Lets dance


Chaeyoung squabled to the backyard, peeking around at everything as he side glanced to see his brother doing the exact same thing. Making brief eye contact, the brothers sent a telepathic message to each other and nodded their heads, opting to explore the place further.

Priority one for Chaeyoung was to see the gardens. Their sprout of greenery had attracted Chaeyoung and caught his interest eversince the first day he saw them, therefore it would only make logical sense that he'd be on his quest to find that very specific eden of yummy looking strawberries in general. 


His stomach growled at just the thought. He had a sixth for the red, ripest and most delicious tasting fruit he'd ever had since that fateful day of the park family awakening his supressed addiction. The image of those two pies they'd baked made his mouth water. Wiping at the spit drooling from the corner of his mouth, Chaeyoung shook his head and forced himself to drive back on track.


Sighing, Chaeyoung finally payed attention enough to take notice of the chairs and tables splayed out with a few ballons attatched to the leg of it, a stereo placed inbetween them while a soft breeze shifted through the air - accountable as a little bit of calm wind.


Chaeyoung walked in mind with a goal, momentary wondering away to think of his minari, until he would bravely will himself back. He could wait, thats what gentlemen always do after all, from what mama told him anway. Mama was always right, so he'd be sure to listen. Otherwise, he'd be doomed to go the wrong way for the rest of his life.


Smiling, Chaeyoungs eyes turned to slits as they lit up at the sight of the garden he'd seen his Minari pick strawberries from. He his lips, not even realizing he was already bent down with the unconscious decision of intending to pluck out a tempting red fruit for himself, snapped back to reality when he heard a sudden voice behind him. It was small, but it made him wirl around and whip himself out of his reverie nonetheless, the cub gulping while expecting the worst - pleasantly surprise but at the same time casually mortified at the vision of his pretty penguin Minari stood in all her shimmery glory. He gaped at the fitted white dress infront of him flowing almost elegantly on her body.


Furrowing his brows, Chaeyoung expressed a face of distress as he internally reprimanded himself - repeating the same words, bad boy, bad in his head. But they all stopped when a giggle flew into the drum of his ears - causing his heart to leap, run a mile before daring to skip, jump and heed, before padding its way back to racing at his normal pace with its occasional burst of euphoric adrenaline.


"S-sorry," Chaeyoung whispered, croaky and weighing on the side of being inaudible. Despite that Mina understood, hearing perfeclty while grinning with her natural gummies, swerving on her feet with a happy kind of bashful look.


"It's fine, Chaengie. You can always take one or have one whenever you want it. No need to be embarrassed," Mina also muttered lowly, the volume of her voice refraining from being just a tad bit louder. "I'm glad you talk to me as well. You look nice,"  Mina blurted, biting her lip while twindling her two index fingers together. She can't believe she just said that. Damn those after thoughts. It's fine, she shouldn't be so worked up about it, Chaengie was just a cute little boy, nothing to worry over. 


Chaeyoung just shook his head up and down, startled when music suddenly blared from the speakers surrounded in the backyard. It was echoing so much to the point that everyone  had to step outside to see the commotion.


"This one is for you sana noona! muah," Dahyun blew a kiss, winking as he 'cooly' tried to husk his words into the microphone he found ontop of one of the speakers, putting on his far-off into the distance thinking face. It would make all the girls fall to their knees, and his current victim would be just the same.  He almost pitied her, his handsome charisma was just irresistible.


Chaeyoung mouthed a 'woah', seriously impressed with his brothers courage. Not only was he oblivious to the fire burning a path to his body grooving to the 'show me your bassae' song, but he was able to completely ignore their mother and her familiar bull-like fury, even going as far as to calling out Sana noona! Chaeyoung aspiried to be like his brother, Cheering him on and raving his fists until their mother had pulled the plug on the music - dragging poor hyunie by the ear as his brother cried out in pain. 


Chaeyoung watched frozen in his spot as his mother stomped over to him, taking a quick second to produce a narrowed glare at him while he blinked his doey eyes up at her in dumbfounded innocence - about to work his baby cub magic that managed to compel anyone in a trance before she gripped his ear too, dragging him into her painful saga. Softening at the appearance of an awkward Mina, Nayeon apologized for her sons stupidity and incompetence, widening her eyes before complimenting her for dressing well.


After that, Jeongyeon witnessed the display with growing fear, about to tip-toe and sneak off when he felt her glare send a shiver down his spine - practically forcing him to stay in place as he soon started to let the inevitable death process and sink in. He accepted it, though that didn't stop the trembling. 


By then, Nayeon was nagging at the four boys for being... well for being boys, or just themselves, whether way that was the jist of it. She scolded them 50 words per second, defeating all mumble rappers before they could even dare to unintentionally blurt a line opposing against her.


Momo had been nombing on an apple, criticizing the taste in her head with a nod, approving of it inside her self-debation. Sana had been rofling hysterically, almost falling onto the floor as she clutched her stomach. Jihyo had been chuckling, her daughters head as the younger asked what aunty nayeon was doing, and if chaeyoung along with the others would be okay. Jihyo sighed, reassuring her little angel with the boop of her nose.


Meanwhile, Tzuyu was busy chilling in the womb, not giving a as a lil fetus. That was, until he a hit particularly hard kick.




Lolololol you like? the kids pree chaotic. I wanna work into getting tzuyu here soon poor bebe

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