Pass me the scalpel Dr Yoo


Jeongyeon knows this isn't his first rodeo. After Dahyun was born, and then popped Chaeng the second, you'd expect him and his warrior body, along with those cold, trained eyes of his to be hardened from the obscene horrors he's come to experience.


But no, it was nowhere close, nowhere near or even relating to that wealthy conclusion. YOO JEONGYEON WAS STILL FREAKING TERRIFIED. Just like the last, he's honestly relieved and glad that he still hasn't managed to pass out or fly into a cloudy space while sitting nervously in the waiting room. He looks over to his side and supposes he only has his sons to thank for that, the brave little boys growing to be soldiers even stronger than their father. Not that Jeongyeon would ever disclosure that agonizing thought.


Sighing, Jeongyeon tried to contain his nerves by cracking his knuckles and clicking his neck, bouncing his knee in a formal habit that'd been picked up over the running years. He only stopped to chuckle at Chaeng and Hyun, noticing the boys also preparing themselves. Jeongyeon watched as Chaeyoung waddled over to try and climb onto his leg, instantly reciting the natural reaction of Jeongyeon lifting him to place the cub onto his lap. Jeongyeon smiled and attempted his best at acting calm, a normal adult that had been in the situation before and completely came to terms with it. Even if it wasn't true, he prided himself at setting an example for his kids and being the father they could proudly idolize and admire.


Dahyun was practising a few kicks and punches, bowing down like he'd always do in the teachings of judo class when master dismissed them. Dubu wasn't only a prodigy at the piano, but a purple belt in Judo as well! he even planned his future out to have his little brothers with him travelling around the world. They would rent out one of those food trucks, and start a chocopie burrito stall, featuring The magnificent tofu himself. But he wouldn't actually serve tofu with burritos, that's absolutely ridiculous! even a genius like him wouldn't be tricked by such foul misguidance. Sadly though, Dahyun is too smart. Smart enough to know that his mom and dad will be too old and frail and weak to venture on awesome trips with them. But not to fret, Dubu has sorted it out with postcards and photos to always include his mom and dad with. They'd be worried, so its only reasonable he constantly keep them updated.


Dahyun smiled when turning to make eye contact with his cute little brother Chaeyoung and handsome dad, feeling something strange flourish inside his chest.


"I love my family." Dubs grinned from ear to ear, subconsciously whispering that sentence to himself before jumping his bro and father, playfully tackling into Jeongyeons side which ultimately got recopricated in the same childish manner.


The atmosphere was suddenly brought back to its anticipation of anxiety when Jeongyeons sister bursted through the door, a mixture between clear disdain and mild concern etched onto her face.


"Yoo Jeongyeon!" She yelled, startling the man to his feet like he'd been caught doing something awfully wrong. Something he shouldn't. Jeongyeon gulped.


 Idiot, Seungyeon internally rolled her eyes, quircking a brow at her brothers trembling figure. Wagging a finger over to herself, Jeongyeon took pursuit and followed as instructed and began walking animatedly, almost like he was on pilot mode due to the sweat clamming up his entire body. When he got to standing infront of his sister, the girl immediately wacked him on the back of the head, not wasting a second more when she started to scold him for fooling around while his wife was stuck in labour, and reprimanded him from stepping out of witnessing his own childs process of birth. Jeongyeon just took it like a kicked puppy, biting his bottom lip while staring at the rainbow coloured puzzle floor.


"Ugh, just get in there and comfort your wife. She's doing her best right now, and has almost gotten Tzuyu out. So what are you doing, huh? go and try not to be an idiot by causing her more stress!" Seungyeon emphasized, hurrying a lost and panicked looking Jeongyeon expressing all she could describe as desperation out of the door with no mercy.


Seungyeon barricaded the exit and softened when she saw her nephews trying to sneak past and aid her stupid brother to their bonded rescue, kneeling down to try and intimidate them less by offering some reasurrance.


"Guys, I want you to stay here. The park family is going to be arriving soon, and they might be confused and scared, so we can't just leave them all alone." Seungyeon flashed the boys a comforting smile when they only pouted, noticeably puffing their chest in displeasure. 


"Will.. will mommy be okay? and dad? what if they need us? what about our brother Tzu... puppy..." Dahyun trailed off, Chaeyoung quietly sniffling beside him while they threaded their hands together.


Seungyeon gazed at them with an unfamable amount of love, shifting a bit closer to pull them into a nice, warm and lengthy embrace. The boys huddled into their aunty, relishing in the momentary bliss. Seungyeon Chaeyoungs head, using the other hand to rub Dahyuns nape in small circles.


"They'll be fine." Seungyeon said that with so much sincerity that it managed to get across to both Chaeng and Hyun, enlightening them just a bit. They still seemed on edge despite though, and Seungyeon understood. She needed to fully convince them in order to guarantee their schemes to be put on halt for awhile. "Your friend, Mina?" That caught Chaeyounds attention at least, and successfully got Dahyun to listen with ears perked. "She'd want someone to be with her. So would her mother and aunts. I can take care of your mom and dad, but I can't do everything. You guys think you can take care of them for me, please?"



Dahyun blanked for a second and stopped to considerate, deciding that it was the only right thing to do. They were men of a kingdom, and big brothers to their baby pup, so they had to be noble for the greater cause. Chaeyoung seemed to be the on the same page too, nodding his head while showcasing a face that was fierce and unrelenting to protect.


Seungyeon just stood up and saluted at the two, fighting back a giggle as she pretended to be nothing but serious.


She heard a scream and settled the boys down with an excuse that a bunch of frogs were warming their vocals for choir, and wiped a sweat at the save.


She ran out of the room and rushed to where Nayeons operation was going on.



Yes I skipped ahead and yes Tzuyu is being born. Yayyyy, now we can have our puppy joining in on the chaos! cant wait to write next chapter, cause its a load of fluff fluff fluff ^^

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