Bittersweet Crimes | Seulyong

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"Are you scared?"
After an attempt of drugging the people in a famous club, the FBI manages to capture the members of the criminal gang, Red Velvet, except for their leader, Kang Seulgi. Noticing the fact that she can’t free her members alone, she decides to seek help from one of the best criminals out there. Lee Taeyong. But she soon realises that she has to face other tasks before she can get to her goal.


She felt her back shiver at his light touch. He inched closer to her ear, his low, husky voice made her uneasy. “I guess you’re one of mine now.” 

She grabbed his collar and pushed him against the wall, surprising him a little bit. “I’m not one of yours,” she stated and shot him a spiteful look.

A smirk crept up his face as he grabbed her wrists and dragged her closer to him, making their faces only a few inches apart. “If you want me to help you, you better listen to me and follow my orders,” he muttered with his teeth gritted.

He let go of her wrists, making her stumble back a little, and walked back to his motorcycle. “Whether you like it or not, you’re working for me now,” he glanced at her one last time before putting his helmet on and getting on the motorcycle.

Seulgi watched as he drove away and clenched her fists. “We’ll see about that, Lee Taeyong.”


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