A whole different world


Mina felt slack, furrowing slightly agape as she blinked, confused as to what was actually going on. lady Mina... eh?!  She unawaredly managed to say that thought out loud -- earning a snicker from both the boys opposite her.


"Yes, lady Mina. If you will, we would both like you to close your eyes," Dahyun whispered, scrunching his nose as he dropped the flashlight and let it face the ceiling of the tent -- making it seem like a constellation of stars were shining in their makeshift of an abode.


Mina was reluctant at first, biting her lip and shifting on the array of pillows, before eventually giving in -- closing her eyes and squeezing them shut. It couldn't be that bad after all, right? She let out a gasp when she felt two small hands cover her eyes, her lips from years of a habited nervous reaction.


She started shaking at the silence engulfing them, only coming to a stop when Dahyun cleared his throat, putting on the same fake poshy voice he had used before -- smirk evident on his face just from the snarky tone etched into the corners of his mouth.


"Now, lady Mina, please allow us to welcome you to our newly found kingdom, once in a million." Dahyun began to narrate, leaning in close to let the girl hear him brisk and clear, Mina herself slowly starting to feel everything go blank -- blankets and pillows forgotten, walls and objects erased -- only the sound of three people sitting on a watery surface, droplets splashing against her ears.


Dahyun put on his paper crown, handing the other to Chaeyoung as they watched Mina sit up straight -- gazing at her for a split second before sending a signal to each other and nodding to continue. 


Grinning, Dahyun waved his hands in the air for dramatic effort, almost making the memories comically run along like a movie screened in the theatre, "There are golden walls, extending past the bridge to the twicecoaster. It has a gigantic castle center to the towny front, sunny days and chirpy birds, people greeting us as we make way through our carrage."


Mina suddenly felt herself grace a noticable smile, awakening in a world where the sun beamed with an unobtainable vibrancy -- animals singing and people dancing, taking their hats off as soon as she'd arrived and gotten held by the hand to get herself down from the oaken carrage.


She looked to see who exactly the gentleman was, surprised and aloof to realise it was the same boy who'd taken her hand before and led her into the den of another world -- someone she's gotten used to referring as the quiet boy. Or, just Chaeyoung. Chaengie.


Flustered, Mina bowed at the boy wearing a tux, closing her eyes to breath in a gush of fresh air.


"There's a place we always go to, where Chaeyoung paints the walls and everyone watches, and I play the piano while everyone dances." His voice rang in her head, sounding as the 3rd person draw echoing off the imaginative walls confining the sunny dome identified as their other world. Kingdom, once in a million.


Now smiling, Mina felt free and flowy as her hand was tugged on -- little boy Chaeyoung dressed in a suit leading the way as they passed Dahyun who was sporting a fake mustache and a typical shiny top hat, also tailored to a fancy tux.


Rockily hopping off from the front of the carrages horse ropes, Dahyun jumped down and speeded past Mina and Chaeyoung -- running into a building her mama would often call a pub. Those ones with the expensive stuff like bars filled with drinks, such as juice as mama never forgets state, and pianos to play dancing happy music to. It definitely looked like a pub, in Minas fine dine of penguinisms. 


Entering through the door, everyone chattering staged quiet -- dead silent for a split second before they all jumped up, greeting with heys and smiles as they clapped relentlessly hard and loud.


Minas eyes glistened, looking around the room with curiosity and amazement, holding her knee length white dress by the hem to squeeze into a tight and balled fist -- focused intently on the designs and patterns staining the walls. They were painted in intricate colors -- vibrant, but still on the down low. Like underground colors -- a beautiful shimmer to add to the pubs natural glow, golden chandelier lights making it even more stunning to witness.


As she unconsciously trailed her fingers along the leaves and vines sprouting across the walls, Dahyun had already situated himself at the grand piano while Chaeyoung was grabbing out a tub of paint -- sleeves rolled up and small hands holding a large brush brandished with a few of dried and splotched colors.


Mina couldn't help but feel refreshed -- an entire height, new and blossoming senses taking over her body -- compelljng her to find the stage, tippy toed tilted as she waddled up the stairs. For some reason, when she stood infront of all those people, she felt nothing but confidence. Nothing but warmth and goodness emitting from the crowd.


Starting with a bow, Mina came to work her feat in rhythm with Dahyuns piano -- spinning, twirling, doing pirouettes, anything that rouse to mind. Somehow, she managed to do it in tandom with Chaeyoungs contributing splashes, each color painting the walls at the same time as one of Minas graceful moves.


Mina hummed, enjoying the moment as her dance slowly came to an end -- not even dripping a sweat or catching a breath as she came to a halt, posture still balanced and body still elegant -- smile plastered to her face in a large grin.


"Mina, Mina, Mina," They all crowed, yelling and throwing things like singular flowers and money to the stage, their anonymous faces bringing a sense of comfort to Minas beating heart. For some reason, she felt safe. For some reason, this was fun. It felt like getting away. Like she was truly in her own world.


Until she was rudely interrupted by her mothers loud and authoritive voice. 


"Mina," She mewled, still sounding as if she was half-shouting thanks to her naturally loud and abrupt vocal cords -- hands slipping onto the doorknob after knocking on the childrens door, before uninvitedly letting herself in.


Noticing how dark the room is, Jihyo willed her attention over to the small tent lit up with a blaring light, smiling to herself as she went and stood by the entrance, kneeling down to gently pull the blankets apart -- opening it to greet a wide eyed tofu and cub, along with a pouting penguin.


Chuckling to herself, Jihyo held out her arms for Mina, creasing a brow when the girl just shook her head -- knees brought to her chest. "Come on baby, we have to go home now, you don't wanna bother Mrs and Mr Yoo, right?" Jihyo asked, feeling her heart tighten at the sad puppy dog eyes her daughter was giving her.


"B-but..." Mina muttered, bottom lip trembling as she refused to look up -- not wanting to see her mum through her teary eyes.


Sighing, Jihyo stretched out a teasing smirk, deciding to use a more convincing reason this time. "Oh, okay, I guess i'll just have to tell aunty Sana and Momo that you don't want to see them. A shame, they just got back from japan as well, they were so excited to see you. But I guess you don't want to seem them," Jihyo pretended to frown, about to get up when she heard her little penguin starting to make small whiny noises. 


Immediately hopping into her mothers arms, Mina buried her face into her mothers clothed shoulder, yawning to herself before wrapping her flappy arms around the latters neck to get comfortable. Waving a bye to Chaeng and Dahyun, Mina turned to face her mother with penguiny eyes -- sparkles hidden in the irises of chocolately cute orbs. 


"I miss aunty Sana and Momo."




Lol, the little world with my babies :3.


hope you liked the chapter, I thought it was cute lol. My babies are the cutest, arent they? Cant wait to write tzuyu in, then we get to all the real fun. Anyway, isnaiabajan. Yeah. Have a good fay or night wherever you are, bye!


(also soz for the initial tiness to this chapter)


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