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Mina swung her legs as she layed flat on her stomach, using different coloured pencils and gell markers as she drew a penguin and a cub sitting on the beach together, stick hands conjoined as they sat happily just outside of their castle once in a million, Minas gummy smile gracing her face while a pinkish blush tinted across her cheeks as she thought of all the new friends she made. Dahyun, the slug of tofu wearing a tophat on the forefront of the castle, along with mommy Jihyo in all her shimmering beauty of disfiguredness, pretty Nayeon as a pregnant bunny with her large, round bump, and last but not least cool guy Jeongyeon as the guarding ostrich by the castles gates -- protector of once in a million. Mina felt delighted, especially because of Chaengie, cute Chaengie. Such a young, adorable little cub of a gentleman.


Humming, Mina started to nitpick from her brain and reverse a song her mommy used to always sing to her when she was only a baby penguin, halfway from drawing a jokbal monster as her beloved aunty Momo, and at her side remained the legs she intended as a small, toothy grinned chickmunk, Mina chuckling at the depiction of her chirpy bestfriend Sana. Well, aunty.


Mina was about to finish Momo by filling her out with colour, but before she could even lay a shade of brown on the happy piece of paper, a hefty weight landed on her back -- arms wrapping around her waist, hands looking for hers before intertwining them both, which inevitably made her let go of her markers and blank away from the initial task she was working at.


"Minari," A breath heaved against her neck, nuzzling their face further into her tingly skin, sniffling just a bit. "I'M SO GLAD YOUR OKAY!" A voice she surely recognized as her one and only Chaengie whisper-shouted, noticably dripping a few tears when they collided with Minas skin.  At first, Mina was rendered speechless when Chaeyoung talked, or more like spoke below a whisper, like she was the only one who would be able to hear it.


Raising a brow, Mina turned over, flushing at the close proximity when Chaeyoung only held her waist tighter, face now buried in her chest. "W-what do you mean?" Mina squeaked, tinting completely red at Chaeyoungs feat of clingyness, heart palpulating in strong irregular beats.


Chaeyoung glanced up with teary, round almost bambi-ish eyes, thick and pouty lips quivering at the bottom, like he'd just witnessed Mina after death or something.


"The stranger in your house. I'm sorry Minari, I should have been here to protect you. B-but don't worry, you'll be safe from now on, cause I'll start being a man. I'll start being by your side all the time, and never take my eyes off you!" He solidified, glassy orbs still on the brink of crying but holding its ground with a gaze of firey determination.


Mina blinked for a few seconds, processing what her little Chaengie cub said before smiling wide, heart fluttering, teeth suddenly jacking out in a wave of soft, melodic laughter.


"She's not a stranger silly, she's my aunty Sana! and okay Chaeng, I'll be counting on you from now on then," Mina stated the last bit shyly, still laying on the ground in rather compromising position, that if it weren't for Chaeyoungs young age she might have pushed him away, though it seemed the younger didn't have any plan to move so soon.


Sighing, Mina internally thanked the gods when Dahyun walked in, sliding down to knock Chaeng over, replacing him in for a hug with the shocked penguin.


"Mina, hi!" Dahyun said enthusiastically, squeezing Mina in a hug. He only stopped when Chaeyoung growled, clawing nails deep into his poor stuffed tiger. 


Ignoring the underlying threat to his small cub of a brother, Dahyun felt himself naturally will his short attention span to Minas work in progress of a drawing, eyes sparkling and shooting wide at the display of art. 


"Wow, that's so cool Mina! Chaeng look, it's our castle once in a million!" Dahyun pointed, much to Minas embarrasment.


They both gawked at her unfinished drawing as Mina tapped her two index fingers together, nervously shifting around. They both seemed to be analyzing her artwork, petting their chins, pretending like they were thinking to themselves before whispering to each other in an act of discuss, abruptly doing a 180 in scary sycncronization, smiles beaming so brightly at her.


"Hm, me and my righthand man here have come to t that this art is truly great, even the best artist in the whole of once in a million agrees," Dahyun gestured to a dazed Chaeyoung, making Mina grace her blindingly beautiful smile, unintentionally trancing a caught in headlights looking Chaeng, black and white tiger plush practically embroided to his chest. "But, there's just something missing," After succesfully breaking out of his trance, both brothers turned to smirk at each other, much like they did when Mina didn't know something, and was gonna come to form with it.


"Tzuyu. Our baby brother Tzuyu. He has to be a puppy, since he's the little maknae," Dahyun snickered, closing his eyes and quircking his lips up like he was immensley proud of himself. "And make sure to include him for every place. Actually, give me and Chaeng some paper and we can all do it!" Dahyun suggested, estatic by the brilliant idea.


Mina only chuckled, melting at the sight of two overly excited little boys, staring at her with large and hopeful eyes. Mina nodded, grabbing a scrap of white refill paper before handing it over to them, heart skipping a beat when making hand skin-to-skin contact with Chaeng. 


The penguin couldn't have ever prevented herself from slipping, for she was just too clumsy no matter her smarts or elegant veranda, but in the end, her strongest ally was always the ice, for it reflected the wondering cub as it flaundered across her hometown, catching her, wrapping the penguin in his arms, and masking her fall. 


She was questionable, surprised and in need for answers to the uncomforting truth, but in the moment, she thought she couldn't really press or ask for more.



Lol I updated.


This story is cute, and im slowly transitioning into showing more of our little puppy Tzu. 


But of course got to build up first, and also introduce Momo.


Anyways, thats done and out of the way, so goodnight and goodbye!


(p.s changed it cause i completely forgot about chaeng not talking. I haven't written for this story in a while lol dont judge me)


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