Prince strawberry and King Choco


Once Nayeon had successfully gotten down the stairs with her pregnant belly, and two sons on either side of her -- holding her hands, she let out a hefty sigh -- patting the boys heads in thanks. It warmed her heart how thoughtful her baby boys were -- thinking they'll surely grow up to be fine men. Just like their father. Their idiotic father that Nayeon loved oh so much.


Spotting Jihyo from a mile away, Nayeon had instantly hurried into the kitchen -- colliding with her bestfriend in a suprising hug. The latter recopricated, rubbing Nayeons back while laughing quietly. Nayeon had noticed Mina looking around awkwardly beside them -- letting go of Jihyo to kneel and lay a gentle hand on the little girls shoulder, smiling softly.


"Mina-ssi... do you mind if I just call you Mina?" She asked, staring into the girls blushing face.


She nodded, playing with her fingers. Nayeon cupped the girls hands in her own, holding it gingerly while giving it a light squeeze. She saw Mina subtly stretch into a smile -- gummies showing full-front. Nayeon sported her own bunny smile, scrunching her nose while panning out the girls hair -- standing up only to glance at the two foils of round pies. She gasped, pointing to it then looking down at Mina.


"Did you do this for us?" She questioned, raising her hands to cover -- pretending to feign in shock so the girl would feel even more comfortable with them. 


Mina finally chuckled, shaking her head. "M-mommy helped..." She was able to lift her head, gazing directly at the three adults. She was feeling confident, when the striking reminder of other children hit her right in the jaw. Turning back to a suttering mess, Mina looked down again -- avoiding the boys tilting their heads at her like confused puppies.


Noticing this, Nayeon shot a glimpse at the boys, using a stern tone when she yelled, "Hey, you two! Get over here," She huffed, crossing her arms. The two boys flinched, walking over hesitantly.


Nayeon rolled her eyes, grabbing her sons by the arms to pull them side by side -- forcing them to look straight at the cowering girl. "This is your noona, Dahyun, Chaeyoung. Don't be rude by just standing their, introduce yourselves then offer to play." She commanded, using that motherly strict tone. Mina knew Nayeon was just trying to be nice -- polite, but boy oh boy did Mina feel like this could have been the worst situation possible. Their surely not gonna be friends with her after this. They'll probably think shes not fun. That shes a party pooper, the girl that caused them to get scolded by their mom.


Mina frowned, having not noticed the step forward each boy had taken if it weren't for the amused mother poking at her limbs. Coming back to reality, Mina discolored to a dark shade of red -- immensley embarrassed. She internally counted down, shooting her eyes open when she got to one. Slowly putting her hands out, she took eithers boys small fingers and padded them with her own -- shaking it awkwardly.


They only seemed to beam at her -- raising an eyebrow here and there, but ultimately smiling, grinning wide. "I'm Dahyun! And this is Chaeyoung, but feel free to call him Chaeng," Mina spared a quick glance at the little boy -- taking into account of the small plushie he held in hand. Tiger.


Mina was curious as to why Chaeyoung didn't introduce himself, Mind running for all kinds of possibilities and far reaching types of reasons -- narrowing it down to a slope with that one thing Mrs Yoo had told them. That sentence she had stated the first time they'd met. He doesn't talk much. Mina found herself blinking, standing completely still like an idiot -- limp as she stared at the boys with a blank face. They laughed, or so Dahyun did -- with that charming smile, and sparkling eyes. Tofu. Chaeyoung did, with that deep ocean like dimple and doey big eyes -- the type to get whatever it wanted with a little pout and a slight quiver. Baby cub.


"Your funny! Come on, lets ditch and go play upstairs in me and Chaengs room!" Dahyun exclaimed, not bothering to hear Minas answer as he grabbed her arm -- pulling her along with Chaeyoung trailing behind them right away. They all scattered upstairs, leaving the amused parents in a state of rippling laughter.


"Gosh, I'm not sure if Mina will survive with your boys." Jihyo said, saying it all in good fun. 


Nayeon nodded, clutching her stomach from the erupt of laughter. "Right! Ah, she won't last a single second with them. There was this one time they locked themselves in the bathroom and were so immersed into their playtime that they really thought they were royalty from a made u0 cat kingdom for 3 days straight." They all bursted into fond chuckles, looking at each other with crescent eyes.


"I think they'll be really good friends." Jeongyeon commented, smiling widely while gazing at Nayeon with loving eyes.


Jihyo faked a puking noise, pretending to throw up in her hands while turning away -- giggling when she got slapped by her bestfriend Nayeon. 




Mina felt herself shiver when she was pushed into the boys expanded room -- being the second biggest in the whole entire house, walls a hue of dark blue. There was two large Windows, beds on either side of the room. She gaped at the playset of toys -- trains, long and forming a circle -- a hoard of stuffed sesame street plushies sitting on a red race car bed, while the other was just a normal bed -- oak and the same colour scheme of the walls. There was also a small tent -- decorated with fairylights and sprawled out with blankets inside.


She watched in slight confusion when Chayoung went and closed the curtains -- screeching when the lights suddenly went dark -- turned off as she felt a hand slip into hers -- dragging her down to crawl into the tent. She was scared, but also curious and pondering how the small tent felt so big when she actually got into it. She felt her side hit something, flinching before taking note that it was just a flashlight. She turned to notice that her hand was finally let go of, looking up to see exactly who the culprit was -- only to find out it was the quiet boy. Chaeyoung.


"Pst, give the flashlight," Dahyun whispered, startling Mina. Mina gave it without hesitation, practically chucking it at the pale boy.


He grunted his throat, clearing it free before turning on the light, using it as the only source of guidance. Mina huddled her legs together, trembling from the ongoing confusion and slither of fear. Mina leaned back on the soft pillows, shoving her face into her legs, peaking at the tofu boy occasionally.


"Ahem, fair lady Mina, we thank you for joining us on this fine day," Dahyun grinned, flashing that charming smirk she already seemed to be aqquainted with. He looked like a ghost with the blaring light shining onto his face. "Down there, we seemed to be on a plain of miscommunication. Let us introduce ourselves properly," It was Minas turn to tilt her head like a lost puppy, truly and welly not understanding a thing at all.


She saw Chaeyoung and Dahyun share a knowing grin -- teeth on display and all. 


"I am king choco, and he--" He pointed to Chaeyoung, who had moved to sit directly next to him, "Is Prince strawberry," He felt belated at the silent 'eh' Mina had uttered, smitten to get straight into their imaginative playtime. "Now that we know each other properly, we can finally get into the real world,"


They giggled, looking into Minas eyes with Mischief. "Ready to join us, lady Mina?"





Lol It'll be fun to write the next chapter cause its using IMAAAGGGIINNNAATTTIIIONN *Inserts spongebob meme*.


Hehe look at Minari being pulled in by the school meal brothers ;). Theyre already influencing her with their weird shenanigans. Lmayo I actually love my lil babies ;). Cant wait to include the way they try to philoshy and teach our small Tzuyu-ah ;)))).



babye goodnighf bedy tired.





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