Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello, new chapter here and thank you for reading this

i hope i wont make this story boring.

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You got into Seoul National University. Yup!! You got accepted into top university in south Korea. You cannot believe it either but here you are unpacking all of your stuff at the place you gonna stay for four years.

You majoring in art and design, yeah you want to be a game character artist. It’s your dream job. This is the first step to get your dream job.

And the step to get Bae Joohyun, still at the same point where you are trying to get to know her, to introduce yourself.

There were many chances and encounter you had with her in the past yet you still didn’t make it. at this rate you cannot blame it on fate.

You chicken every damn time!


Yerim is your roommate, luckily Yerim is here by your side … compare to you who a lone wolf, Yerim is a party animal. She loves to get out and do all the social activities that exist in this world.

Yerim always forces you out from your comfort zone and you always feel grateful to have a best friend like that.

Yerim helps you build your confidence.


You go through the orientation which you hate it, you been force to dance on the stage. You love dancing but not in front of thousand student!

Nevertheless, the dance club recognize you, they recruit you right away.

So now you begin the life as a university student. You think it will be easier than high school.

You are so wrong about that. Your schedule pack than ever. Sometimes you return to your room at three or four in the morning. Then wake up at seven, which Yerim shake your bed like crazy … it’s the only way to wake you up. You are a heavy sleeper.

You have class from Monday to Friday, it starts at 8 in the morning and end at five in the evening. It drained you with bunch of theories about art and design. Then the rest will be spend on your club activities or you just trying to finish your assignment or any project you have at the time.

The art philosophy, urgh!! You hate this subject the most but it the core subject. So, you must take this one or you won’t be able to graduate.


Now, now, you didn’t forget the main reason you got into this top university. Everyday, from the very first day you step into this university … your eyes always roaming around trying to catch a glimpse of her.

You always wonder around from one department to another.

You cannot help it. you tried to give up on her but you cannot so yeah … you still hoping for her to recognize you.

One day.


You wish today is that day because you saw her, at art department building. She wearing an art department hoodie.

That shook you!

She is majoring in art too? You didn’t know whether its fine art photo or graphic or whatever but she is also an art student?!

Arts department is huge and you rarely roam around inside since you didn’t expect her who carries book in the past is an art student!!

She looks like she in rush, climbing those stairs. You know where she headed to, the drawing studio … is she really a fine art student?

You follow her, trying not to make it obvious. Your heart about to burst, it reminds you on the old days … the situation is so similar.

You still cannot approach her confidently.

They having a meeting, inside the studio … some information you get when you linger around the studio.

She doesn’t look at you, she is all focus taking notes.

Another information you get is that they are a final year student meaning that … she is preparing for her final year project.


That day, you returning to your dorm and back with the old habit of yours whenever you think of her. You write a letter, you are back sketching her on your sketchbook.

You have a box that you keep only to store the letter and the sketch of her face.

At this rate you start to question yourself, is it normal to be like this. If she finds out … will she sue you for being a creep.




You saw her a lot after that day, she always alone carrying some heavy canvas. You want to help her, you want to approach her when you see she is struggling with that big canvas but she prove you wrong when she handle the big canvas all well despite her small figure.

You know you want to approach her for real since you are no longer a middle school or high school student.

But guess why you couldn’t make it.

Its always the same reason. That Bogum boy!

They are still together, but! But, something is different, she is no longer smiling like before. You try not to get your hopes up … she with the same guy for years so … yeah.

You back with just looking at her from far. Keeping distance for your own safety. Your heart safety

It does not hurt as much as before but it still makes you heart twist in pain when the Bogum hand land on her shoulder … back …

That is it!

Don’t think.

Just don’t think about those matters!




Everyone having a bad day and so does she, one day when you finish with your class you visit a painting studio to finish your painting project.

She is there, with her head down … palming her face and sobbing. She try her best to muffle her sobbing though but you still can hear it.

You don’t know the reason but it does something to your heart, seeing her like that. Its hurt you too.

You didn’t enter, you wait outside … giving her the space she needed.

A few minutes pass you look through the window, she is no longer there but all of her stuff still there.

It gives you some ideas … you left a can of soft drink with a sticky note attach to it.

You got this, Fighting!! Was wrote on the sticky note.


You are a nervous wreck when she returns and you are outside, peeking through the window like some ert.

She looks confuse and shock at the same time. You duck you head when she look at the window … searching for the person who left that can of drink.

What you didn’t expect here is that she opens the studio door, you didn’t expect she gonna come outside to search the person which is you!


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