red book (one shot collection)

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angst, fluff one shot collection/ drabbles with various pairing from red velvet. mostly seulrene and wenrene. 



it may be short drabbles, or long. i just came up with anything from my head

p/s; i won't disappoint my readers! hopefully hehehe

i will repeat this again, this oneshot collections has many wenrene and seulrene so pls bear with me :D


drabbles/oneshot lists (completed); 

1. forgotten night (wenrene) (highschool au) : 

    wendy woke up to bae joohyun, her senior in high school which was also her crush.


2. enough (joyri) (highschool au) :

   yeri had a bad day at school, and joy needed to do something about it. 


3. longing for you (seulrene)(long distance relationship au) :

   seulgi and irene finally met each other for a long time 


4. fools (joyrene)  (break up au):

   they aren't the same like they used to. 


5. pepero day (wenrene) (hs au):

  wendy gave irene pepero. 


6. pepero day (seulrene version):

   irene teaches seulgi what to do on pepero day. 


7. weird-glitter (joyri):

   yeri found glitter dust all over her house. 


8. wings? wings? (wenseul)

    wendy was not feeling well. 


9. ethereal (joygi) 

    seulgi had an art project. joy took care of her throughout the project. 


10. purple clouds (wenrene) (second POV) 

      irene wants to see the sky.


11. i hate you (seulrene) (angst)

     -no description-

12. terrible liar (wenseul) (fluff)

    wendy find out that the jars are tightly closed.


13. memory (wenrene) (angst) 

   "how long before i am just a memory?"


14. her scent (wenjoy) (fluff)

    the only thing wendy remember was only her scent.


15. carrot (wenrene) (fluff)

    wendy was trying to cook. what did irene do?


16. dentist (wenrene) (fluff)

    irene was terrified to go to the dentist.


17. flour (joygi) (fluff)

    they attempted to make pizza. (well, at least...)


18. neighbour (seulrene) (fluff)

     irene was in the middle of moving when a stranger greeted her at the door.


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