Sniffles and Snuggles

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Sniffles and Snuggles

A Changbin/Felix oneshot for Leah Short



Groaning, Felix rolled over in bed, covering his head with a pillow. He had awakened with the worst headache and just a general sense of unwellness. He didn’t want to be awake let alone move but he was also too miserable to sleep. A warm hand rested on his back, gently rubbing it, as the bed dipped in beside him.


“You doing okay?” The deep, comforting sound of Changbin’s voice helped him to relax at least a little. “You’ve been sweating up a tsunami and whimpering.”


“I think I have the flu.” Felix pouted, turning slightly to look up at his boyfriend with pleading eyes. “Can you just get me some aspirin and water before you leave for work?” He didn’t want to keep his boyfriend from going in to tend to his quickly budding restaurant. Next to Felix, that little eatery was Changbin’s greatest love. He’d just have to it up and try to sleep whatever this was off while his lover was out for the afternoon.


“You feel that bad, huh?” Changbin gave him a sympathetic look, reaching over to rub Felix’s cheek and running his fingers through the sick man’s hair gently.


“It’s not… It’s not so bad...” Trying to reassure his boyfriend, Felix let out a hard sneeze and started shivering. Sighing, he buried his face in his pillow again. “Please don’t worry too much.”


“Well, you know I know better than that.” Chuckling, Changbin kissed the top of Felix’s head and Felix felt the mattress shift as the man stood and walked away, returning only moments later. “Here you go, Baby.”Sitting up slightly, Felix took the glass of water and aspirins gratefully, holding a hand up to stop Changbin from kissing him.


“You’ll get sick, too.” Patting Changbin’s cheek, he longed to kiss him and cursed himself for being unwell. “Thanks, Binnie.”


“I don’t care if I do. I’ll never pass up a chance to kiss my beautiful baby.” Grinning, Changbin leaned over and pulled him into a soft kiss.


“You’re an idiot.” Half chuckling, half coughing, Felix clung to Changbin, not really wanting to let him go. “Have a good day at work, okay?”


“Oh nonono, Baby. I called in to say I won't be coming.” Laying down beside Felix, Changbin gathered him into his arms and held him close. “I’m taking care of you today.”


“But you love the restaurant.” Felix tensed slightly, worried he was taking Changbin away from his passion just because he had the misfortune to fall ill in the night.


“But I love you more.” Changbin rained tiny kisses along his shoulder and pulled him down beside him. “I’d rather make sure you’re okay than make sure the guests at the restaurant are happy with their food. That can wait for tomorrow.”


“Changbinnie~~~” Relaxing into his boyfriend’s arms, Felix cuddled against his chest and yawned. “What did I do to deserve someone as perfect as you?”


“You were just you, Felix, and being you is more than enough.” Kissing the top of Felix’s head, Changbin rubbing his hack and played with his hair, knowing exactly what Felix needed to help lull him to sleep again. “I love you.”


“I love you too.” Eyelids feeling heavy, Felix snuggled closer, hiding his face against Changbin’s chest sleepily, stifling a yawn.


“Now get some rest. I’ll cuddle you until you fall asleep and then I’ll make you some soup.” Before Changbin could fully finish his sentence, Felix was already drifting off to sleep, body still aching mildly, but feeling warm and content in Changbin’s arms. That man was honestly the love of his life and Felix would take a million colds if it meant days in bed with Changbin beside him.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)