Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello, sorry for the late update

this fanfic is a slowburn i hope you wont get bored with it

thank you for still reading it

sorry for the error and mistake in my writing.




The first day of your job, you changed your outfit three times! Yup! You feel like there is nothing right to wear.

Well, there isn’t much formal wear in your closet anyway. You are just graduated, move into this studio apartment where there is nothing much to be proud. Thankfully your brother gave you a car as a gift for graduated with a first-class degree.

Well, your brother Kang Seok Jin is very successful businessman.

You settle with a light blue suit. No tie because it summer and actually you are not that good in tying it. so yup, just a white shirt and light blue suit.


You got the job.

You cannot believe it and you can’t believe it even more when she is one of your superiors.

You work under her, the company that banned dating among co-workers.

It means one thing for you.

The whole universe is against your love for her.

Yup! You really need to accept it this time. You are not meant to be with her.

You are not in the age where everything needs to be right. It is you who need to be right for everything.

You have student loans to pay!!


You arrived fifteen minutes early so it’s a bit quiet and calm. Staring at your phone reading your mother text, your mother is so cute when she wish you good luck on your first day with a very cute fighting emoji.

you are too focus on your phone to the point you didn’t hear the heel clicking on the floor

‘You came early’

You almost drop your phone and your heart about to drop too when it is her that greet you.

‘Morning miss Kang.’

You miss a beat because she is so beautiful wearing that white blouse smiling at you. A polite greeting smile that didn’t even reveal her teeth.

‘mor – morning.’ You swallow hard and decided to keep your eyes on the elevator doors. Praying it will open soon.


It suffocating. Inside the elevator, there is only you and her!

Zero conversation … you do not know if it okay to talk or it is better like this where it so quiet. You can even hear you own breathing at this rate.

And why the hell this elevator take so long to reach level 10?!


You didn’t do much on the first day, it was all introduction to you.

Your work cubicle is so dead since there just one screen computer and a drawing tablet that company provide.

On your right side is a very bright woman, it screams positivism when you look at her. Son Seungwan or prefer to be call by her English name Wendy.


Now you are stuck here in this cubicle while she … inside her very own office.

What do you expect, she is the art director here while you just a character game designer. So definitely you won’t be in the same space with her. Just on the same floor.


Next day, you try to go early too, exactly like on your first day but you didn’t come across her this time or tomorrow ….

You just fight to get up much early than you are supposed to for nothing now.

Yes, you know you are not supposing to have this kind of feeling anymore but … your feeling doesn’t have the turn off button. You wish you will stop having crush on her soon. Since she is your superior now.


‘Oh, you’re late today.’

Just when you thought you are not gonna come across her in the morning again. You swear you going to have a heart attack with how often she appears out of nowhere in your life.

‘Did your car broke down too?’

‘n – no, I just wake up a bit late today.’

She just nod while fixing her blouse, its lilac today. She loves to wear pastel and calm palettes.

‘you – your car broke down miss Bae?’ great, you continue the conversation. What a great achievement there!

‘It is’ she let out a sigh which is so cute ‘and I didn’t have time to get it fix so been using subway l these days.’

Don’t say it, your brain sent a warning but ‘do you want to carpool with me,’ you stretch your lips forming a smile, praying it won’t look like a creep or awkward or both. ‘Miss Bae?’

‘Thank you but’ she shakes her head with a cute pout, that pout gonna drive you crazy for the whole year ‘I live at the other side of city so it’s a bit far’

Well … there is nothing more to say, you can’t force her it gonna make you a real creep. Luckily the elevator door slides open and both of you walk in.

‘How is work so far?’ she asked, looking at you.

She is a bit talkative today, usually she doesn’t speak much. Everyone who work here knew that.

‘Great, I really enjoy working here.’ You pause wandering should you continue to talk or stop here.

Gosh!! Your social skill is at the worst tier!

‘Do you need help with your car?’

Okay you cross the line way tooooooooo far, she look at you, puzzled with the sudden question. For heaven sake you just work here and this is your first week and she is your superior yet you ask the question like she one of your collage mates!

Or is it okay to ask this? You don’t know … your social skill at the worst tier so …

‘I – I know someone who open a car workshop miss Bae.’ You didn’t forget to say miss Bae at the end so it sounds more business or a genuine co-worker who just want to help.

You are messed up!

You didn’t get a chance to hear her answer because the bell of elevator ring and the door slide open. Then you and her were force to move to the back with how pack people swarm in.

It is not like her side all press up against you, it is not. It barely touching but … as the elevator stop at certain floor … the sudden force makes your hand brush lightly against hers.

You are so shock that your whole body froze. You have to remind yourself to breath at some point. Its electrifying your whole body!

You hate this, this tension that only you know it exist and only you alone suffer from it.

You didn’t dare to steal a glance. You didn’t dare to talk to her even when both of you reach level 10.


The tension that only you feel continue to hunt you everywhere inside the building. when you come out from the toilet cubicle, she is at the sink washing her hand and you look down immediately washing your hand with a thick silence in the room.

You feel like a kid who about to get scold

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