Ice Cream Kisses

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Ice Cream Kisses

A Mina/Chaeyoung oneshot for Rachel Parker


“Do you want to try my ice cream?” Chaeyoung questioned as she and her best friend sat on a park bench in an early summer afternoon, eating ice cream cones and taking in the atmosphere. They had spent the day just hanging out and Chaeyoung was enjoying every moment of it. It had been a while since her childhood friendship had morphed into a crush and lately she was just waiting for the moment to make a move further.


“That’s so good.” Mina made a soft noise as she leaned over to Chaeyoung’s ice cream before holding out her own.“Try mine?”


“Now I kind of wish I had ordered yours…” Pouting as she tried Mina’s ice cream, Chaeyoung looked longingly at the frozen treat. It was actually surprisingly good even though she had laughed at Mina when she ordered it.


“We could share…” Mina suggested, smiling cutely as she took another of Chaeyoung’s ice cream before she even received an answer, giggling mischievously.


“Yes~ Let's do that!” Chuckling, Chaeyoung took a as well and the two proceeded to share their ice cream back and forth happily. As they reached their cones, Mina leaned forward, causing Chaeyoung’s heart to pound at their sudden closeness. Mina extended her hand and Chaeyoung felt her cheeks getting warm, wondering if the other girl might kiss her. No such luck, though. All Mina did was wipe away a droplet of ice cream, it from her thumb. Biting her lip a moment, Mina’s resolve broke and she leaned closer to capture her friend’s lips with her own. Their kiss was hesitant at first but deepened slowly and soon Mina’s arms were around her neck. A cold sensation permeated her scalp and Chaeyoung gasped, suddenly remembering the ice cream still in their hand’s, Mina’s being tangled in her hair.


“Oh no, I’m so sorry!” Jumping back, Mina dropped her ice cream in a panic and dug around in her purse for some napkins. “I can’t believe I did that. I’m an idiot.”


“It was my fault. I shouldn’t have taken you by surprise.” Getting up, Chaeyoung went to the nearest water fountain in an attempt to wash the ice cream out of her hair.


“I still feel bad.” Following after her, Mina began to help, the feel of her fingers in Chaeyoung’s hair making her shiver more than the freezing cold water was.


“No, don’t. I’m sorry for kissing you.” Biting her lip, she hoped her friend wasn’t too upset by the sudden kiss.


“Sorry? No. No. I loved it. Don’t be sorry.” Laughing, Mina rubbed her back and Chaeyoung sighed in relief. Did she say she loved it? Did that mean… Did Mina like her too?


“So can I do it again?” She questioned, standing up completely, he wet hair dripping down her back and shoulders. She felt awkward and weird for asking but she really wanted to know.


“Please yes.” Chuckling, Mina gripped Chaeyoung’s cheeks gently and kissed her this time. “You never even have to ask.” Though Chaeyoung wasn’t sure what they were, friends with benefits, just friends that kissed, girlfriends, she was just happy they seemed to be taking a step toward something more.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)