The blessings of a spy kid


It'd been a week since puppy Tzu was born and both tofu Dahyun alongside Cubby Chaeng were busy beyond the reef these past few days! It was a long sea toppled with trial and error, Dahyun being the headlining politic of making the idea involving letting Tzuyu stay with his big responsible brothers and their mature playdate Mina alone to take care of him one whole day. Just one! 


Nayeon and Jeongyeon weren't dumb enough to ever fall for their sons drastic spiel, though tthey could still appreciate the amount of charisma it had and even at times entertained the thought. Of course, as funny as it would be knowing they'd be up to no good - they didn't want their newborn to get hurt any way shape or form, so they coped it and outrightedly denied the request.


To say the least, Dahyun was devasted, Chaeyoung, as always, followed his lead and shared the same emotion - whilst Nayeon realized they had a baby monitor and Jeongyeon had his weeknd off completely unbooked.


"Thinking what I'm thinking?" Nayeon cheeked, watching as Jeongyeon rolled his eyes then grinned with that smile Nayeon fell head over heels for. Jeongyeon chuckled and nodded before Nayeon peck him on his lips which ultimately made him flustered - attempting to cover it up by coughing into his fist.


So here they were on a sunday chilling in the parks residence - the top value of surveillance cameras provided and scattered around the house. Baby monitors.


Nayeon sipped on her milk tea and tapped Jeongyeons shoulder, looking at the screen to signal somethig interesting.




"Dun dun dunnun dun dun dunnun," The pale tofu dubs hummed, holding up his two pointer fingers to make a gun - ready to aim and pretend shoot any second now. What was that? he heard a creak sound from the second floor.


Dahyun tip-toed his way through the living room then carefully strode up the staircase, weary to making noise. He creeped down the brightly lit hallway and noticed a force coming from his parents room, braving himself to go check out the suspicious activity. Dahyun poked his head through the door and next thing he knew was-


"Ouch!" Dubu exclaimed, a huffed grunt resonating beside him. Immediately, dubs popped to his feet and stanced himself to keep his guard up, gasping at what he saw before lowering his make believe gun.




"Wait-- are you sure it's even safe to leave them there by themselves?" Jihyo joined in with the married couple, sandwhiched in the middle as she leaned in to get a better, more detailed view of the baby monitors screen.


"Mmm, nope... not at all." Nayeon solidified, Jeongyeon casually nodding in agreement.


Jihyo raised a brow and internally questioned the two's choice of parenting.


"Plus, they have your daughter there." 2yeon seemed to share a single braincell in that moment because Jihyo blinked in a frenzy, processing that they somehow managed to say that in exact beat and tandom of each other. She guesses that's what happens if you spend too much time with someone.


"That should at least ground them. Or stop firehazards from occuring." Nayeon shrugged, glancing from the back porch swing they sat on to the door fence connecting to their house. If anything to dangerous or serious turns out me and jeongy can just run lime usain bolt and swoop in to save the day like heroes.


"Hold on... Jihyo where's the popcorn I asked for?" 




"Agent cubster Chaeng!" Dahyun exclaimed, engulfing his smaller younger bro-- partner in crime a hug. 


Wiping a sweat off to signal his relief, the dubchaeng siblings were cut short when a cardboard box they hadn't even noticed sitting there rustled before flipping over to reveal... a pretty evil penguin!


"Noot? noot... noot!" The penguine seemed hesitany at first, uncertain and unsure, then sunk into the role and nooted an angry, demanding noot. The best golden penguin there is to live. Even if they've succumed to the darkness.


"Dr. minguin, we know you have the prince... where is he!" Dahyun comically shouted, shakily lifting his arm up to threaten the penguin with his pointy gun. Did I even reload it?


Will he be able to to save the prince? what could of events will take place next?


To be continued.


I'm sleepy and even more sleep deprived so ima sleep

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Chapter 21: 😍
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Chapter 21: update please
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Chapter 21: Update please hehe
Chapter 21: This fluffiness is just definitely what I needed <3<3<3<3
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Chapter 21: This is beyond cute hahahahah
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Chapter 21: woow I have uncertainty xD
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Chapter 21: Just found this story. Interesting one! :)
Chapter 21: I can't my heart is melting rapidly.
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Chapter 20: I also trust Dubchaeng, I wouldn't let them fully hold the baby, an adult should help them support the baby's weight, I'm so excited that Tzuyu is here already.