Welcome back


Momo sighed, lifting her suitcase out of the car she'd just parked up at her housing residence. Closing the trunk of her car, Momo suddenly felt a pang of relief blossom in her chest, smiling at the reminiscent beautiful home still standing high and tall. She missed this. being home. And now that she finally was, she had a lot of catching up to do.


Inhaling a breath of air with a large smile strectching her face, Momo decided not to dote on her arising plague of happiness and just opt to head inside straight away -- wheeling her suitcase behind as she stepped her trail up to the front door across the gravel pavement.


Fishing through her pants, Momo grasped a silver object and pulled it out of her pocket, quick to shoving it into the keyhole before twisting and unlocking it open.


Instantly feeling a wave of comfort and nostalgia hit her body, Momo entered her former house wearing a silly grin, calling out to see if her family was around -- even going to the lengths of peaking at every and each corner just to confirm that they weren't gonna jump and pop out of nowhere with a huge surprise. Pouting, Momo crossed her arms in defeat and left her suitcase waiting next to the couch when she inevitably realized they weren't home judging by the lack of greetings and uncharacteristic silence.


Well, she would have continued to think that if she didn't suddenly hear a loud thud come from the kitchen. Entire face widening in alarm, Momo gulped and held her purse close, ready to close her eyes and release all hell onto the probable intruder doing god knows what in their kitchen -- slowly nearing the corner until another abrupt clank echoed again.


"Stop right the-" Before she could even finish, she was fumbling and halted for words -- staring like a mad women who'd just seen a dog talk when she took notice of the kitchens current delimma. To say it's condition was in a shocking state would be put as an... understatement. Blinking while stood frozen, Momo had to her lips and shut when she made eye-contact with a clumsy Sana, watching as the younger girl rubbed her head and layed flat on her . Or more like landed straight on the flat surface of her bottom.


Flicking her gaze up to the ladder presumably used by the younger girl, Momo could only feign to raise her brows when she read the flyer that attempted to be put up, letters bold in font with the words 'happy birthday!'. Averting her eyes down to Sana again, the younger girl had just seemed to notice her presence by the looks of it, and without a second more Momo had to double check when she'd suddenly been bulldozed to stumble on her feet -- hug tackling her in all ways and form.


"Momoring!" The younger cheered, making Momo cast a fond smile, before the girl morphed her expression into a terrified one -- swerving her head to look at the catastrophe she made before turning back with a neck snap and yelp. "U-uhm, don't look, unnie!" Sana squeaked, getting on her tippy-toes to cover Momo's eyes.


Feeling confused once again, Momo was about to question it when she perked her ears at the slam of the door.


"Sana? are you there?" Their sister Jihyos voice rang throughout the house, booming into the core of Sana's trembling soul. "Who's car is parked outside? and what's this suitcase-" The two maknae sisters stiffened at the footsteps getting terribly close, until they stopped altogether at the kitchens entreway, elicting a petrified scream.






Sana had her head lowered in shame, fiddling with her index fingers as she avoided Jihyos piercing gaze thy was burning the roots of her hair. 


Pinching her nose, Jihyo spared one glance at her baby penguin Mina and they way she stayed happily snugged up to her aunty Momo, feeling better and content just by the image of her cute daughter being so clingy, but that momentary bliss got hurdled and rudely shoved out of the way when she remembered the look of her freshly cleaned kitchen. Well, before anyway. That was all in history now.


Trying to be as calm as possible, Jihyo dialed down the response of a motherly fury by burying it deep into the pit of her stomach -- instead forcing a smile that looked more menacing then friendly, and blaring her eyes wide which only added to the effect of making someone with senses surely pee themselves.


Biting her lip, Sana could only recite the bible in her head and prey for the lords mercy, unable to give an explanation even if the glint in her oldest sisters eyes said so. Demanded so, actually. Jesus christ Sana felt like she was gonna di-


"Mommy, why are you looking at aunty Sana like that?" Mina asked, tilting her head with an innocent face, almond eyes glowering with childish wonder as she hopped off from Momos lap, much to the latters annoyance -- and trudged over to the still fuming mommy bear, cooling the fire down a bit by oogling at the elder expectantly.


Sana thanked the gods for their miracle that was baby Mina, internally weeping at the childs act of unknownst heroism. Sana was determined to repay the favor some other time by buying the girl whatever she wanted at the supermarket. Maybe even get her a few extra stocks of Heinz ketchup.


Sighing, Jihyo smiled at her daughter, unable to contain the light vibrancy shinning off of her when she switched from Sana to the little penguin tugging at her waist, immediately bringing a hand down to caress the adorable girls black silken hair. 


"Oh, no reason," Jihyo suddenly said through gritted teeth, sending a pointed glare to Sana. "Just asking your aunty why my kitchen was in ruins when I got back. And why there was a happy birthday flyer hung up instead of the one I initially asked for," Sana was surely quivering in the seat she had sunk back into, just waiting for her doom to come down and crush her at anytime by now. 


Momo just sat there zoning out, holding a finger by her chin, pondering on about the chaos that occured in the kitchen. She could agree, definitely. It sure was a mess, with pots and pans scattered everywhere on the counter, party favors and tape thrown in odd places to the floor, not to mention the ladder and said happy birthday flyer. With a blank face, Momo just stared forward for a second, when suddenly -- a big lightbulb just dropped onto her head. Ahah! they must have been planning something. Relaxing and sitting back smug, Momo hadn't expected in the very least for Jihyos smoldering, cold gaze to be directed to her. Feeling small, Momo glimpsed at the corner of her eyes to see a worried Mina attached to Sanas neck, trying to wake her up by the seems of it. Must have passed out from the fear, cause Momo was certainly feeling like she would join in with that train soon as well.


"How come you didn't inform us before that you'd be coming back earlier than expected? and didn't we already establish that we'd be picking you up? blah-- blah--" Jihyo continued to scold Momo, and Momo was only half-listening until she couldn't take it anymore and just died. Soul left the body.



"Hah, anyway, the surprise is ruined and over with. In short terms, we're having a barque tomorrow to celebrate your arrival. Oh, and to introduce you to the neighbours." Jihyo solidified, stance strong as she had a slight spunk to her words.


Mina was ecstatic, embarrasingly enough to her rippenin cheeks and straying thoughts reverting back to a certain quiet boy that really looked like a cub. Momo was awake now but very hungry and very lost not to mention utterly confused. Sana was knocked unconscious with hung open unappealingly, dreaming about rainbow zen anime girls and a cute biker 18 years of age with a face that seemed very familiar -- his pale skin on display, lips quircked into a charming smile. Oh well.



Lol momoring is here now yayyyyyy

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