One, Two, Fall for you

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She was just trying to escape the world.

Unfortunately, her heart got caught.







Uhh.. yeah... Lmao

I was going to publish this after I've written all of the chapters, but since I'm lazy and also lost motivation on writing the chapters, I've decided to just release it and try to finish it along the way lmao

Hopefully I get to finish this story though *fingers crossed*


Anyway, I just want to tell those who wants to read this to NOT expect much from this fic because well I'm not a good writer and my English as well... so yeah.

But I hope you enjoy reading this though. 


And a little reminder that Seulgi will be 2 years older that Joohyun in this story. 




I think I'm dragging this story too much lmao it's getting a bit boring for me lol
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