Every Letter I wrote To You
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hello, back again. and again sorry for the delay, i was swarm with quiz test and other assgnmnt 

anyway enjoy the update

sorry for the error and mistake in my writing

and sorry for writing in third pov, i cannot afford to hide joohyun pov anymore.




The cold wind blows right through Seulgi soul as she keep staring at Joohyun. Joohyun eyes hold so much pain in it and when that two pool of eyes start to filled with water, Seulgi waste no more time as she run forward

Almost tripped because of the sand at the playground while she run toward Joohyun

Joohyun take one step, she wants to rush toward Seulgi too but the later already in front of her, pulling her into a tight hug and Joohyun arm goes on Seulgi neck right away. Securely the younger one in her arms.

‘I missed you.’ Joohyun confess in between her sob.

Seulgi didn’t return the phrase, there is no need when she keeps kissing on Joohyun right cheek, soothing Joohyun who still crying mess. Whispering sweet word right into Joohyun ears.

Seulgi, honestly, she is clueless about how to handle a crying woman, not just woman but Joohyun. Never been in a relationship was the biggest flaw for Seulgi right now.

She doesn’t know how to comfort her partner even though she and Joohyun is not official yet. Should she buy more flowers for Joohyun?

‘I thought you got tired of me…’

‘what??’ Seulgi pull away to have a better look at Joohyun. Okay Joohyun tears fall like a heavy rain now and its pain Seulgi to see that.

Without giving much thought Seulgi wrapped her arm around Joohyun waist and lift the older up.

A yelp and a soft slap on Seulgi shoulder before that small hand of Joohyun grip like there is no tomorrow on Seulgi shoulder.

‘What are you doing?’ confused but Joohyun tears still fall. The sobbing still there.

Told you, this is new to Seulgi so she going to calm Joohyun with a scene she saw in the movie. Movie is the only sources for Seulgi to refer when it comes to love.

‘Sit here.’ Carefully put Joohyun down on the playground platform and keep her left hand on Joohyun waist while the other hand went up to wipe Joohyun tears. Using her slim and long finger, Seulgi as gentle as she can, wiping Joohyun tears away.

Fully aware that Joohyun staring at her with full of love, the honey dripping through her eyes.

‘Never have that kind of thought again.’ Was all Seulgi said and Joohyun cry even harder send Seulgi into a panic.

‘No no no,’ Seulgi hush Joohyun softly, ‘I didn’t say that to make you cry even more.’

‘I can’t help it.’ Joohyun even hiccup now, that is how hard she is sobbing. ‘kiss me.’ But still able to demand some affection.

Seulgi let out a chuckle while lean forward to press her lips on Joohyun lips.

Its wet. The woman is crying so it … Seulgi doesn’t sure how to explain it in appropriate way.

The kiss is wetter than usual.

Both of them keep kissing, breaking apart just to enough air so they can continue to make out.

Seulgi fully aware of this feeling. She felt this before.

She is aroused

And that make Seulgi pull away abruptly, breaking their heated make out session leaving Joohyun all confuse with the sudden stop.

Panting, catching her breath while cupping Seulgi face.

Seulgi still has her eyes closed. Too afraid to open it, she is fear to face Joohyun.

‘what’s wrong?’ Joohyun asked in a whisper manner, her voice still recovering from the sudden make out, thumb Seulgi left cheek then slowly travel down to massage Seulgi nape.

Joohyun here doesn’t know that she is Seulgi first serious relationship … no, not relationship … just some … a serious some.


This time, Seulgi couldn’t keep her eyes close, Joohyun voice in a needy and confuse tone is a huge weakness of her now.

‘I – I – just,’ she ended up let out a frustration groan when she can’t form a sentence.

They mirror each other face right now, Joohyun all worried and confused with Seulgi and trying to read the younger thought just like Seulgi who also full of concerned and confused but she doesn’t try to read Joohyun … she trying to figure out how to tell the older one that … if this work, it going to be her first relationship

That sound so heavy

It going to burden Joohyun and Seulgi doesn’t want that…

‘are you really…’ Joohyun retract her hands from Seulgi neck, clasping on her lap ‘getting tired –

‘No!’ Seulgi cut Joohyun before the older finish her words. ‘its not that Joohyun.’ Placing her right hand on top of Joohyun clasped hands, her left hand remained on Joohyun waist. Not once Seulgi retract her left hand.

‘Then what is it?’ Joohyun is pleading Seulgi to tell her through her eyes.

‘I …’ Seulgi swallowed her saliva in hope Joohyun won’t feel burden or about what she going to say, ‘I never been in a relationship before.’

Seulgi didn’t avoid Joohyun eyes despite the heat rush on her face, she is so sure her face as red as tomatoes now.

Joohyun didn’t respond right away though, probably shock with Seulgi confession. She is 24 years old and never been in relationship so who doesn’t freak out at that.

Joohyun face then contorted ‘don’t lie to me!!’ and a light shove toward Seulgi chest.

Seulgi blink at Joohyun reaction. She remained silent and within a second Joohyun frowned face change into a blank one … realising Seulgi isn’t lying.

Blinking while staring at the younger one.

‘oh..’ was all coming out from Joohyun words.

So now Seulgi face double flushed, she pray earth swallow her this instant.

‘I ..’ she clear , ‘making out is uhmm I never past that line yet.’

It was embarrassing to say that but Seulgi think Joohyun need to know. Both of their cheeks have pink shade, brighter now and its not because of the cold weather.

‘With who?’

The question coming out from Joohyun lips send Seulgi into a spin mood, she is flustered by that question and totally change the air in between them.

The amount of seriousness in Joohyun voice got Seulgi rattled plus Seulgi definitely don’t expect Joohyun going to ask that

Who in world gonna ask that kind of question anyway??

Past stay in the past right??

Apparently, there is a few people who cannot hide their curiosity and Joohyun is one of that kind of person.

Seeing how flustered Seulgi is make Joohyun roll her eyes and cross her arm over her chest, ‘its her isn’t it?’ she asked, lips pouting. ‘That woman who visit you at work before.’


‘There is no way you stop.’ Joohyun whispered but she make sure to press the no part, Seulgi lean forward a bit to hear it better but end up being push away for the second time from Joohyun. ‘don’t lie to me about this!’

‘I’m not lying.’ Trying to get a hold on Joohyun. What a ridiculous conversation they have at midnight in the middle of kid playground. ‘if there a way for you to check my ity then I will let you!’ she groaned, feeling frustrated with Joohyun don’t believe in her. It embarrassing enough for Seulgi to spill the truth yet now they debating about it.

‘What do you mean by that?!’

Seulgi can see the heat rush toward Joohyun face and realize how hilarious the situation is right now.

‘God,’ she ended up laughing and Joohyun pout even more. ‘let’s end the that topic there but.’ Seulgi hold out her forefinger, ‘I am telling you the truth,’ she all the air into her lungs and ‘you are the first woman I ever want to be serious with…’ avoiding Joohyun eyes for a moment before she gain composure to continue her words, ‘and want to take it further.’

Joohyun wear a scarf around her neck but Seulgi can tell the older one swallowed her saliva once she digest what Seulgi just said.

Their staring contest were cut short when Joohyun face twisted in pain, right hand automatically applied pressure on her stomach while whimpering in pain. Head ducking.

‘what’s wrong?’ again, Seulgi panicked. ‘are you hurt?’ Seulgi lower her head to exam Joohyun expression but Joohyun other hand pulling her forward so the older one can rest her head on Seulgi shoulder. Still grunting in pain.

‘Are you cold?’ taking off her jacket right away and wrap it around Joohyun torso even though Joohyun hasn’t answer her yet. ‘!’ Seulgi accidently curse when her hand graze against the platform.

Its as cold as ice.

‘You been sitting on it Joohyun.’ Arms wrapped around Joohyun ready to lift up the woman.

‘wai- wait!’ Joohyun stop Seulgi with difficulty because she is in pain right now. ‘I need to stay still first.’ Joohyun actually couldn’t feel the cold of the platform because she is too immerse with the make out and the conversation with Seulgi.

‘But it is too cold.’ Seulgi protested and try to lift the woman up but fail because Joohyun stiffen her body.

‘its period cramp Seulgi.’ She sweating in this cold weather meaning it hurt like hell now. ‘so I need some time before moving.’ She huff, trying to ease the pain by applying some pressure on herlower abdomen.

‘I – I’m sorry’ Seulgi blurted that out, she feel like she need to say that since she place Joohyun there.

Shaking her head, Joohyun pat Seulgi arm reassure her. ‘This is normal for me,’ Joohyun force a smile, damn it hurt. ‘it comes and goes.’ Nuzzling her nose into Seulgi neck, Joohyun can feel the  youngest having a goosebump because of the close contact. Somehow … that make Joohyun stomach feel all tingling.

Then suddenly Joohyun snap her head toward Seulgi, straighten her back not minding the pain in lower abdomen.

‘Your hometown in Daegu?’

Finally, Joohyun has the sense back, it should be the first question pop out from the second she laid her eyes on Seulgi here but here mind is too occupied with the fear of Seulgi leaving her.


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