Birthday Blues

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Birthday Blues

A SuA/Siyeon oneshot for Autumn Louise Fields


“I’m sorry, Baby Girl. I’m going to be too busy to make it home for your birthday.” Siyeon’s voice sounded regretful through Bora’s phone speaker. When Bora had woken up that morning to a phone call from her girlfriend, she had hoped it would be Siyeon saying she was finally on her way home from her business trip. It was Siyeon, but the topic was the exact opposite of what Bora had wished for. It was lonely enough to wake up in an empty house on her birthday but knowing that Siyeon wasn’t even going to make it home at all broke her heart.


“That really , Siyeon. I was really looking forward to seeing you.” Doing her best not to sound too hurt and put pressure on her incredible girlfriend, Bora paced their bedroom. “This business trip of yours is driving me nuts.”


“I know. Me too.” Sighing, Siyeon seemed defeated and the last thing Bora wanted to do was make her regret following her passions in life. “Who knew being a fashion designer was so god awful for your personal life, huh?”


“Are you at least coming home soon?” Sitting on the edge of the bed, she stared down at the floor, trying hard not to cry while on the phone.


“In a few days. It’s not a super bad delay.” Siyeon seemed to try to cheer her up with a sunnier tone but it really wasn’t working.


“I guess I can wait that long.” Groaning, she shook her head and got back up to resume her pacing. So much for a happy birthday…


“I hope so. Anyway. I have to go. Oh! And I bought a gift for you.” Siyeon’s voice brightened and sounded excited. “Have some coffee, eat breakfast, and it’ll be there soon, okay? I know you’ll love it.”


“Alright. I look forward to it. Anything from you is perfect.” Bora smiled a little, heading toward their kitchen. She wanted to go back to sleep but she didn’t want to let Siyeon down.


“I love you, Bora.” Siyeon cooed, causing Bora to blush and roll her eyes at the flirty tone. “Happy birthday, Baby~”


“I love you, too.” She replied before Siyeon rushed out of the call. Shaking her head, she made herself breakfast and did as she was told. Not even a full minute after she had finished her breakfast there was a knock on the door. Remembering that Siyeon had sent her a birthday surprise, she eagerly


“Hey, Bora.” Siyeon’s friend, Yoobin, stood on her front porch, grinning. “Happy birthday~”


“Hi, Yoobin.” Bora replied, trying not to sound too upset that it was Yoobin and not a delivery man. “Thanks. You didn’t have to come all the way over here to see me. I don’t want to be inconvenient.”


“Not at all.” Laughing, Yoobin shook her head and stepped to the side to reveal a giant gift box. “Siyeon sent me over with this big, heavy box for your birthday.”


“Oh?” Stepping into the yard to approach the box, Bora looked it over curiously. “Oh man. That’s so big… I hope it wasn’t too expensive.”


“Boo!” A familiar voice shouted as Siyeon opened what appeared to be a secret door in the box, emerging among an avalanche of confetti and balloons. “Not expensive at all! Well. The box was sort of expensive…”


“Siyeon!?” Startled, Bora stared at her a moment before launching herself at her girlfriend, flinging her arms around her neck to give her a deep kiss.


“Hiiii baby~ I’m your present!” Laughing, Siyeon kissed her back, rubbing her cheeks gently. Bora stepped back a bit, looking her over in disbelief. All the things Siyeon had said on the phone… Had she really just trolled her?


“When did you get in!?” Lightly slapping Siyeon’s shoulder, Bora pouted at her, shaking her head. She was still struggling to accept what she was seeing.


“As soon as I called you. Then I had Yoobin help me out with this. To make up for missing the morning with you.” Siyeon grinned, waving goodbye as Yoobin quietly excused himself. The moment they were alone Bora’s emotions welled up, relief of having Siyeon back with her overwhelming her.

”Siyeon…” Lip quivering, she burst into tears and threw herself at her girlfriend again. Siyeon’s arms encircled her tightly and her lips brushed Bora’s forehead.


“Bora? Why are you crying?” Concerned, Siyeon held her tighter which only made Bora cry harder.


“This is the best present I have ever gotten…” Laughing through her tears, Bora stepped back and rubbed her cheeks. “I just… I’ve never been happier than I am right now…”


“Awe baby! I love you.” Siyeon kissed her lovingly and led her into the house to wash the tears away. Bora couldn’t even vocalize how happy she was as it drove her insane.


“I love you too.” She finally managed through sniffles as she tried to stop her tears. Whatever she had done in a past life to make her so lucky now, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Siyeon was all she’d ever want or need. And this was the best birthday of her life.

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