Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello, i am back with new seulrene fanfic.

i cannot make a promise when i gonna update for the next chapter but i will try my best to update 1chapter per week. 

sorry for the error and mistake in my writting.

enjoy !!!



You sat at the backseat of the car with a couple of boxes stacked beside you. Your dad driving the car and your mother at the passenger seat studying about the new place you about to live through a pamphlet.

Yes! A freaking pamphlet.

New place, you sigh thinking about it. obviously you are not that happy about moving, you part away from everything you know, your friend … the familiar road you take every day to walk toward your middle school.

You let out another frustrating sigh. You look outside, trying to catch something in this new place … something to lift up your spirit.

No … its waste of a time. You open your flip phone, checking the message from your friend. You smile as you read it but then the smile slowly disappears and you are back with a dull expression.

‘We almost there!’

You look out of the car window again as your father announced that. You look here and there, scanning the neighbourhood. You think it is nice, neat … and pretty.


You hurriedly look back and you gasp aloud. Mouth hang open and you have your face stuck on the window car as you try to look at the gorgeous … girl.

She’s so pretty!

You can hear it, your heart drumming excitedly against your ribcages and then your heart pump it even harder when you witness the girl smile. She looks like an angel, its look like there this light glowing around the girl, the special effect makes her glowing in the public. you have your mouth wide open and the saliva mind drop on your shirt as you keep your eyes on her.

You have this dreamy look on your face, but within a second you scowled. You lost the sight of the girl because sadly, you father takes the right turn.

You silently curse under your breath and lean against the backrest.

You feel ticklish, inside. It feels like everything is so jolly. You feel so high spirit out of nowhere.

You have found the motivation.




You spend the whole spring holiday strolling around the neighbourhood hoping the luck will be on your side and you will see her again.

And luck is on your side on the last week in spring holiday when you saw her across the street. Walking with her friend looking so pretty.

You want to cross the road and ask her name, greet her like how you practiced every single day and night. So, you cross the road, slowly walking behind her and her friends.

Even from the back, the girl looks so pretty! How her black hair flow to left and right silkily when she shakes her head.

Pretty. She is so pretty. You said the pretty word again and again.

You closing by, trying to speed up a little but all the bravery left your soul when you a few steps behind her.

It happens so sudden, you feel this cold sweat break and your heart about to burst out!

You curse at yourself, why are you being nervous out of nowhere!

You wonder where was the braveness and the spirit you carry a few second ago.




You lie on the bed, staring at the ceiling feeling lost. You’re failed! You lost your only chance to get to know her! To get her number!

You feel so annoyed with yourself for being a coward at the time like that.

All you can do is wishing she go to the same middle school as you. She looks younger than you, she looks like she just turns fifteen.

You giggle, feeling so bubbly at the thought she one year younger than you.




You stood there frozen under the bus stop because you saw her again. But that is not the real reason why the time seem to stop for you.

It is because she goes to different school from you.

Another disappointment for you to feel, what a great feeling to start a day on the very first day you go to a new middle school. The school where you going to spend your final year as middle school student.

You try not to stare when she standing a few feet away from you. Wearing a burgundy school blazer while you wearing a dark green blazer.

You steal a few glances toward her, she’s reading a book but you can’t really see the title of it from your point of view.

Maybe now is the chance to introduce yourself, so you smoothly side step. Yeah, definitely not smooth. You about to speak but, the timing really not on your side because the bus arrived.

She didn’t notice you obviously with how fast she gets on the bus.

You stand inside the bus, the seat all taken. She is no longer reading because it packs in here.

Enough with the staring, you remind yourself but you cannot help it!

She is so pretty!

You trying to figure out which school does she go, so you stare at the school emblem on the blazer.

The best thing when it come to school uniform is, the nametag!

Bae Joohyun

Her name is Bae Joohyun.

You test how it sound on your lips by whispering her name on the bus. Somehow you feel like a ert. So you stop with whatever you were doing.




You have two news today, the first one is …. No, not two but three. First, you found out her name which is so pretty just like her. Bae Joohyun. You try to imagine how you say her name in millions way, the formal way.

‘Joohyun shi’ you giggle, feeling so giddy and cringe at the same time. Staring at the mirror, you look so stupid. You smack your forehead trying to get some sense.

‘Joohyun.’ A normal way, you use a calm tone this time. You think this tone sound so attractive, so you put it in your mind you need to use this tone the next day. Yup! Next day you going to greet her at the bus stop! You are very determined this time!!

Now you square your shoulder, putting a very confidence face. Lips part and ‘jo- Joohyun ah.’ You grimace, feeling cringe to the point you cannot straighten your fingers and toes.

Maybe the informal way is too much! You still at the first stage. To be honest you don’t even reach the first stage yet, it doesn’t count when it just you who know her name while she is all clueless.

She going to think you a creep if she knows you stare at her the whole bus ride. unfortunately, your school come up first which give you no choice but to get down from the bus.

That another unfortunate event for you that day but the other two news, which is bad news, are the worst news for you. First, it when you found out she goes to different school and second bad news is the school blazer she wear … you know which school is that belong.

It’s the Daegu high school. A high school, meaning that she is older than you. How much older? You do not know, you are silently praying she is a year older so you can be friendly with her.

You know the chance is thin for her to be friend with you, when she is a high school student while you … a middle school student, she probably sees you as a kid.

A kid.

You really wish she won’t see you in that way.

Nevertheless, you think there is no need to worry about that for now … first you need to get to know her properly. You need to get to the first base.




You lost your chance, again. But this time you do not blame it on you because she with her friend now. Like there are five of them. A high school student with that amount seem pretty scary to you who is a middle school student.

They were talking and giggling about … boys.

You are so curious, you want to see her expression when she talk about boys. You are hoping that she is not fond of boys but when you heard one of her friends mention this guy name.


You remember it since that name put a crack in your heart because the next thing you hear is.

‘he confessed to me.’

Its Joohyun voice, her voice is so cute so soft so attractive … but the fact of what she just said don’t give you a time to admirer her voice.

You stood back, wishing for the bus to arrive.

You remind it just a crush about what you feel toward her, a teenage crush like how it been portray in movie. So, there is no need to think much about it.

There is no need to feel sad, you probably won’t remember her once you be a high school student next year.

Yesterday the time stop for you but today, the time seem to stretch. It feels so long to reach your school today and you cannot focus on anything.

Everything sounds so faint and your eyes blurry.

She interested in boys.

You don’t want to mingle about that but you just a human here, a teenager who has no control over your own feeling.

You feel like so hopeless so sudden. A prove that you are indeed a teenager experience first love stuff.

So its not a simple crush then, you are in love with her.

You concluded that fast.




Based on the last conclusion regarding your feeling, you are

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