Mina always felt left out when her friends started talking about their daddys. Its not like she was sad or anything that she didn't have one, honestly, that was really far from being the point -- beause of course, how could she ever complain when she has a mommy? the best, and most perfect and prettiest mommy! The apple to her eye, other than aunty Sana and Momo. But even then, she was seriously the luckiest to have them! Aunty Sana and Momo always gave her candy and cookies whenever she wanted, all she had to do was promise an oath to never tell mommy.


Life was just really really super duper good. Her life was amazing, and when it came to her 5th birthday, she felt like a ray of sunshine as she spent the next morning humming and skipping to her kindergarden with a happy smile. Mina suddenly didn't understand why people had to start crowding around her, asking her the most silly questions. Questions like, 'have you found a daddy yet?', or, 'did your mom get you a daddy yet?'.


Although it was silly, and she knew, it did leave her with a pang of curiosity and slight confusion, thinking, why were these people so obsessed with their daddys? did they not have a good mommy? it made Mina feel kind of sad. Like she pitied them. They probably didn't have a good enough mommy like herself to favour their daddys so much.


It made Mina determined. Especially, since, as soon as she arrived to the front gates where her mommy stood idly, she saw the angelic women smiling brightly -- teeth out on display, definitely cuter than any little baby shes ever seen in her 5 years of being a small penguin living inside a modern igloo. Ecstatic, Mina ran full hurl at her mommy bear Jihyo, relishing in her warm body as strong and safe arms brought her up into a hug -- scent familiar and calming to a rise of daunting nerves.


Mina was just so lucky. Mina didn't want a daddy. She had everything she already needed. She was content. She only ever wanted her mommy -- her mommy, aunty Sana and Momo, then pengy, a plush she got when she was only a baby that was practically the same size as herself. Forever and ever, those 4 things will always be the most important in her entire life.


Later on, when mommy drove them both home, Mina almost lit up at the remainder of the picture she'd drawn at school -- the one she was painting with an array of colours, all to symbolize her love for her precious mommy -- the women who deserved everything and more in the world.


Mina, being the small and 5 year old penguin that she was, stole a cheeky kiss from her mothers temple before jumping out of the car -- racing to the front door, though more like waddled -- and entered their house, throwing her school bag away onto the couch only to swipe her piece of artwork out, heading into the kitchen.


Strapping it onto the fridge with a few of the spare magnets within her reach, Mina puffed out her chest in pride -- looking smugly pleased with herself as she stared at the rather deformed drawing of a smiling stick family all holding hands in a rainbow paddict, a questionable dog or cat at the side. Snapping out of her daze, Mina went to open the chrome coloured fridge when she heard her mother had followed along by slamming the door, calling out her name before approaching the kitchen -- of where her little penguin of a daughter resided.


Pulling out a cutely packaged cupcake, Mina tried her best to resist the urge of gobbling down the sweet for herself, instead setting it on the table for an agonising wait -- a wait for her exceptionally beautiful mom to come sit in the room. Mina always felt so happy when she saw her mommy, so ethereal and glowing, she could almost sigh each time she remembered just how pretty her mommy truly was -- no makeup, no extravagent outfit, just her being her. Any daddy would have to go through her first if they wanted to catch a mommy like Jihyo. If they weren't up to her standard, then it was a no-go. Mina would always have to silently shake her head, tug at her mommys hand then face her with a knowing pout -- sending the older women a disapproving look with her eyes.


It always managed to make the older womens heart melt -- to see just how much her daughter cared for her, clinged to her, expressed her undying love -- it made Jihyo realize what and all she would have missed out on if she decided, if she decided to actually go through with the abortion. It ripples a striking pain in her chest whenever she thinks about it -- whenever she dares to go back to those times, those panicked and irrinitial thoughts that kept her up at night and made sure to give her a shortage of breath.


But alast, that was all before -- the storm was over, cleared, and all she can see now is her cute baby penguin waddling over to her with those adorable flippers holding onto a cupcake with a note sticky ontop of it, one that was neatly written out but terribly spelt, barely able to make sense of as 'best mommy in the world'.


Jihyo sometimes asked at night what she did to deserve this, this ball of happiness -- this life she wouldn't trade for anything else. Jihyo couldn't help but kneel down, couldn't help but pull the source of her motivation in for a lengthy hug, couldn't help but let a lonesome tear slip out of the corner of her eye, couldn't help but lean back and observe her penguins scrunching features -- face morphing into concer as they gazed at Jihyo who sighed with emotion, chocolately brown orbs staring at the worried penguin daughter with love, an unwavering pool of fondness.


"What are you doing Mina baby, shouldn't it be me bringing this to you?" Jihyo lifted a brow quizzically, watching in amusement and smiling with a soft peak as her penguin pouted, shaking her head while wagging a finger.


"No! mommy deserves it, I prepared it just for her, even aunty Sana and Momo helped me!" She exclaimed, shoving the cupcake into Jihyos chest, much to her pleasant surprise.


Humming, Jihyo stood up and patted Minas head, caressing her soft locks of black hair. "How about this, we'll make a deal, since its your birthday you eat it with me, okay?" Jihyo laughed, seeing the hesitancy in Minas eyes, contradicting from her drooling mouth. Still, the stubborn girl shook her head, burying her face back into Jihyos leg. "Fine, for me? can you do it for me? your mommy?" Jihyo pouted, giving puppy dog eyes as she looked down at her penguin.


Feeling delighted at the angry huff her penguin elicticed, Jihyo knew she had won -- placing the cupcake onto the table so they could both share. In reality, though, she'd just sat there and watched as her penguin devoured most of the cupcake, stopping momentarily to turn over -- meeting Jihyos eyes with a mouth stuffed with chocolatey goodness, saying ah to pop a piece of cake in Jihyos mouth.


Yeah, as long as she can live like this for the rest of her life, she doesn't really need anything else. Not if she has this forever.



just a short extra chapter of fluff for jihyo appreciation day. (everyday is jihyo appreciation day in my opinion lets be honest)


Anyway, hope you enjoyed that for the time being, it was fun to write! adios, also love my baby mina lol shes so thoughtful and cute and totally whipprd for her mommy bear ;). babyeee ;))).







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