Operation cookies 


Dahyun narrowd his eyes -- envisioning the math and calculating the exact precision in his head. "Alright, ready solider?" The tofu boy had bent down, asking a confused looking baby Chaeyoung, holding his hand against his ear to hear nothing in return -- smugly enough to his liking, sporting a large smile. The baby boy layed on the ground of their living room and was clad in a yellow tiger onesie with brows scrunched up and features turning ridiculed.


Dahyun scoffed, shooting his baby brother that charming grin -- all stretched out onto his pale face. "Ah, don't look at me like that! It'll be finneeee," Dahyun assured, waving his hand around in a lazy manner. He flinched, hearing the bang of his parents entering the kitchen room again. "Kay, it's time to get to work..." Dahyun stuck his hands out and rested them on the baby boys small shoulders, closing his eyes to prepare him from the monstrosity of a time he was going to experience.


Ignoring the constant trembling, and little noises coming out of his dummy invested mouth -- Dahyun shushed his baby brother, plopping him up with the support of his skimpy arms. "Perfect!" He exclaimed, wearing a cheeky grin. His brother was most obviously frowning, looking down at his feet to trail it up to the rest of his body -- noting the uncomfortable tutu outfit he was dressed in. Not only a tutu outfit, but caked with makeup.


"You'll be the best distraction ever, don't even worry about it!" He gave the cute baby boy a thumbs up, putting him in his little race car jumpy thingy that their parents had bought him when he was only a small fetus. He slaped a few princess stickers on, then veulla, threw in the big bomb. Pushing the little boy in his makeshift rolly car, he gave it a fine stride into the kitchen -- right inside the entranceway. 


Dahyun pumped his fist and howled quietly in triumphant, watching as his plan succeeded flawlessly. Their attention was captured by the dolled up boy waggling his limbs about and looking like he was going to cry, earning 4 year old Dahyuns utmost respect for the uncalled for acting. Dictating their moves, Dahyun started to head in, biting his lip while silently maneuvering past through the backyard exitway, about to get up onto the counter until he was pulled by the collar -- so close, yet so unremarkably and absolutely realistically far away from the winning prize.


The cookie jar was right there, right infront of his eyes -- but he missed it by a chance, by a second late of faltering. Wrathing and pouting, Dahyun quivered his lip -- about to let the waterfalls stream down when he was met with petrifying brown orbs. 


"Dahyun," Nayeon called out, leaving a chuckling Jeongyeon to hug and cuddle their youngest son Chaeyoung -- who was surprisingly still on the orange dummy, but wet with a glisten of tears.


"Well, at least he gave it a try," Jeongyeon whispered, pondering to himself, "Though I don't think that disaster could barely be counted as a try," He looked to his small cub of a son, caressing his brown locks of hair. "Am I right, Chaeng?" He watched the little boy bobble, falling into his arms.


Jeongyeon laughed, rubbing circles on his sons back while thinking, should have listened to mommys rules.




Mina, a little 5 year old girl with the most penguin like features even a zoologist has seen -- is stood in the center of their kitchen, or atlantica you might call it, crossing her arms while sporting a cute pout. It was a dangerous game, this. It was dangerous because Sana was this close to giving in, and Momo was hard-headed but painfully willing to be tempted.


"M-Mina, no." Momo tried to solidify, glancing at brief eye-contact with her 10 year old sister Sana. She sighed, carding a hand through her hair. She had no work today, despite being a laboured 18 year old fresh off the teenager boat. "Remember, mommy Jihyo said no cookies until after dinner,"


Mina's pout drooped, and it made her look even more adorable when she huffed -- releasing a breath of air from her squishy cheeks. Sana was about to burst -- lip biting hard, hands itching to reach out and coo the younger girl in her arms. God, was the snake fighting to hold back her kisses.


In the end, Mina had just ended up apologizing -- bowing and downcasting her eyes to the point that the elders couldn't take it anymore. They eventually let her take a piece -- one, until it turned into two, and then -- much to a dismay, three. Mina had been happy but they were harboring guilt and dread, only forgetting about it and thinking it was worth while when they saw Minas gummy smile.


Their little princess.



Kkkksssss to clear things up heres their age currently an shii


Chaeyoung - 6 

Dahyun - 8

Mina - 9

Sana - 13 (young ik deal with it)

Momo - 21

Jihyo - 29

Nayeon - 32

Jeongyeon - 31

Tzuyu - (not even born yet lmao)


Btw if ur wondering Mina is Jihyos only child. So Sana and Momo are just adoptive sisters. (Though thats a topic Ill elaborate more in future chapters)


lol sorry for the procrastination chapter, Ill do the actual present tenss next time but ye hope yall enjoyed.





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