Buckle up we've got another passenger


"And that's how you-" Dahyun was abruptly cut off from his rambling when a noise slashed through the air and interrupted the peaceful silence that fell upon the dubchaeng siblings nosing into Mina's personal space and the park family watching over them in amusement.


Dahyun had been attempting to share his secrets with Minari by teaching her how to… egg someone. Or at least that was what he was occupied doing before the door flew open with Jeongyeon urging his sons into his direction like he'd just made it back home from war.


"Papa!" Dahyun cried out, an equally distraught cub following along.


Mina felt startled and jumped from the reaction, almond eyes trailing the two as they nothing but collided into their kneeling father. Mina gaped , then sewed it shut before looking back and forth… between her mom and the nice man that was Jeongyeon. Suddenly, without much reason at all, or any Mina could think to find - the penguin did her signature waddle and ran and leaped onto her mother's lap, shocking all three of her family members before jihyo re-adjusted in her spot and patted minas back while the other two aunts pouted and sunk into Jihyo's side to join in with the cuddling party too.


Jihyo chuckled and decided to question Jeongyeon while he got squeezed by his hyperactive sons.


 "Is he here? is Nayeon alright?" She asked, already having concluded the answer by Jeongyeon's state. 


She felt excited… an unexplainable happiness that she would get to be with her friend at the first moments of birth since she never got the pleasure of doing so previously. But it didn't matter now because they were making up for lost time… catching up on the years they spent apart and left behind. This was now completely a different slate - a page turned to start anew.


"Y-yes! Tzuyu-"


"TZUYU! PAPA IS TZUYU HERE NOW? WHERE IS HE WHERE IS HE!" Dahyun immediately interjected, the relief that his father didn't die with whatever the outside of this room held being washed over by his sparkling elevation. Chaeyoung was no doubt feeling the same, pulling at his father with impatience as he made mummed sounds past his heart-shaped lips.


Jeongyeon then flashed his munchkins a playful, cheeky grin that generated only in the yoo family before ruffling their small heads topped with fluffy hair - looking up to nod at Jihyo.


"Nayeon just got him back. Seungyeon will yell at me if I take any longer, so let's get going guys!" Jeongyeon cheered, cupping his hand on Dubu's smaller ones before lifting Chaeyoung onto his shoulders with triumph.




"He's so… he's so tiny!" Dahyun blurted, rubbing at his eyes because of the stupid tear ducklets stinging them. Curse those wretched onions… the strange room they were in was probably hidden and riddled with them! behind the walls maybe... trying to sabotage Dahyun as a man.


Chaeyoung had been quiet - nothing from straying from the usual, till he began wailing and dropped whatever he was holding to attempt climbing onto his mama's bed.


Nayeon's mouth went slack in shock before stretching it into the bunny smile everyone around her has already familiarized themselves with, Jihyo's cheeks beginning to hurt as she grinned at the sleeping baby. Previously, when little Tzuyu was awake to feed on his mother's , she was making all kinds of silly faces, desperate to even get up and hold the rascal's miniature hand.


Jeongyeon had been sitting beside Nayeon, wearing that foolish kind of love-sick face Jihyo could puke at with adoration. 


Mina was confused until she remembered this was Chaengie and Hyun's new brother… Tzuyu! so from now on, she would have to work extra hard at being kind and friendly. She couldn't wait for the puppy to grow up.


Jeongyeon had his hand placed on top if Nayeon's stomach, rubbing in slow, comforting to circles to soothe any possible irritation. Nayeon looked at her baby cub she could  imagine transforming into a tiger staring at her with those doey, mocha eyes reminding her of all the happiness she'd been blessed with in life. Now Tzuyu was just another addition to that happiness.


"Yes, Chaeyoung?" Nayeon rocked Tzuyu in her arms, turning to gaze at the dumpling with hearts coming out of her eyes. 


Dahyun stepped closer, right beside the bed until using a non-existent pedestal to hop up and sit beside his younger brother Chaeyoungie. And then his even younger brother Tzuyu! puppy Tzuyu!


Jeongyeon laid his other hand on the baby's forehead and his thumb along the hairs, chuckling.


"Mama…" Chaeyoung leaned in to whisper, Dahyun's eyes fixated on Tzuyu.


Babies look weird… aunty said that it was called a… a fetus! hehe fetus, so Tzuyu is very… weak. Dahyun reincarnated an entire scene of him bowing down and reciting his vows to protect and teach Tzuyu all he knows then smirked to himself - a sign to the tofu's mischief.


The park family, with Sana tapping her foot to keep herself in check and in place since her natural reaction whenever she sees cute babies or children in general is to smother them in kisses, is struggling whilst Momo was watching at first but started to doze off. You could almost see a snot bubble if you pushed your brain hard enough to vividly have it there.


Mina was stuck to her mother's side like glue and while Jihyo's attention was captured by her bestfriends newborn she would never forget to give her daughter some degree of affection one or another. Mina enjoyed her mother's touch, whether that be a hand carding through her hair or pinches - it was calming and made Mina feel sleepy.


Chaeyoung, having made up his mind after debation, pointed a finger at Tzuyu and made a grabby hand gesture. Nayeon, confused but doused with an inkling of what Chaeyoung wanted cocked  a brow, the crease of lifting.


"Dahyun, can you tell me what your brother is asking for?" Nayeon keened, swooning at the way her baby cub pouted and crossed his arms from not being understood.


Dahyun, still focused on Tzuyu, quickly saluted his mom and swerved to squint his eyes in Chaeyoung's direction. They shared telepathetic messages, once again demonstrating their dubchaeng siblings flare, before Dahyun shifted up to say something into the cub's ear just for confirmation.


Nayeon giggled when the baby cub lit up and nodded his head frantically, making Dahyun smugly snap his head to look at their mama with a confident grin.


"Chaeng wants to hold Tzu! and after him I want a turn too!" The pale tofu dubs beamed, thinking the idea was surely a great one that would be granted no doubt.


Nayeon pretended to considerate it over… then inevitably ended up blurting her decision.


"No." Nayeon scrunched her nose in pure delight, taking glee in the way both her sons visibly deflated. It's not like they won't be able to soon. They'll leave him alone and he might turn out normal if we're lucky. Oh no, I might have to deal with tears later… a tantrum too - oh well, it is what it is. Nayeon nonchalantly accepted, reaching a hand out to pull dahyun's cheek then doing the same with Chaeyoungs.


"He's very precious." Jeongyeon suddenly interjected, slipping his own hand into Nayeon's free one. 


Nayeon nodded, lacing Jeongyeons fingers with hers. Humming, Nayeon let the burrito wrapped baby rest in her lap and booped her Tzuyu's nose like a button.


"So you two must be very careful with him." Nayeon saw both of them huff and made brief eye contact with Jihyo, the both of them smiling. "He's just a baby and even I find it hard to carry him… right now he's extra fragile, too." Nayeon reasoned, probably not going to be able to resist those bambi eyes when they soon plead again.




I mean ik its normal for kids to hold their moms newborn but its the dubchaeng siblings… would you trust them either? lol no but its all good fun, just be consciously aware that they got to hold their puppy bro tzu, its just that Nayeon wanted to tease them.


(btw sorry that this chapter is so late and overdue… yikes. Also MIGHT do a double update. Keyword being MIGHT.)


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