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A MoonBin/Eunwoo oneshot for Leah Short


Eunwoo scrubbed the restaurant’s bar, glancing up at the clock in boredom. Though the restaurant was pretty high end, it had its natural lulls in service and now just happened to be one of those quiet, and boring, moments. As hectic as a dinner rush was, at least he wasn’t bored out of his mind while he was rushing around taking orders from the bar.


“Hey, can I get the usual?” A voice startled him out of his stupor. He hadn’t realized how deeply he had been spacing off until the sudden words scared him nearly half to death.


“Oh! Good afternoon, Moonbin!” Smiling brightly, Eunwoo hoped that the other man couldn’t tell how much his heart was racing as he tried to recover silently from his near heart attack. “Here you go.”


“Thanks, Eunwoo. How’s work?” Moonbin, a usual customer who came in constantly to grab dinner before he went home from work, was usually very confident and friendly but something about him seemed a little muted tonight and Eunwoo found himself worried but unsure of how to handle it.


“Quiet, as usual.” Shrugging, Eunwoo looked Moonbin over and bit his lip slightly, taking in the nicer suit and the flowers and a gift bag sitting on the counter beside him. “You look really nice today. On your way to a date?”


“More like a confession.” Blushing slightly, Moonbin shifted in his bar stool slightly, fidgeting with the items on the bar nervously.


“Oh? Whoever it is, I’m sure they’re going to be thrilled.” Trying to reassure him, Eunwoo slid Moonbin his drink before handing his order off to the chef.


“I sure hope so.” Seeming down, Moonbin gazed into his drink like it somehow held all of the answers he was seeking. Eunwoo felt bad, reaching out to pat the man’s hand reassuringly.


“Come on. You’re amazing. You own your own company and you’re super smart and you’re really funny.” Eunwoo smiled at him, letting his hand linger maybe a little longer than he should have but he couldn’t help himself. The contact felt nice. “Whoever it is, they’ll say yes for sure.”


“Would you say yes?” Moonbin’s question took him by surprise and Eunwoo pulled away in confusion, taking note of the slight confusion on the customer’s face.


“Me?” Not sure he had heard right, Eunwoo’s voice was small and questioning. Why was is answer important? Did Moonbin need to be reassured?


“Yeah…” Nodding, Moonbin wouldn’t look him in the eyes, only making Eunwoo more nervous.


“I…” Before he could really work up the nerve to reply, Moonbin interrupted him, ing the flowers and bad into his face, a plush pair of stuffed rabbit sticking out of the gift bag.


“Eunwoo, the person I’m confessing to is you.” Blurting out his confession, Moonbin’s cheeks turned as red as Eunwoo’s felt. Him? Moonbin liked him?


”R-Really?” Not really believing what he was hearing, Eunwoo held the gifts tight, not wanting to give them back even if this ended up being a sick joke.


“Absolutely. I’ve fallen for you, Eunwoo. Every day I come here for dinner to unwind after work and the part I look forward to most is your smiling face, is talking to you.” Looking determined, Moonbin stood and looked him in the eyes, ending any of Eunwoo’s doubts. “I think I love you, Eunwoo.”


“Are you sure?” Wanting to give the man a chance to back out if he wanted it, Eunwoo hesitated a moment too long.


“Forget about it, okay?”Sighing dejectedly, Moonbin turned to leave, not even trying to hide how upset he was. “I didn’t want to make you feel awkward. I just needed to try.”


“Moonbin wait!” Reaching out, Eunwoo caught his hand, holding it firmly. “Please don’t go. I… I have feelings for you, too! I just thought… Well… I thought someone as amazing and successful as you couldn’t like some plain waiter like me.”


“What are you talking about?” Turning to face him, Eunwoo was relieved to see that Moonbin looked relieved, any trace of heartbreak vanishing. “You’re perfect, Eunwoo.”


“No, Moonbin. You’re perfect.” Nearly unable to contain his excitement, Eunwoo through his arms around the other man’s neck, kissing him deeply, laughing softly when he caught the man by surprise. Their lips met again in a soft but intense second kiss.


“So what do you say, will you go on a date with me?” Moonbin asked as he pulled away slightly, breaking their stream of kisses. “Maybe?”


“I thought you’d never ask. Of course I will!” Chuckling, Eunwoo stepped back, tucking his gifts away behind the bar as he retrieved Moonbin’s dinner. “Just not here, okay? I don’t want to eat where I work.”


“Only the best for you.” Grinning, Moonbin kissed Eunwoo’s cheek, giving him a bright smile before he dug in. Eunwoo knew he had to get back to work, but he was suddenly really excited to see how everything worked out between them.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)