Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello! finally new chapter here.

sorry for the late update, i moved back to campus so now i am dying here!

anyway! enjoy!

sorry for the error and mistake in my writing!



You never run this fast, you run like you were chase by a ghost. You ignore the warning sending by your brain that your lung couldn’t take it anymore, your heart also almost reach it limit… you need to take a break



You didn’t stop

You run for your life that day

With a tiny hope that you will be able to stop her from getting on that train.

You ignore the staring, you swiftly avoid from bumping into people as you running down on the stairs, speeding up your step because you almost there

You almost there

You made it there … but the train door sliding … closing.

The frustrating feeling surged up to the top of your head to the point the steam almost comes out from your ears but you can’t really deal with that feeling now.

Eyes shift all of over the place … you are so desperate, searching for a pair of brown eyes.

You jog as your eyes scanning inside the train …

People must think you missed the train with how panic you are right now.

But no … the truth is … you are missed a person here. One minute late, the door already closed.

The announcement that the train will depart make you stop. You accept the fact that time will never be on your side.

It is okay if the time is not on your side

You just need to beat the time for the next one, the time where she is promised you.

You gather your thought, taking a deep breath wile closing your eyes, remind yourself once again that she promised you the time will come.

You open your eyes and about to turn away when your eyes met hers.

You beat the time!

Just when you about to give up again, she shows you that you shouldn’t just stop here. She want you to beat the time too!

Her expression, she is shock obviously, seeing you chasing after her even though the train door all closed now.

Your feet rooted to the place and your eyes didn’t leave her at all when the train move. She doesn’t look away either … until the you and her were force to not look at each other because the train finally speeding up.


You are running again this time … back to your car.

You didn’t have a second thought this time … you are going to the station where her final stop is … and you going to take her home.

You will not let your fear …. Your hesitancy stopping you from reaching out to her anymore.


You pacing at the foyer of subway station, walking back and force anxiously with your eyes glued at one place. The exit where she dropping off soon.

You know her train doesn’t arrive yet, there is like five minute to go but you cannot help being this anxious with a thought you missed the train again.

The message you received from her asking you to wait at this exit clearly evidence she is still on train, meaning you doesn’t miss the train this time.

Yet still sweating a bucket and anxiously pacing.

The announcement of the train arrival makes your feet stop walking, rooted to one place and soon the crowd appear scanning their ticket and your eyes losing it focus because it shifting from one person to another looking for her.

So many people getting off from that train and now you just distressed and becoming more anxious to the point you forgot you have a phone to call her and your searching will be much easier than this.


You turn way too fast to the direction of the voice, she found you first. Walking to you with a worried face.

She doesn’t give a chance for you to speak or explain when she bombarded you with a bunch of question.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Are you losing your mind?!’

‘Are you okay??’

‘Did something happen?’

‘Why did you run like that ??’

You didn’t get to answer any of that because of the panic and you are too distracted with her worried face, that scrunched eyebrows … that pair of doe eyes now all wide staring at you and how cute her lips

Her lips …. The short moment of her kissing you now flashing inside you mind and –


You got a hard slap on you forearm for staying quiet, you deserve that slap.

‘umm …’ now what you gonna say, where is the spirit you when you chase her to the train. Scratching at the back of your head. ‘I want to take you home.’ You scan her respond for a second in case she want to refuse the talking session but she just stay quiet and keep staring at you.

She knows that’s not the reason you are here but she doesn’t question anything and being so patience with you give you some courage to reach for her hand, taking her hand into you.

‘Let’s go.’ Your thumb caressing her soft hand. ‘I will take you home.’


The journey to her place is so quiet because you are currently raking your brain to find a reason so you can get into her apartment.

You really don’t want this day to end just like this

You want to have a really serious talk where there is some affirmation not just a promise. You want a status with her. 

‘You can park at my parking space.’

You turn to look at her, biting your inner cheeks so you won’t be smiling like an idiot. She is inviting you to her place.

‘you’re unbelievable.’ She narrowed her eyes to you as she said that, you can no longer hide your smile … you smile even wider when she is too smiling at you … shaking her head slightly at your silliness.


Its like a déjà vu here, you walk into her apartment like before –

‘joo –

The sudden pull by the collar of your shirt make you stumble forward and almost land on top of her if you don’t stiffen your leg. All of those happen in a split of second including the scene where she is kissing you right now.

You didn’t even have a chance to stand straight properly when she keep pulling you forward.

‘Joohyun –

You didn’t refuse the kiss, you didn’t turn away from her but you did try to stop her right now. Your heart racing like you on a treadmill, full speed, you start to feel dizzy from her kiss.

‘Joohyun –

You try to speak in between kisses so she would stop. She really need to stop now because you just a human being who can feel the sudden urge and you don’t believe in yourself when it comes to that matter.

She need to stop or you won’t be able to control yourself at all.

The kiss is not rough, it was gentle … the pulling from her is the toughen one. Her fingers wrapped on the fabric of your shirt securely. Catching up her breath and that is when you try to stop her again

She feel that, you keep calling her name … wanting to end this kissing

‘Why are you here then?!’

This time she doesn’t pull you, a hard push from her shoving you away … feeling frustrated with how you act just now. Your back almost hit the front door.

This is not why you here right now … so you looking at her, face flushed from the kiss or feeling ashamed of her action make you feel like a jerk. Her lips all swollen and glossy.

‘I – I’ flustered with the situation, you carefully approach her back. ‘Joohyun I want to talk –

‘We already talk!’

‘that’s –’ you take a deep breath, composing yourself and taking both of her hand into yours. ‘Not about today situation, I want a proper talk,’ you squeeze her hand, ‘about what gonna comes, you … me … and us.’

Her shoulder slump and you about to panic since you don’t know what is in her mind.

Does she feel embarrassing about the kiss or does she feel relief since you taking this matter way more serious than she expected you to be ….

‘I look like an idiot now.’

So, it’s about the kiss.

‘no, no.’ you furiously shaking your head, denying that. It is you the idiot here for making her feel that way. ‘I just…’ you lower you head so you can look at her in the eyes … she avoiding you so you pull her into your arms, ‘I want to do the right thing Joo

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