Safety first


Nayeon clutched at her stomach and grabbed Jeongyeons side -- stopping for a few seconds to get a steady hold of herself. Nayeon had no trouble balancing her big baby bump since not only was Jeongyeon more than enough to support her mummy weight, but her two little munchkin troublemakers ran and stationed themselves directly around her. If she wasn't trying to calm herself down, she would be cooing at her babys and reasurring them till they eventually had their attention stolen by something else.

Jeongyeon, Chaeng and Dahyun had an instant mood change the moment they saw the slightest bit of discomfort and pain on their beautiful mamas face -- having expressed their concerns in a mantra of worried questions as Jeongyeon continuously told Nayeon to take deep inhales, and breathe.

The park family had also gathered around to check up on Nayeon, Jihyo being the most upfront as the rest stood back idly. Mina was confused, and hoped it wasn't anything too bad, cause the tears pricking at her eyes wouldn't be fun once they started to cascad. That would be totally embarrassing, especially for a grown girl like her.

Nayeon put her hand up and waved it to signal that she was fine, gracing a bunny smile as both Chaeng and Dahyun huffed, gripping her tight as they cupped their small hands on her belly and patted it in soft motions mean't to be comforting for their pregnant mama.

Nayeon pretended to wipe a sweat and laughed, scrunching her nose up as she turned to catch a short glance at her relieved husband Jeongyeon before facing her bestfriend and her panicked family again.

"It seems Tzuyu has been wanting to get in on the action lately," Nayeon rolled her eyes, laying a hand on both her sons heads to stop them from clawing and prying at her legs. They whined and pouted because they seriously thought their mommy was hurt. "I can only prey he doesn't turn out like them. We all know how much of a handfull that'll be." Nayeon successfuly broke the tension and smoothed the ice over when she cracked that joke, effectively getting a laugh out of everyone. Mostly the adults, but that was okay, because it was the only reprieve everyone else needed to know things were alright.

Without Nayeons knowledge, Chaeyoung had been glaring at her belly, internally having a battle on whether or not he should speak his unimpressed thoughts aloud. Hmpf, well, someone needs to teach him a lesson!

Angrily puffing his sentiments, the baby cub Chaeng pointed at Nayeons stomach and reprimanded Tzuyu for being a badboy. How dare the younger hurt their mama! Dahyun soon started to join in too, making gestures as he quietly whispered his warnings and threats to their youngest brother still developing in the womb -- yet to be born.

"Hey! you better treat mama nicely or me and Chaeng are going to beat you up, punk!" Dahyun hadn't even realized what kind of explicit choice of words he was using, but Jeongyeon and Nayeon and everyone else there certainly did.

Everyone had been watching in endearment up until that point, Jeongyeons smile distorting and widening into a shocked face while Nayeon gasped in pure bafflement. Jihyo chuckled and Momo laughed along with Sana failing to contain her smile, Mina being curious as always by probing her mom for answers.

"Dahyun." Nayeon gritted, ignoring the cub growling and getting a bit too heated with his one-sided arguement. "Who taught you to say such words? zip it, now." Dahyun shrivelled and reverted back to his terrified state, raising his hands to attempt blowing his mothers dwindlimg flame of fury out.

Jeongyeon gulped and tried to defuse the situation by flashing a smile that was supposed to be sure and charming and confident, but rather come out skeptical and more unconvincing than the ones he'd usually muster up. Gently placing his hands on Dahyuns shoulders, Jeongyeon subtly scooted away with the pale boy until he mouthed something about maning the grill while requiring a certain tofu dubs assistance.

Nayeon sighed and Jihyo grinned in amusement, laughing boisterously when Nayeons automatic reaction was to apologize. Chaeyoung clinged at his mama Nayeon, and blanked when he came eye-to-eye contact with Minari. Mina was holding her mummy Jihyos hand while blushing a stark red, unaware to what was formally going on.

Nayeon and Jihyo conversed, while Momo texted her counterpart, and Sana stayed attatched to her side.

Okay that wasn't long nor was it good but i haven't written for this story in awhile and need a bit of a head start 🀣🀣 lel, Tzu causing mishaps and everyone getting muddly messed up. I missed these guys, and will get into the swing of it again, i'd just been focusing on work for the past months. Guess who's fully back and ready to write about our precious Yoo fam and park fam 🀧

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Chapter 21: 😍
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Chapter 21: update please
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Chapter 20: I also trust Dubchaeng, I wouldn't let them fully hold the baby, an adult should help them support the baby's weight, I'm so excited that Tzuyu is here already.