bloom (winrina)

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a fantasy au wherein saku (winter), a quiet high school student, met haru (karina), a very determined person who befriended saku. will haru change once saku reveals her secret?


chapter 1: i made a new friend, or they made me their friend?

chapter 2: i am trouble

chapter 3: is this really okay?

chapter 4: almost lost a friend

chapter 5: flower bud

chapter 6: part 1: realizations

chapter 6: part 2: in bloom

chapter 7: surprise after surprise

chapter 8: confession

chapter 9: seeing things for what they are

chapter 10: reunite

i am so sorry for the late update. will update the last chapter later!


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Kannakobayashi09 #1
Chapter 11: This is wonderful and interesting I hope you write another beautiful story
aligathuff #2
Chapter 11: LOVE THIS SO MUCH! <3
aligathuff #3
Chapter 10: wrahhhh
aligathuff #4
Chapter 5: AAAAAA
aligathuff #5
Chapter 4: im tearing up
aligathuff #6
Chapter 3: this is such a new concept for me and im loving it so farrr
Chapter 4: baby saku :"( must protect aaaa
Chapter 10: Haru will come back right? Maybe she just got shocked that's why she ran away.. i hope saku will restore her eyesight 😭
Chapter 9: aguyyy ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Jiminez #10
Chapter 9: Nooooooo