Every Letter I wrote To You
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Hello!! i tried to update fast this time.

i hope this chapter wont disappoint any of you

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You arrived home, your shabby studio apartment. Standing at the entrance of your apartment and you scan the area.

Its dark, solemn and cold in this studio apartment. The margin is so wide if you compare it with her high-end apartment.

Now you dragging your feet further and each step you take make your thought have a clear view … you don’t want to drag her into this miserable life you have.

She is living well on her own and you should keep it that way.

Today is dangerous … you almost do something you shouldn’t … you almost take her hand into yours.

Both of you should remain as a co-worker.

Yup! Just that!


You walk out from the shower wearing a towel from your waist and a tank top. One hand drying your hairs with small towel.


Was the first curse word pop into your mind as soon as you open your phone.

There is like twenty miscalled from her!

You don’t know what happen so you are panicked and now you are scared too when you open the chat message


Miss Bae : Seulgi?

Miss Bae : Why you don’t answer the call?

Miss Bae : did you safely arrive home?

Miss Bae : Don’t joke like this!

Miss Bae : Answer the call!

Miss Bae : You said you were sleepy during dinner

Miss Bae : Seulgi???!

Miss Bae : Please answer the call


! ! !

You hit the call icon right away. Heart pumping as you wait for the call to be connected.

The first ring and –

‘Seulgi??’ her voice sound a little bit hoarse and there is a little panic in there.

‘mis – Joohyun –

‘why you didn’t answer the call?!’

And you are sent into a frozen state, she is bawling at the other side of the line. She sounds so afraid, so fragile to the point you want to let go everything and run to hold her.

‘I thought something bad happen!’ she hiccupped, ‘I didn’t even know where you live or who to contact –

‘Joohyun, calm down.’ You finally speak, finally got your sense back, ‘I’m alright, st- stop crying,’ you speak softly, ‘I’m sorry, I was in shower.’

The line goes silence for a few second, you know she is trying to calm herself so

‘I’m sorry.’ You apologise once again. Honestly, this was a bit awkward for you …. To have this kind of conversation with her … your direct superior and co-worker! To call her Joohyun was weird too, this day event was the weirdest happen in your life.

You heard she let out a very long sigh before she speak

‘sorry I – I overreacted.’

‘no, no. its okay,’ you shaking your head denying it like she is right in front of you. ‘you – you should go to sleep now,’ you glance at the wall clock, it almost midnight. ‘its late.’

There is a hesitation, you know since she is stalling.

‘I ….’ She pause making you feel so edgy now. About what she is about to say.

‘Seulgi, I … we, can … we can be friend like?’

You are so grateful now that she is not standing here in front of you. If not, you cannot imagine how she going to react for witnessing you looking so pale.


‘Like me and Wendy.’

Friend is the farther you can go with her.

‘We can be friend, right?’ she repeated, properly this time.

You swallowed the lump that always there in your throat. The lump that makes your heart sink.

‘Of course,’ you try to sound as cheerful as you can. ‘Of course, we can, Joohyun.’

She went silence again for few second, you can hear the sound of her breathing and it driven you mad.

‘Join us for lunch after this, okay?’

Now you know you cannot make another excuse to avoid her every lunch hour.

‘Okay,’ you gave up, completely … you just going to follow where will this messed up situation take you next.

‘That new Chinese restaurant has the best jjamppong I ever had,’ why does she continue the conversation that should have end a minute ago. ‘Promise me you try that next week.’

Why does she sound so cute right now despite the crack on your heart spread wider. You admitted, you can never win against her.

You let out a chuckle, currently losing your mind. ‘Okay, I promise.’ You can never win against her. ‘Now go to sleep.’


You hold yourself from squirming like a worm when she said with a very different tone, a whiny tone you never expect from her.

‘go – goodnight Joohyun.’

‘hmm..’ okay she sound upset, ‘goodnight then.’

Then the line went off.

Does she … really moping at the end of conversation because you want to end the call?


So, friend that is

To be friend with her, just to be friend took you years to get here.

So, if you wish more than that, that means you need to hope on your next life.

She asked you to be friend … meaning that she knew it is impossible to go beyond that.

You cried the moment you walk out from her apartment this night and now … you stare outside through the window …. The night view is so beautiful and soothe the broken soul.

Too bad your soul is not broken … its dead, since you have no idea what that status as friend with her going to trouble you.


The weekend that you thought going to pass by quickly with you lying in bed do not happen at all


Because suddenly you picking her up for a movie hangout at Wendy place.

So, this is what friends do right. You hold her urge to scream inside the car while driving.

She is all packed with snacks and a few can of beers.

Don’t get you wrong, you do have feeling for her so you really love to meet her this often but


you cannot promise how long you can control yourself whenever she is around.

Is being friend with her going to make your feeling disappear?

It’s a big no

Because as soon as she inside your car, she flashes you her toothy smile, the one you never witness it before.

Then comes the second wave attack which is the scent of her perfume filled the car.

It makes your mind turn white and you cannot focus on the conversation at all.


The thick tension that Wendy complet

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