Cupcakes and Kisses

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Cupcakes and Kisses

A Kiseop/Kevin fic for Leah Short


Kevin sighed, bored as he made the exact same latte art he had a hundred times that day. As much as he loved working at the cute little cafe, sometimes the monotony drove him crazy. Looking up at the wall clock, he struggled to remain out of an autopilot stupor. Closing time was quickly coming and soon he’d just have to wash up some things and be on his way.


The chime over the door jingled and a man walked in, tall and handsome. His hair was perfect, somewhere between curls and a messy, spiky situation. His eyes were a warm chocolate color and sparkled with mischief as he sat at the counter.


“What can I get you?” Kevin questioned, giving the man a long look. Boredom was instantly forgotten and he could just feel things getting more interesting.


“I don’t suppose you’re on the menu?” Winking at him, the man’s eyes seemed to linger as they scanned over him, causing Kevin to blush and shiver.


“Sorry, I'm afraid not.” Shrugging, Kevin chuckled and slid a menu across the counter to the other man, leaning closer than he needed to. “Not today at least.”


“Well maybe next time. How about a cupcake?” Grinning the best grin Kevin had ever seen, the man looked through the menu before sliding it back to him, letting his fingertips slide over Kevin’s in a slow motion. “Chocolate with white chocolate frosting?”


“One cupcake coming right up.” Blowing a kiss, Kevin turned to the cupcake station, assembling the perfect soft treat. He placed it on a delicate porcelain plate and sat it gently in front of his customer. A scan of the cafe showed that most of patrons had already paid and left, probably wanting to head home before the last major traffic rush of the night. He and customer were alone.


“Mmm this is so good.” Taking a large bite of cupcake, the man’s eyes didn’t leave Kevin’s, a slight smirk playing on his lips, lips that now had a smear of frosting on the corner.


“Oh you have a little something on your…” Without thinking, Kevin reached across the counter to wipe the sweet paste from his lips with his thumb, it clean. “Never-mind, I got it.”


“Would you like to try it?” Chuckling, the man held the cupcake out to him and Kevin cocked his head to the side slightly, curiously.


“Can I?” Questioning, he his lips slightly, honestly loving the taste of the cafe’s sweet delicacies.


“Of course.” Lightly shaking the small cake at him, the man nodded his approval. “Go ahead. Take a bite of it.” Giving the man a flirty smile, Kevin leaned even closer and took a small bite of the chocolaty snack.


“Mmmm You’re right.” Smiling, Kevin could feel frosting on his own lips and began to reach up to wipe it away.


“Hold still.” The man commanded gently, closing the distance between them. Their lips met in a gentle but passionate kiss and Kevin felt momentarily breathless as his hands gripped the man’s shirt lightly. It was maybe the best kiss he had ever had.


“O-oh~” He could feel his cheeks heat up as the man pulled away, his hands still resting on Kevin’s cheeks.


“Your lips are really nice.” The man whispered, still so close that Kevin could feel his lips lightly brush against his own occasionally.


“I need to close now so you’ll have to leave.” Gently stepping away from the man, Kevin nodded at the doors and the man took the hint, giving him a wink before he disappeared into the darkening street.


After Kevin collected himself, he washed up and locked down the shop, his mind lingering on the man who had kissed him. His heart fluttered as he thought about every detail. Slipping outside before the alarm could fully set, he locked the door and felt arms wrap around his waist.


“Hey baby.” A voice whispered in his ear and Kevin relaxed against the chest behind him, smiling happily as he looked up at the man from the cafe.


“Kiseop~” Leaning up slightly, he placed a soft kiss on Kiseop’s lips and smiled back, admiring his boyfriend of the past ten years. “You ready to go home?”


“I’ve been ready all night.” Kissing him back, Kiseop released him only to wrap his arm around Kevin’s waist so they could walk comfortably side by side. “I missed you.”


“You were just hanging out with me.” Laughing, Kevin wrapped his own arm around Kiseop, thinking it was incredibly pure how Kiseop still enjoyed going into the cafe every night to flirt with him.


“It wasn’t long enough.” Pouting, Kiseop gave his hip a little squeeze and Kevin let out a soft squeak, leaning against his boyfriend.


“You dork.” Resting his head on Kiseop’s shoulder and they cuddled together while they walked, Kevin couldn’t help but look up at him. “I love you.”


“I love you too, Kevinnie.” Kissing Kevin’s forehead, Kiseop smiled and Kevin couldn’t even imagine a life without him. Who else could say that their boyfriend still came to their work every day to flirt with them and treat them like their love was still brand new after 10 years? Kevin was lucky and he vowed to never forget that.

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