Flower Boys

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Flower Boys

A Wooyoung/San fic for Rachel Parker


“Hey beautiful, you almost done closing up?” San looked up from his workbench at his boyfriend who was leaning against the entryway to his quaint flower shop.


“Wooyoung!”Beaming up at him, San continued to work on his current project, something he had to finish before he went home. “My love, you’re here early.”


“I missed you.” Shrugging, Wooyoung came behind the counter and wrapped his arms around San from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder. “And I got off work a little earlier then usual.”


“I miss you too, Wooyoung.” Leaning back against his chest slightly, San sighed happily and continued to arrange flowers into a large cluster. “I’m almost done. Just putting the finishing touches on a bouquet for a wedding.”


“Man. You make the most gorgeous bouquets, but somehow you’re still the my stunning thing in the shop, San.” Wooyoung kissed his shoulder and San blushed slightly, his boyfriend always making him feel so shy with how much he loved him.


“Wooyoung~” Playfully batting at him, San tried to shake him off so he could finish his work and close up shop. “Charming me isn’t going to get my work down faster.”


“You know I can’t help myself, San.” Wooyoung nuzzled his cheek for a moment before setting him free to start cleaning up bits of discarded flowers around the shop so they could go home faster. San always felt special when Wooyoung helped him, even after working all day.


“I know, baby.” Chuckling, San blew Wooyoung a kiss and started wrapping the flowers in white lace.


“Oh yeah!” Sounding excited, Wooyoung dropped the plant debris into the garbage and started to search his jacket pockets.


“Oh yeah?” Raising his eyebrows slightly, San watched him curiously as he expertly finished the bouquet with a pastel pink ribbon. He took a moment to survey his work before he placed the flowers into the cooler to keep fresh until they were needed.


“I bought you a snack.” Grinning, Wooyoung pulled a large chocolate bar from a pocket and handed it over, proud of himself. “Thought you might be too hungry to wait for dinner.”


“I have never loved you more than I do at this exact moment.” Throwing his arms around Wooyoung’s neck, San kissed him deeply and then happily took the candy, opening it eagerly. He had been so busy he’d actually forgotten to eat lunch so the treat was highly appreciated.


“I love you too, San.” Smiling, Wooyoung picked him up and spun him slightly, kissing him again as he sat him back on his feet.


“Alright!” San gave the room one more glance, satisfied with Wooyoung’s cleaning job. “I’m all ready to go. All that’s left is locking up.” They walked to the shop’s front door hand in hand and locked up shop as they stepped out onto the sidewalk.


“Want a piggy back ride home?” Wooyoung questioned, crouching down a little to let him climb on if he wanted to.


“You know I always do.” Happily climbing onto Wooyoung’s back, San snuggled against his broad shoulders and closed his eyes. “Your back is so comfortable.”


“It always feels nice to have your heartbeat against my back too.” Holding San up by his thighs, Wooyoung started walking, the rhythm of his steps making San realize how tired he had been.


“Can we get burgers for dinner?” He asked around a yawn, nuzzling Wooyoung’s shoulder sleepily.


“Yeah, of course. What kind?” Wooyoung questioned but before San could reply he had already drifted off into a much-needed nap, feeling comfortable and happy with Wooyoung carrying him. He loved that man and he wasn’t sure how he had gotten so lucky but he wouldn’t trade his life for anything.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)