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Chaeyoung furrowed his brows while looking in the mirror, pursing his lips  as he took secretive glances at both his eldest brother and father. Watching keenly at the way his daddy was teaching Hyun to do his fancy tie, Chaeyoung tried to imitate his exact movements and straighten the material to fit with the rest of his outfit, but ended up pouting in defeat when he just couldn't get it right.


Swerving his body over to see his sweet and undyingly cute cub, Jeongyeon immediately fawned at the sight of his little man stomping his tiny feet in anger -- disappointed at the work of his messy tie.


Jeongyeon distinctively remembered the time when it was christmas eve and Chaeyoung was only a 4 year old baby boy. That morning Chaeyoung had been so excited to waking both of his parents up that he started to jump on their bedsheets and yell til' they eventually groaned and got out of their comfortable hibernation. It was also the day that Chaeyoung confessed from there onwards, he would be a man, just like his daddy. And everytime Jeongyeon thought of it, he just sighed in contentment. He'll never forgot the smile that graced his wifes face, the one that told him she was just as happy as him.


Snapping out of his reverie, Jeongyeon shook his head and shifted closer to the frustrated cub -- placing a feverish hand on his shoulder.


"You alright there pal?" He asked, lowering himself a bit to come face to face with his now frowning son.


The cub only grumbled, incoherent with any type of words as he just shook his from side to side, clenching his fists into tight balls.


Chaeyoung huffed, the image of a pretty penguin sticking to the back of his mind like super glue. He wanted to impress the older girl. He wanted to look good, handsome, like his really cool dad and brother. He wanted to be a man. For mama and for his Minari. But how can manage that when he can't even do his own tie.


Sighing, Chaeyoung glimpsed up at his daddy with a helpless expression, doey eyes big with a sparkle of puppy dog assistance.


Gulping, Jeongyeon felt a pink blush spread across his cheeks, dishing out a whimsical laugh as he naturally brought his hands up to fiddle with the youngers tie -- rounding it tightly before slapping his sons shoulder softly in an endearing way.


Dahyun peaked at his younger brother from the other side and shot him a wink, pulling up an okay sign while pointing at him with an assuring finger. Mouthing a 'you got this,' it wasn't long before all three men were staring at themselves in the large bathroom mirror.


Swiping his tongue on both his forefinger and thumb, Jeongyeon tested the waters by pushing back on the intersects at where his two brows met, watching with amusement as his dorky sons turned to each other simultaneously. He could only chuckle when they soon copied, all smiles and giggles while gazing at the reflecting mirror.




Chaeyoung was dressed to a pair of dark overalls, button up shirt white underneath with a black bowtie presented  to the middle. He had a spunk to his step as he walked, a mixture of nervousness and overly hyperactive tendencies shown to the idea of spending an entire day with his Minari at a fun barbecue.


Dahyun had on rimless glasses that perched up just on the bridge of his nose, hair swift to the side in a kind of quiff, while he wore a red bomber jacket and the same coloured button up tailored underneath with a bowtie that made him look all the more charming. He directed his mother to the parks household the whole time even though it was right next door, stretched with a proud grin on his face, marching with fire as he practically pulled her away from Jeongyeons hold.


Their mother, Nayeon, made eye-contact with Jeongyeon, hatching a brief smile with those pearly white teeth showing on display -- flashing him with that unintentional bunny comparison that always left him breathless, fumbling to get his brain working before he fuzzed out and tripped on a non-existent shoelace dispered from thin air.


Calmly walking up the pavement of the parks house, the Yoo family stopped infront of the entrance -- Jeongyeons fist halfway from planting a knock on the door, when all of a sudden it flew open itself.


Blinking, all the residence of the Yoo family stood in a second of shock, unfamiliar with the women standing before them.


Disrupting her thoughts, Nayeon quickly ran back to reality and nudged Jeongyeon in the tender ribs, trying to get him to wake up before she didn't hesitate to take more drastic measures.


"Right, we're here cause Jihyo invited us to a barbecue. Is she here? or are we too ear-"


"No! no of course not, come in. Sorry, I kind of forgot this was happening today. The names Momo," The girl Momo gestured, stepping aside as she held a hand out, waiting for Nayeon to recopricate and go further into their conversation.


"Oh? and how are you related to Jihyo? it seems you guys just keep popping out of nowhere, first it was that poor girl Sana who got rammed in by my sons, and now its you," Nayeon responded back in a friendly tone, a bit teasing but completely mean't to be unharmful nonetheless.


Momo only giggled, nodding her head like she was having somekind of remembrance to a distant fragment. "Yes, well we're both Jihyos sisters, believe it or not. Adoptive, but in the end family is family."


Nayeon feigned a gasp, digesting the new information with a widening smile. She was surprised, but it made sense when she really put it together and thought about it. She would have to smack the latter for not telling her sooner.


The two continued to talk for what felt like decades, and before they knew it, the boys were done waiting and had to start being boys. In short terms, Jeongyeon was spacing out in what seemed to be a compelling daze, and Dubchaeng were sneaking around doing god knows what.






Wrathing in her spot, Mina crossed her arms and pouted as she stood in the dressing room -- victim to her mothers insistent acts. Even though she loves her mom, and thinks shes the most prettiest and kindest bear in the world, she couldn't help but be utterly ruffled the wrong way by the latter right now.


"Oh baby don't make that face," Jihyo pegged, her daughters hair before a cheeky grin pulled onto her godessly features. "You'll get wrinkles," She stuck her tongue out at the moody penguin, holding up yet another outfit for about the 40th time.


"Just try this one on, for me?"


And like that, since about 7AM in the crack of dawn, Mina wasted estimatedly around 2 hours of her life away just trying on different clothes with her shopaholic mom.


Oh how she regretted and shouldn't have said she wanted to look pretty for a certain someone. The person she described as a cub and asked for help looking good for. It was a bad move, especially on an elated mummy bear that jumped to the chance before even letting her finish her sentence.




I updated yay


also michaeng thriving. What do yall think the two rascal boys went off to do? 👀 lol cant be anything too good. But theyre cute and i love my babies and their relationship with their parents cause its mad adorable. Cant wait to write next chap :3


(p.s thought we might have needed some diabetic cavities for the coronovirus pandemic catastrophe breaking out. Although thats exactly the opposite of what we would need lmayo)


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