Wonderful Romance


They love each other. They will do anything to protect the one they love but they have to through the obstacles around their life. Why there have to be a secret between them? Everything happen for a reasons.

Do they ready to reveal the secret?


Why did HE keep this secret by his own?

Will their LOVE can save them from all of this?

Everything happen for a reasons.

I don't own those characters. I just wrote it for fun and if there a similarities to any other fictions, its only an coincidental. Hope you guys will like it.

Do subscribes and  leave your comment. I will improve my skill in writing.



Hi,Annyeong ^^..

Well,i'm new here as a writer of course. Please give me your support as I'm not so well in English writing but I'm doing my best in it. Thanks to my friend who introduced my about this fanfic, gamsahabnida dear friend..^^.

A little bit about the making of Wonderful Romance:

I just got this idea to wrote this story after I got hit at my back by my fierce friend who envious (might be,hoho..^^) with me as my exam is over than her. Can't believe it right? But that the fact even I can't believe it by myself. How come the ideas suddenly came after i got hit. Well, I suppose to thanks her for giving me such a great ideas right?^^


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Super junior yesssss
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omg I cant believe Im just discovering this story! Congrats on the feature!
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Chapter 24: I love this story. Great
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Thanks...<br />
I'm glad all of you enjoy this fanfic..<br />
About sungmin oppa,i do feel sorry too..:(<br />
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such a great story ^^<br />
i feel sorry for minnie-oppa :(
was it sungmin crying :( he is my favourite ^^
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thanks guys..<br />
i can't make it without you guys's support.<br />
thanks again..^^
aww it ended...<br />
nice final chapter... ~^_^~