Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

A Xiumin/Chen oneshot for Gina Renee


“Hey Jongdae, look at this.” Xiumin called for his boyfriend in the freezer aisle of their local grocery store. He held a box of mochi ice cream in his hands and wanted to try to convince the other man that they should invest in several boxer for their freezer at him. “Jongdae?” Turning around when he got no answer, he sighed to see the aisle completely empty.


“Damn it. Again?” Taking a moment to calm himself, he dialed his boyfriend’s number, tapping his foot in annoyance as the answering machine picked up instantly. His phone was off… Why in all the wolds was his phone off?


“That idiot…” Groaning he began to backtrack where they had been in the store. If Jongdae weren’t so easily distracted this wouldn’t happen nearly 80% of the time they went shopping together. It was amazing that the man had survived so long on his own.


“Maybe I can just leave without him…” He mumbled to himself as he searched began to feel futile. “Wandering off little brat head…” Grumbling, his mood slowly began to deplete. He was going to get so many boxes of that damn ice cream and Jongdae was not allowed to have a single say in it anymore. He might not even be allowed to have any of it at this point.


“Is there a Minseok in the store?” A voice called for him over the loud speaker and Xiumin felt his stomach drop. “Your child is at Register 3.”


“Child?” Suddenly confused, he made his way over to the cash register that he had been summoned to, greeted by Jongdae, grinning sheepishly and supervised by an impatient looking cashier.


“Heeeey babe.” Jongdae chuckled and rubbed the back of his own head, trying to avoid eye contact. “I kind of got distracted when I saw a dog. Turns out it was a service dog and the person was blind and thought I was trying to steal it when I went to pet it and then I couldn’t find you.”

“I should have know…” Rolling his eyes, Minseok turned around and waved a hand at the cashier as he began to walk away. “You can keep him.”


“You can’t just abandon me, Minseok.” Jongdae scrambled after him, reaching out to hold his hand. “Come on. I didn’t mean to do it this time.”


“You belong to the store now, Jongdae. Goodbye.” Xiumin pulled away and kept walking back to the ice cream section to stock up on icy treats to help fuel the cold shoulder he would be giving this moron.

“Baby~~~ Don’t leave me~~~” Pouting, Jongdae grabbed his hand again and kissed his cheek. “Come on. I’ll buy you whatever you want, I promise.”


“Fiiiiiine. But you wander off on me one more time…” Minseok warned him, shooting him a small glare. “I really will give you to the store.”

“I know, I know.” Jongdae laughed and kissed his cheek again as Minseok began filling the cart with ice cream. “I love you, Minseokkie~:


“I love you too, idiot.” Rolling his eyes, Minseok kissed his boyfriend and smiled. As dumb as he was, he really did love him. Somehow.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)