one shot collection

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i'll just put everything here to make it easier to read i guess. they will be one shots about blackpink and red velvet only. still thinking if i should write for other groups as well... we'll see



chapter list:

chapter one - love me not | jenlisa

chapter two - forget me not | jenlisa

chapter three - leave me not | jenlisa

chapter four - next time | jenlisa

chapter five - the last song i'll sing to you | jenlisa

chapter six - changes | jenlisa

chapter seven - and then there were none | jenlisa

chapter eight - she was mine | jenlisa

chapter nine - the first snowfall | seulrene

chapter ten - to see yourself through my eyes | seulrene

chapter eleven - heartbreak anniversary | chaelisa

chapter twelve - untitled | jenlisa

chapter thirteen - and then there were none (outtake)

you do know you can comment, right? please comment! i want to be criticized :D


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Chapter 11: Oh my god, my heart. 😭 Seulgi fulfilling her promise even though she had to work so hard for money makes me cry..
Chapter 12: I was ready to be heartbroken and then I read the ending 😭
Chapter 11: So sad 😭😭
Chapter 12: awww
Chapter 12: I really enjoyed the story, thank you so much ^^
akosizig #6
Chapter 11: it will be close to a year since i last commented! and ive just read this first snow chapter now im in tears 😭 its written wonderfully even if it ended the way it did. thank you for writing!
akosizig #7
Chapter 3: those three parts are devastating by themselves. damn who hurt you author 🥲 fluff please 🥲