Every Letter I wrote To You
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Here another chapter! i want to make up for the last week i couldnt update.

thank you for being patience and still reading this fanfic.

sorry for the error and mistake in my writing.




Through Seungwan Seulgi know Joohyun going to keep her words so Seulgi will do the same.

A day hasn’t pass yet and Seulgi already feel like a year.


Because she hasn’t saw a glimpse of Joohyun at all after lunch. How in the world she going to survive three upcoming months like this?!

Right after she hold Joohyun in her arms last night?!

Don’t screw up

That sentence rings in her head and Seulgi pull herself together to get back with her work.

She has new task, to design the character for the upcoming project. She has a week to do that and then she will need to update with the team.

Joohyun going to be in that meeting so Seulgi is on fire right now.

Joohyun sacrifice them just to make Seulgi career range wider than now. So, Seulgi cannot screw this up!

If she succeeds here, it will be easy for her to apply job at another company in future.

But yeah …. Easy said than done, this is major project because it is a role-playing game and going to be available on PlayStation, Xbox, steam and Nintendo switch. So yeah … even though Seulgi need to keep her distance with Joohyun for about three months … if she succeed doing that then Seulgi will need to bare for another couple of month in hiding because this project will take a full year to develop it.


The rest of the day Seulgi spend her time studying the character details, the background, the story and then every tiny little thing she could find in her character then how she should create it.

Seulgi been siting for hours so when she get up from her seat she can hear the bone cracking. Stretching out her limbs while stealthily stealing a glance toward Joohyun office door.

She is leaving, she walking out from that door.

Brain screaming don’t but Seulgi body react faster than her brain when she tidy up her workspace, shutting down the computer and the drawing tab then swiftly grab her bag and walk super-fast toward elevator.

Joohyun already inside.


Seulgi swear she gonna murder herself if this stupid act of her put them in danger again. Luckily there is several other employees so Seulgi just look like one of the employee desperate to not be left behind and wait for the elevator.

Catching up her breath, Seulgi is embarrassing at her comical act and timidly walk into elevator with a slow thanks to the one who hold the door for her.

In that busy time where Seulgi feeling embarrassing and catching up with her breath, she still manages to steal a look for a millisecond at Joohyun who didn’t bother with her surrounding at all.

Joohyun is the definition of ice queen here. She look so different from last night so Seulgi wonder if this Joohyun is the same person with last night Joohyun.

Seulgi doesn’t have a reason to be anxious but she can’t help it … the anxiety is in her blood, so it easy to crawls up to her brain and make her feel like throwing up.

Joohyun no longer use the elevator at basement where Seulgi park her car, Joohyun use the lobby now meaning that she is walk out from elevator at ground floor passing Seulgi who standing like a corpse.

When Joohyun walk pass her … Seulgi felt like Joohyun take all her spirit along the way because right now … staring at the back of Joohyun who keep getting far away from her until the elevator door closed and all Seulgi could see is the silver metal.

She feel like dying.

This feeling is worst than before … before she somehow could stand it because she doesn’t know anything about Joohyun but now … now that she had kissed her … embrace her … it hurt more that Seulgi expected it to be.

Seulgi wonder how did Joohyun manage to stand strong while she felt like her soul shattered into pieces…



Joohyun broke down as soon as she walks into her apartment. The empty space filled with her sobbing real fast. She couldn’t take one more step ahead from the entrance of her apartment because all she could see is Seulgi.

This is ridiculous, Seulgi only been here like twice … she and Seulgi just get to know each other yet the depth of their connection feel like she know Seulgi in her past life.

Why does it feel so deep whenever it come to Seulgi.

Just a simple sticky note from the younger, its shaken up Joohyun years relationship with Bogum.

Trust me, Joohyun question it too… does her feeling toward Bogum is fake … she keeps question it over and over and try to hold on her relationship with him but it is hopeless.

She can’t throw away that piece of paper and that bouquet of sunflower.

She didn’t realise her feeling toward Seulgi is that deep … not until today.

Seulgi heartbroken face almost make Joohyun submit a resignation letter today.


If she does that …. Seulgi might blame herself so and Joohyun doesn’t want that. It the last thing Joohyun want it to happen.





A day past, Joohyun thought a new day won’t be coming at all with how slow the time ticking right now. Last night she slept facing the wall clock in her room. Yeah, she keeps staring at the clock until she fall asleep.

At least going to work mean she can see Seulgi though just like a glance. Not more than that … one of HR team follow her until she walk into her apartment building yesterday. That person didn’t make it obvious but Joohyun recognize the face.

She never thought this company policy gonna be this ty.

Well, Joohyun never thought she going to have feeling for someone in that company. Now she want to throw a tantrum and blame it on Seulgi once they done with lay low.

Maybe in this three months Joohyun can make a list what to be upset with the younger … to tease the younger. Seulgi flustered and panicked side is cute to her.


Joohyun arrived ten minutes early, usually she would make some tea at pantry but decided to say inside her office so she won’t come across the younger one.

She know Seulgi must be super confuse with her being so cold. All her conversation to Seulgi related to work only … just like how she treat other co-workers.

Joohyun wish Seulgi will remember the reason she is doing all of this … she hope Seulgi won’t get tired and leave her.

The thought of Seulgi leaving her … is bitter but Joohyun know more than anyone else, it is unfair to hold on Seulgi if Seulgi happen to find another happiness.

If one day … that did happen, Seulgi meeting someone else then … Joohyun won’t be in between. She will let Seulgi be free because she knows … what she has with Seulgi right now is not promising.

Their future full of uncertainties.

Joohyun wish she and Seulgi are strong enough to break down the wall … there are so many wall for them to break so Joohyun pray deep in her heart that Seulgi will hold on this

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