House warming


It was only a week later and the family had already settled in. Furniture returned, set up and locked down. They'd decided beforehand that they wanted to keep all their previous stuff. It just had too much fond memories to actually let go of. Though, it was a pain getting Dahyuns piano to come. The weight contributed to how much they needed to pay, and it was alot. Alot sounded like an understatement now that Jeongyeon thought about it from the perspective of his wallet. But of course, in the end it was all worth it.


Seeing his two sons, soon to be three -- playing about in the backyard, his wife sitting there quietly while watching them with a lemonade drink in hand. No martinis, or alchohal. A healthy depiction he had helped Nayeon achieve when they'd first got together. Jeongyeon smiled, deciding to continue his ritual of pulling out those wretched weeds. He grimaced at the tall hedges of grass, gripping them hard before going absolutely haywire.


Unware to the situation, he hadn't noticed his two sons now towering above him -- staring intently at what he was doing.


"What are those daddy?" Dahyun chided, Chaeyoung holding his orange and black tiger plush close -- nodding along but saying nothing.


They both crouched next to their father, staring in wondering curiosity. 


"They're weeds so-- no, no! Don't eat it," He quickly snatched the clump of grass held in Dahyuns hand away, swiping it and putting it into his plastic bag. The pale boy had only been 5 when he formed the strange habit of eating everything he ever saw for the first time. That included his piano. Nayeon and him wondered for the longest time why they'd received a toy piano only to find out it had a less than a few keys missing. Let's just say, the store they'd bought it from banned them for life. Even threatened to hold a restraining order.


He creased his face in concentration, trying to get back to what he was doing until Chaeyoung had tapped his shoulder -- big doey eyes staring at him expectantly. "Yes?" He blinked, internally fawning at the youngers cuteness. Oh, the things he must have did in his previous life to get to thiso  point. This current predicament where he was blessed with the most precious ball of cuteness.


He spoke with his little noises, pointing to Jeongyeons shoulders. Jeongyeon swore he might have passed out if it wasn't for the reality of Dahyun trying to not so secretly pull on his bag of weeds to claim them for himself. Standing up, Jeongyeon had sent his eldest son a stern look -- immediately changing his stature when he had turned to face his precious 6 year old son. Placing the weeds ontop of a shed roof, Jeongyeon had oepend his arms to welcome his youngest son -- simultaneously raising him to sit on his shoulders as soon as the boy had recopricated. 


Chaeyoung grinned, little canine teeth coming into view as a dimple probed his cheek. Nayeon watched the display in adoration, eyes straying away to follow the pale boy running up to her. She had opened her arms as well, taking it upon herself to console the sulking boy. They ended up cuddling on her summer chair -- him snuggled up to her side and her rubbing circles onto his back in urgeful comfort.


Chaeyoung giggled when his father started to swirl a bit -- bending down to pull some more weeds out. Chaeyoung could only watch for so long before his attention span had eventually ran out -- looking around to find something else of interest. Head tilting, his sculpted brows furrowed -- spotting a familiar figure on the other side of the fence picking out what seemed to be a stem of strawberries from an expanded ground of greenery.


Chaeyoung rested his head on his fathers coconut hair -- gazing fixatedly at the girl crouched in sandles and casual summer wear. He saw as another women came out, the same one he saw from last week, the day they'd arrived here.


She was dressed in a blouse and skirt, kneeling down to a lay hand on the small of her daughters back. Chaeyoung didn't realize how he'd been spacing out, so intent on trying to decipher their words by reading their moving lips. He could only determine minor words -- like, 'gift', most evidently, and 'bake' or something. He shrugged, managing to lose interest in that as well.





Chaeyoung and Dahyun were currently sitting surprisingly calm in the main living room -- other than the flat screen blaring with funny cartoony effects, they were situated rather civily, playing with Chaeyoungs stuffed sesame street toys.


"I'm the cookie monster, ra--" Dahyun was cut off when the sound of the doorbell had rung, not even giving anyone else the chance to respond when he yelled 'got it!'.


Waddling over to the front door, Dahyun had peeped through the hole -- seeing an unfamiliar women and kid standing outside, two pies or whatever it was held in hand. Dahyung turned to Chaeyoung, who was standing closely behind, leaning down to whisper something in his ear.


Knocking twice on the door from inside, Dahyun had checked to see if they'd do it back. When they didn't, he felt the sudden urge to imitate a pirate. "Arrr-- what's ei pasword matey," Dahyun giggled, instantly straightening his spine when he saw their father had walked into the room.


Jeongyeon, raising an eyebrow, stared at his son skeptically -- confirming his suspicions when the latter smirked that all too knowing grin and released a small chuckle at the confused 'what?' Sounding out behind the door.


Gaping his mouth in feigned disbelief, he narrowed eyes at the pale boy -- walking to the door to pull it open. Once he did, he was greeted by a brightly smiling Jihyo, and a nervously shifting Mina. He noticed the neatly foiled crump of pies -- held tightly on either one of their arms.


"May we come in, Jeongyeon?" Jihyo asked, looking hopeful.


Jeongyeon sent a friendly smile, nodding and practically preaching his 'of course' when he ushered them in. He ignored the two boys peeking up from the staircase and hiding behind the railing -- focused on leading the two aqquainted guests into the kitchen. 


"Sorry to intrude, we just wanted to offer a little house warming gift. A chocolate pie and strawberry one," Jihyo commented, setting one of the pies down while Mina stood on her tippy-toes to do the same. 


The boys now moved and were spying by the crook of the kitchen door -- immediately retreating when the smaller girl had looked their way. Mina instantly reached out for her mothers hand, shrinking into her side as she blushed a whimsical red -- embarrassed from unintentionally making eye contact with the two boys.


Chaeyoung had stuck his head out once more, furrowing his brows at the sight of Mina blushing. 


"Hey, you two!" Jeongyeon called, making the two boys stiffen. "Go and get your mother," He ordered, crossing his arms as he watched them scamper up to his and Nayeons room.


He sighed, pinching the bridge of nose. "Sorry about them, they're... weird," he chuckled, rubbing the nape of his neck.


Jihyo waved her hands, making Mina frown because now she had nothing to grip on -- laughing. "No! They're adorable, it's funny to see." She beamed, looking Jeongyeon in the eyes with a sudden quip of worry, "Oh yes, what's Nayeon doing?"


"Ah, don't worry. She's just watching her kdramas." He reasurred, scrunching his nose at the image of Nayeon being pregnant and sloppy while lying on the couch, eating a tub of icecream messily. In the end he sighed, fond and loving towards the memory. 


"I see. By the way, sorry we couldn't help with moving things in, Me and my family have been quite busy with work this summer around." Mina was now clinged to Jihyos waist -- burrying her face into the latters side.


"Nonesense, of course that's understandable! You have no inclination to help us, besides we're truly just grateful to be living next to a friend! Anyway, this is more than enough," He gestured to the delicious pies, sporting a wide smile.


Mina faced Jeongyeon, eyeing him with wonder before diving her face into her mothers side again -- shy and embarrassed when the nice man had returned her stare.


"Oh sorry, she's a bit shy." Jihyo said, laughing and petting her daughters head. Mina pouted, huffing angrily into her mothers ribs.


"That's fine," he grinned, kneeling down to a get bit closer to the little girl, poking her arm. She turned to look at him with rippening cheeks, blinking profoundly. "I don't think we've been formally introduced to each other, so that's my bad. Excuse my manners, I'm Yoo Jeongyeon -- your mommys old friend." He held a hand out, waiting for the little girl to take it.


She hesistantly reached out, shaking it slowly. She cracked a bit of a smile when they were done, now fully looking into Jeongyeons eyes -- albeit still shrivelling up and shy. "M-my names M-Mina..." she stuttered, lightening to a shade of pink.


Jeongyeon shared a glance with Jihyo in amusement, responding by ruffling the little girls long hair. "Well, Mina, I hope you can put up with my sons shenanigans for a while longer. Maybe you can even become friends," He stated, pretending to be hopeful so she wouldn't crush him.


She nodded, fiddling with her fingers while gazing at the ground.


Something told Jeongyeon his sons were gonna definitely like it here. 




lol sorry for any grammar mistakes or whadeva. I posted so early today its kinda weird. Also,watchu think of the children? Cute, right? Dahyun, that hyperactive cheeky meddler, while Chaeyoung -- his quiet partner in crime. And Mina, she's just standing in the corner -- to shy to literally look at anyone lol.


anyway, that was actually fun to write and not that stressful. I  like this fanfic so far. Peace 🤘✌












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