Every Letter I wrote To You
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It’s the weekend Joohyun and Seulgi promised to spend the night together. So here she is at Seulgi’s place.

The apartment itself define Seulgi, warm and cosy.


‘I ordered us some food.’ Seulgi said as she put down Joohyun luggage, yeah Joohyun bring a luggage for a weekend stay.

‘I might stay here longer than that.’ Joohyun explain, the younger seem to need it.

Joohyun unexpected plan kind of turn Seulgi into a stiff mode or robot mode because she not herself at all.

So, Seulgi scared about spending night together more than Joohyun, not scare but a nervous wreck and sadly Joohyun read Seulgi stiff movement in a wrong way. A little bit disappointment for Joohyun because she thought Seulgi will be excited and delight for spending time together. Since the one that has trauma here is her, not Seulgi.

Plus, they been waiting for this, a moment to be alone.

Still, she can’t put a blame on Seulgi when the younger do not know anything.

They had dinner, now watching some movie … a comedy movie. Joohyun pick because she wants to ease the tension a bit. She understands that the younger one got no experience about intimacy but … how can Seulgi be that scare and stiff. There is pillow in between the right now. Seulgi put it as soon they both sat!

Is this Seulgi the same Seulgi she slept with in hotel before? Its not like anything happen at the hotel but …

Maybe she should voice out the elephant in the room since she the older one or …

Joohyun unintentionally let out a loud sigh.

‘don’t like the movie?’

The younger question make Joohyun gather all the courage not to slap Seulgi right now.

‘Is it really about the movie?’ Joohyun asked slightly pissed.


‘Was it really the movie or something else?’

‘I … ’ Seulgi tilt her head a little bit, trying to understand Joohyun question, Joohyun tone slightly scare her, not to mention that deadly stare. ‘I –’

‘do you expect tonight?’ Joohyun bold question make Seulgi eyes widen.

The younger one stuttering even more, trying to perform a sentence. ‘I – I, uhmm .. it not’

‘yes or no?’ Joohyun press.

The silence stretches then Seulgi shake her head from right to left … ‘no, but … I don’t know how to make you comfortable. Here… with me. I don’t know what to do, what to talk … the.. topic –

‘oh my god Seulgi,’ she runs her finger through her hairs, feeling frustrated. ‘We had time alone before, at the park, in the car … I mean … talking alone.’ She stare straight into Seulgi eyes.. ‘it’s the same thing.’ Joohyun point her finger to herself and then Seulgi ‘Me here with you… it’s the same.’

‘I know’ Seulgi admitted. ‘I am sorry, for -’

‘its okay, I understand… this is your first time right? Jumping straight into a serious one.’

‘it is,’ she answered timidly, ‘I just want to make sure you really okay with me. Here.’

‘I am,’ Joohyun remove the pillow right away, if she can, she wanted to throw it out the window. Seulgi chuckle softly beside make her even furious.

How dare she laugh when is the one that cause this awkward moment!

‘You know you can hug me right? you can kiss me and hold me. We are together Seulgi.’

Seulgi gulped, Joohyun still upset. She gather her courage to pull Joohyun closer, buried her face in Joohyun neck. Staying there … questioning herself why she is not herself tonight. She is too stuck with the goal of do not ruin the night.

‘We both really bad in this department huh?’

Seulgi just hum at Joohyun question, agreeing.

‘and that is why I am seeing my therapist.’ 

Seulgi lift up her head instantly at the mention of therapist.

‘There is something you need to know before we take another step in our relationship.’

Seulgi face full of concerned and somehow that scare Joohyun. What if Seulgi cannot wait for her or feel disgust with her –

Her negative thought end when she was greet with the warm of Seulgi’s hand and on her arm.

‘it’s okay, you can tell me’ Seulgi encourage Joohyun, slow

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