After moving everything in, Jeongyeon had flopped onto the kingsized mattress set up in the master's bedroom-- shifting against his wives back and resting an arm on his son's torso. He thought about the movers, deciding it wasn't so bad to take a small nap if they were only gonna be arriving later on.


Quickly dozing off, the family started snoring in the confines of their new homes chirpy atmosphere. 


It wasn't until the doorbell had rung did both parents groan-- awakening and stirring with sleepy eyes. Yawning, Jeongyeon stretched-- telling his wife to settle down and rest again. Nodding in agreement, she plopped back down, burrowing her face into the pillow while hugging her son closer.


Not bothering to fix his hair, Jeongyeon had gotten up and clicked his neck, rubbing the nape of it. Wiping his foggy eyes, Jeongyeon trudged downstairs and stopped in front of the door, not thinking when he had gripped the knob and pulled it open. To his surprise, it wasn't the movers in their grey uniform and clipboard in hands, but his short son grinning widely and older sister smiling gently.


"Oh, Seungye-"


He was interrupted when his little son had collided with his legs-- clawing at the fabric of his pants to be picked up. Chuckling, he swept the boy off his feet-- spinning him around while making him laugh.


"Hey, there champ!" He exclaimed, kissing the younger on the cheek. He set the little boy down, ignoring him when he pouted and yelled 'again' and 'again'. Gesturing for his older sister to come inside, he managed to successfully close the door behind her, trailing the elder with his clinging son.


"So, how come you guys came so early? Doesn't Dahyun have another performance today?" Jeongyeon asked, staring at his sister with big eyes.


They both sat on the couch-- his son already running upstairs to greet his exhausted mother and sleeping brother. Watching his sister shake her head, she chuckled-- threading a hand through her hair. She stared at him with love-- like that of a protective guardian, leaning back in the single chair she was sitting on.


"Is that really how you greet me? After not seeing me for months?" She tried to sound agitated, close to annoyed. She enjoyed watching him squirm-- wanting to burst out into laughter but skillfully holding it back. It was of years of experience, after all.


"N-no! Of course not noona, p-please don't m-misunderstand--" She stopped him by waving her hands, using one to cover and prevent her trifling laughter. He only stared with confusion, blinking rapidly.


"I'm only joking! Jeez, I would have thought you'd gotten it by now," She shifted her position, situated more comfortably by leaning on her palm. "To answer your previous question, yes, Dahyun did have a recital today, but we cancelled it." Smiling knowingly, Seungyeon only waited for her brother to ask the obvious.


"But why?" He blurted, still wearing that same expression of baffled confusion. 


She shrugged, looking to the side. "Dunno, thought you guys could use the help. And, to see your son, of course." She gazed at the bags of luggage and stacks of boxes. "Say, have the movers already come in yet?"


She saw her brother check the non-existent watch strapped to his risk before trying to play it off as scratching the back of his neck when he soon realized there was nothing there. "Hehe, Nah they haven't come yet. But, they should be around at about 1 or 2." 


Seungyeon lifted a brow, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. "That sounds a bit late. Were you planning on resting before that?"


He only grinned sheepishly, blushing a tinted pink. "Yeah, you got me." 


She nodded, abruptly standing up while brushing her clothes off. "I'm sorry, I must have interrupted then. I'll let you catch up on your sleep, you all must be exha--" before she could even utter another word Jeongyeon had sat her back down, frantically waving his hands.


"No, no! Noona you came out here and brought Dahyun with you, please, stay." Jeongyeon had scampered to the kitchen-- taking a couple of seconds before coming back, a cup of steaming hot something held in his hands.


"H-here, for your troubles, noona." He reached the cup out, not surprising his older sister when she saw that it was just hot chocolate.


Giggling, Seungyeon had accepted the cup-- taking a small sip only to be immensely refreshed. It was like being back at home-- with their father and mother, with her cute, young and naive little brother. Oh, how time has changed. Gone by fast. Folding a leg over the other, Seungyeon had continued to ask more questions about Jeongyeons life. How its been going, what the finance level has been lately, is he happy etc. The normal for an overprotective nosy sister.


"So, how far in labour is Nayeon?" That question seemed to make Jeongyeon choke, gulping on the lodge of spit stuck in his throat. Aish, this kid. Still gets embarrassed talking about these kinds of things despite being a father of two. 


She resisted the urge to roll her eyes-- finding it all too amusing the way he turned a crimson red.


"U-Uhm, about 5 months." Seungyeon nodded with a small 'ah', deciding to inquire even further. 


"Is it a boy or a girl?" Another small sip. She was having way too much fun seeing her little brother get all worked up over talking about his unborn baby.


"B-boy." Seungyeon nodded again, following along swiftly. 


"Then... have you already thought of a name?" She questioned, genuinely enamoured with curiosity. She beamed at him, listening intently.


"Yeah... we've decided his names gonna be Tzuyu." He managed to smile while saying that, embarrassment was gone and pride showing itself completely. He looked, proud.


Seungyeon had never felt like nuzzling her brother ever more at that moment. That one moment when she knew, he wasn't her baby anymore. He wasn't the boy she spent the majority of her life taking care of. He was an adult, a man in love and a man building his own company. A man with 2, soon to be 3, lovely children.


Seungyeon was content, happy to see her brother living his life to the fullest. She felt a swell of tears bore up to the front of her eyes, threatening to spill. She kept it in-- not wanting to cry in front of the manly chump that was her little brother. She mentally prayed, hoped-- that the rest of his life would be prosperous like this. Struck with only enjoyment and fulfilment. She knew-- she'll always be here, always be for his family and him.


She made that a promise. No pain. No traumatic memories. Just them, and their loving family. 


And this was only the start. Their haven. Their safe place. Their home.




Lol sorry that was a tad bit crappy but I'm tired so poo

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