying, but she could not take the risk.

Joohyun was just too immersed in her own mind to the point where she missed a familiar pair of eyes that just walked into the café and then walked away because the owner of that pair of eyes had a crack in her heart just now. For witnessing Joohyun with someone else.


The rest of the day is blurry for Joohyun. She's not sure how she manages to go through a presentation without making a mistake while her entire mind is all over the place because of the conversation between her and Bogum.

So Bogum is seeing a therapist too, just like her. The man is willing to get help for the first time and admits there is something wrong with him. Joohyun is surprised because Bogum sometimes puts his pride before anything else, so seeing him crumble right before her eyes does something to Joohyun.


She questions herself, she was so sure when it came to Seulgi, so why are there so many questions when it comes to Bogum?

Was she feeling guilty because she knew the reason behind Bogum's destructive life.

Bogum was a victim of child abuse.




Seulgi stares at the text she just received from Joohyun, telling her she needs to get something at her house, so Joohyun won’t be with her tonight.

She wonders what is so urgent that Joohyun cannot wait until the weekend. Most of Joohyun stuff is at Seulgi place now.

Seulgi cannot help but wonder … does it have to do with what she just saw at the cafe.

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