Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello, i'm back sooner than i thought. i hope i can just move on from my past and continue to write until i can write a good story/fanfic

i apologise for being unstable for a very long time because of my personal issues. 

enjoy the update, sorry if there an error or mistake in my writing.



Joohyun return to their hotel room once she is all calm and her eyes is not as puffy as before. Seungwan try her best to hide it with some make up trick.

She feel heavy to face Seulgi after her rushing out leaving the younger one hanging like that and afraid of what reaction she will get from Seulgi

It is quiet … their room, so she thought maybe Seulgi is out for a walk.

Joohyun cover with a loud gasp! Her heart about to leap out from her body when a figure lying on bed. Heart rate slowly return to the normal when she figure its Seulgi. Why the younger one sleeping on stomach like some ghost.

So Seulgi is sleeping. She almost thought it someone else because Seulgi sleep on her stomach.

One hour before the dinner start, so she must wake up the younger one.

‘Seulgi.’ A light tap on Seulgi upper back. The younger one doesn’t even flinch or respond so, ‘Seulgi!’ she raise the volume of her voice a little along with a slightly hard slap on Seulgi’s upper back.

Still no respond even thought when Joohyun shake the younger one. She almost freak out with a thought that Seulgi was dead but the light snoring convinced her Seulgi is indeed breathing and alive and just dead sleeping.

She doesn’t have a choice, Joohyun open a bottle of mineral water. She swear she already tried to wake up Seulgi like a normal person but

Seulgi jolt up from her sleep when she feel super cold on her neck. Right hand rubbing her neck like crazy trying to warm it up while her half open eyes now goes wide as it land on Joohyun.

‘so – sorry!’ Joohyun quickly step forward and place her hand on Seulgi neck, warming it up, feeling guilty. ‘I tried to –

‘its okay.’ Seulgi reassure the older one, ‘I’m a super heavy sleeper.’ She grin sheepishly.

Both just awkwardly standing facing each other along with the tension that slowly drowning them.



Seulgi took a shower and now getting ready for the dinner. There is a dress code for the dinner which is famous movie character. They randomly get the character while puling the room card before so here she is … dressing up as a Mr. Smith.

A black suit, white shirt and a black tie…. Talking about tie … Seulgi is struggling with it … she is not good with tie.

‘You don’t know how to wear it?’

Startled, she thought Joohyun still in the bathroom getting ready.

‘n-no I dunno how …’ couldn’t finish her sentence, Seulgi have her jaw on the floor when Joohyun walking toward her, Joohyun is Mrs. Smith.

A tight black dress and there is a slit on left side up to Joohyun mid-high. A little up from mid-thigh though.

‘you,’ Joohyun finger touch Seulgi chin, making the younger eyes back on her face, not lower than that ‘enjoying it too much,’ and she manually close the younger one lips. She cannot help but let out a very loud laugh at how cute Seulgi is …

Seulgi is very innocent and look so red right now, blushing. She is so cute, Joohyun though

‘Here’ Joohyun grab Seulgi tie, her finger brush against Seulgi neck and she notice how the younger throat bopping, Seulgi just swallowed. ‘let me.’ Joohyun swiftly reduce the tension by changing the topic.

‘You know how to do it?’

Joohyun answer with a hum, too immerse with Seulgi tie. She doesn’t realize that Seulgi eyes all dark now staring at her.

‘there.’ She adjust it a little bit so Seulgi won’t feel suffocated, hand remained rest on Seulgi chest and she look up to the younger one since there is no word from Seulgi.

Seulgi stare is intense and Joohyun feel like her soul was into it. Joohyun didn’t expect this, Seulgi being obvious … admiring her …

‘You look beautiful tonight.’ In whispery manner, Seulgi spoke. It make Joohyun shivers even more.

The tension build up fast and Joohyun know Seulgi wont dare to make a move on her so Joohyun grab the lapel of Seulgi blazer.

One simple tug and their lips met.

Screwing her perfectly done lipstick.

Seulgi make her forget the trauma.

They were so lost in it and probably fail to recall that they supposed to be downstair by now. How can they remember the dinner when Joohyun fingers make way to Seulgi hairs while the younger hand on Joohyun face.

Seulgi didn’t pull Joohyun to grind against her, she still remember how Joohyun panic every time she try to do more


They both leap away from each other like some teenagers been caught making out in bed.

‘hurry up, we need to go now!’

Its Seungwan again. Joohyun heart beating right inside her ears right. ! The thought of someone else caught her and Seulgi, almost send her straight six feet under.

‘hey.’ She look where Seulgi hand is, it on her upper arm, it up and down calming her. ‘are you okay?’ the younger one asked when Joohyun remain silence.

‘joohy –

‘Coming!’ she answered, fast because she doesn’t want anyone to suspect anything even though Seungwan already know.

Tapping on Seulgi arm, signalling that she is fine. Both of them straighten the wrinkles fabric and Seulgi wiping out Joohyun lipstick on her.

The whole proce

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