Trains sure are cool dad


Chaeyoung had been chilling with Nayeon on the couch in the living room latter that night. Dahyun was in the spare room upstairs practicing his piano, though that room would soon be Tzuyus so as bitter as it was -- the musical device would soon have to be shipped out into a different room. But Jeongyeon, their daddy -- Chaeyoung had finally thought about, but alast assumed he was probably just in the study. Or, as his father likes to refer to as, the man cave. He said specifically that Chaeng and Hyun could enter it and use it for themselves when they got to that age.


Suddenly curious, Chaeyoung got off from his mothers side, taking note of the melodic keys sounding out from the second floor before returning his attention to the enamouring study. Little boy Chaeyoung had tilted his head, confused like a puppy as he made way to the study room door, tippy toeing to the grip the handle, about to swing it open until-


"BOO!" The pianos drafty tune had stopped when Dahyun decided to secretly sneak downstairs -- surprised to see his mother sleeping without his faithful brother clutched to her pregnant belly, only to smirk endlessly when he saw the cub standing at their fathers study room door, struggling to reach for the knob handle.


Laughing when he saw the quiet boy jump like a scaredy cat, Dahyun had started pointing to the pounting cub, finding it even more amusing when the boy tried to huff in anger.


Hearing all the little commotion from outside his door, Jeongyeon had got up from kneeling down to momentarily stop what he was doing -- going over to open the oaken door. Glancing down at his feet, Jeongyeon felt a smile naturally take place on his lips -- not surprised to see his two sons quarreling as Nayeon slept on the couch, Dahyun still chuckling rather evily while Chaeng was just standing still and glaring at him.


Laughing to himself, Jeongyeon abruptly picked up his pouting son to spin him around -- twirling the boy in the air to make him berate a shock of giggles. Smilling, Jeongyeon brought him in close to nuzzle their noses together, so involved that he hadn't noticed how his eldest son brushed past his leg -- entering the study room uninvitedly as he gasped with an audible screech, running over to a set Jeongyeon was currently working on.


Rolling his eyes, Jeongyeon put the 6 year old cub down, walking over to the long train set with colorful props and houses painted along with grey mountains --fondly smiling as he looked at the pale tofu excitedly jumping, face stretched into a toothy grin as turned to  recopricate the stare with his father.


"It's even bigger and cooler than narnia!" Jeongyeon chuckled at the statement, remembering when Dahyun took it upon himself to title their first ever train set already sprawled out in their room that ridiculous name. Narnia? psh. 


"Sure is. I was just making it before," He grinned as well, laying a hand on the small of each of his sons back -- taking a glimpse at Chaeyoung to see his mouth gaping wide, awed by the display as his eyes glistened with sparkling fascination.


"See this?" Jeongyeon commented, gaining his sons attention by pointing to the christmas lights hung losely around the expanded train set -- surrounding its perimeter as a base. "Watch what happens when I turn it on," He whispered, making way to the button connected to the wall that starts up the entire maneuver.


Jeongyeon quickly made way to turn off the lights, sitting in the middle of his unmoving sons as they watched in anticipation, on the edge of their toes as they clutched at the floorboards, elated when taken by surprise as they saw the train set light up, wheels slowly trudging off as the signature whistle sounded aloud.


"Woah!" They both chided in unision, Chaeyoung of course being worringly quiet, while Dahyun remained an earful -- earning a prideful smirk from their father. Though they were much too mesmerized by the bright and pretty colours to even begin to notice. 


"So cool," Dahyun muttered, letting his amazement creep in, though as he watched every lap the train did around -- smoke coming from the chimney, green and red lights adding a blaring colour to its beautiful theme.


Jeongyeon exasperated a loving sigh, thinking that he would do anything to achieve these kinds of moments again and again. To savour these days where he could safely say were the happiest of his entire life -- the periods of time he would sacrifice anything to capture and still to a fine point.


Alast, he truly couldn't believe how lucky he was. How happy he was to actually start over. To be with his wife and cute but awfully troublesome kids.


God, does he love his frickin life. The only thing he loves more? His beautiful wife who gifted him with the best thing on earth, and his adorable kids, the source to his unrelenting happiness.


Guess things really couldn't get any better for him. 




Lol just a short chap/update with the dubchaeng siblings and their cool daddy Yoo.


Hehe I thought tis was cute, cause it shows the real bonding between them as they be geeky and fascinated with their love for trains :3.


Mayo I hope yall liked the chapter and have a great day or night, byebyes <3.

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