I'll Never Leave You Behind

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I’ll Never Leave You Behind

A Han/Lee Know oneshot for Leah Short


“Why are there so many ghosts!?” Minho shrieked, stumbling away from a monster lunging at him from a darkened doorway. His heart was racing and he wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Why had he agreed to this?! This was such a mistake!

”It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you!” Jisung, his loyal boyfriend, held him close, shaking from his own fear but protective nonetheless


“You’re scared too!” Minho wailed, hiding behind Jisung as another fiend swiped at them in the long, dimly lit corridor.


“I don’t care! Nothing’s going to hurt you!” Shouting back, Jisung maneuvered them away from another doorway, keeping what they assumed was a safe wall at Minho’s back and Jisung’s own body shielding him from in front. As they edged forward, a set of hands grabbed at Minho’s waist from a gap they hadn’t noticed in the wall and he screamed.


“Jisung help!” Nearly crying from fear, he reached out for the other man and Jisung began tugging at him to try to get him free.


“Let him go!” Jisung demanded, trying to pry the long fingers from around Minho’s wrist as they both struggled forward.


“Jisung!” Minho screamed as they managed to tug him free, stumbling backwards.


“Minho!” Jisung shoved him forward as the hands grabbed his ankles. “RUN!”


“Jisung!” Letting out a sob, Minho tried to pull his lover free to no avail. They were going to die here, he just knew it.


“Minho, go on without me!” Jisung begged, giving him a deep parting kiss to remember him by. “Please!”


“Jisung, I wont leave you!” Minho sobbed, clinging to his boyfriend desperately. He wasn’t going to let him go. Not now, not ever. The ghosts could have them but they’d have to take them together.


“Guys… The exit is literally 100 centimeters away.” Christopher’s exasperated voice snapped them out of their theatrics as a light lit up the corridor from ahead. “Stop being dramatic and get out here.” The woman playing the ghost laughed and let Jisung’s leg go, wandering back off into the haunted house to find another fake victim to antagonize.


“We can’t take you two anywhere, can we?” Rolling his eyes, Felix continued to hold the door open, Changbin snickering beside him, knowing that Felix hadn’t fared much better inside.


“Haha. Oops.” Jisung draped his arm around Minho’s shoulders as they made their way to the exit together, their mood suddenly shifting into something jovial.


“Our bad.” Minho chuckled and leaned against his boyfriend as they walk. He had been genuinely afraid but knowing it wasn’t real, it was nice to know that in a situation like that, Jisung would die to save him.


“You guys aren’t coming into the haunted house anymore.” Chis informed them as they all began to head back to the company van to return to the dorm. Given the scene they made, he couldn’t really blame the decision.


“That’s fair.” He shrugged and held Jisung’s hand happily. Once was more than enough.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)